How to Choose the Best Electric Pizza Maker

How do you choose the best electric pizza maker in 2024? What properties and features should the best electric pizza maker have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

How to Choose the Best Electric Pizza MakerCreating the perfect pizza at home is no longer a dream deferred for the British culinary enthusiast. The rapidly evolving range of appliance technology now includes electric pizza makers, a tool that promises to bring the authentic taste of Napoli right into your kitchen. Imagine the taste of a pizza with a perfectly cooked, crispy base and a beautifully browned, bubbling topping – this could be your everyday reality with the right appliance in your culinary arsenal. But how does one go about choosing the best electric pizza maker?

This comprehensive guide is designed to demystify the process, providing insights on what factors to consider while making your choice. It will arm you with all the necessary knowledge to make an informed purchase decision, answering questions like ‘What size should I opt for?’ ‘What power rating provides the optimum cooking results?’ and ‘What additional features may prove indispensable?’

Your quest for the best electric pizza maker begins right here. Let’s decode the best options available in the market, understand their pros and cons, and identify the ideal fit for your family and lifestyle. Remember, a perfectly made pizza isn’t just about satisfying hunger, but creating memorable moments and experiences.

So are you ready to take that step towards perfecting your homemade pizzas? We hope so, because this journey is about to get deliciously interesting.

Recommended Top Electric Pizza Makers 2024

Considering the guidance provided, coupled with buyer feedback and the options on the market, we suggest these models of Electric Pizza Makers as top choices for cost-effectiveness.

Recommended Product No. 1
Klaif Electric pizza maker, 420 °C, 1200 W, 5 individual temperature settings, refractory stoneware...
  • POWERFUL - Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, it reaches up to 420°, perfect for baking pizzas and making them crispy. The heating element can reach up to 1200 watts, so you can maintain the temperature for a long time, ideal for a single pizza.
  • 5 cooking levels - all your family's or guests' wishes can be fulfilled: Pizzas, cakes, toast, panzerotti or reheating food before it is served. A delicious pizza is on the table in just a few minutes.
  • The refractory stone base allows the pizza to cook evenly and distributes the heat where it is needed, while the dome-shaped lid made of chrome-plated steel keeps the heat inside.
Recommended Product No. 2
MisterChef Electric Pizza Maker 1400W, Indoor Portable Pizza Oven, Crepe, Pancake and Omelette...
274 Reviews
MisterChef Electric Pizza Maker 1400W, Indoor Portable Pizza Oven, Crepe, Pancake and Omelette...
  • VERSATILE- Use the MisterChef pizza oven to cook much more than just pizza. Use for omelettes, pancakes, crepes, scrambled eggs, chips etc. The cooking plate is 30cm in diameter
  • PORTABLE - The variety of foods that can be cooked in the MisterChef pizza cooker plus the fact that it's portable means you can also take this on holiday, camping, in your caravan, college etc and whip up the perfect pizza or perfect supper in no time!
  • ENERGY SAVING - Instead of switching on a domestic oven, save money by using your MisterChef appliance to quickly and easily cook your food.
Recommended Product No. 3
KAPPLICO Pizza Oven/Pizza Maker - 1400W in Red, Low/High Slow Cook With Auto Keep Warm, 12-inch /...
  • 🍕 Energy Efficient - Thanks to the refractory stone and the power of 1400 Watt, the new Kapplico Pro Pizza Oven reaches in just a few minutes the optimum temperature for cooking pizzas and focaccia like in a real wood-burning oven. cooks a pizza in 10-12 minutes
  • 🍞 UPGRADED VERSION - Low/High Slow Cook With Auto Keep Warm, Pre-Set Cooking, Features Slow Cook Smart Oven Pro With Element IQ Principle
  • 🍳 Versatile cooking - From pizzas, omelettes to nachos. Framework Components With Brushed Steel Convection Fan For Quick And Even Cooking
Recommended Product No. 4
Ex-Pro 12" Electric Pizza Maker & Table Top Grill, Indoor Portable Pizza Oven with Non-Stick 12"...
  • DELICIOUS FRESH PIZZA FROM HOME - This multifunctional pizza maker allows you to prepare a delicious fresh or frozen pizza with a diameter up to 30cm (12") in just minutes. Featuring a short warm up time of just 7 minutes, you can have your pizza cooking in no time - almost as fast as a take-away!
  • VERSATILE PIZZA COOKER - Besides baking fresh or frozen pizzas, this versatile machone is also ideal for making pancakes, omelettes, quiches, tortillas, cakes, cookies, and so much more.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - The adjustable thermostat enables you to set your desired temperature up to 230°C, so it's suitable for cooking a wide range of different foods. The on/off switch indicator light lets you know when the pizza maker has reached the set temperature and is ready to cook.
Recommended Product No. 5
Judge Electric Pizza Oven. Energy Efficient Pizza Maker, Perfect Crepe, Pancake and Omelette Maker...
  • HIGH SPEED MULTICOOKER PAN – this versatile low-fuss pizza maker also makes the perfect crepe, tortilla, omelette and pancake maker, with dual heat up technology and a non stick pan makes cooking a breeze
  • SAVE MONEY ON YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL – consume less energy with this electric multi cooker. At 850 watts it uses half the energy of a typical oven, there are dual heating elements up to 220 degrees for efficient low-cost, even cooking
  • PERFECT PIZZAS IN LESS THAN 15 MINUTES – effortlessly whip up a delicious pizza, with the Judge electric pizza oven that is guaranteed to give you the perfect stringy cheese-pull and a crisp base for restaurant-style pizza every time
Recommended Product No. 6
Cooks Professional Electric Pizza Oven | Pizza Oven with Stone Base & Glass Window | Countertop with...
  • WOOD-FIRED PERFECTION: Cooks Professional electric pizza ovens bring the art of wood-fired pizza to your kitchen. With a blazing fast heating time of just 10 minutes, the outdoor & indoor pizza oven's powerful 1200W dual heating elements work harmoniously to reach up to 390°C, ensuring you enjoy crispy crust pizza.
  • GOURMET PIZZAS FOR EVERY CRAVING: With our pizza stone ovens you can craft your pizza style effortlessly. The 31cm genuine ceramic stone plate distributes heat evenly, catering to New York, Thin & Crispy, Delicious Deep Pan, or even frozen pizzas. Revel in perfectly cooked, mouth-watering pizzas.
  • PRECISION MEETS CONVENIENCE: The electric pizza oven has a built-in glass viewing window that lets you peek into your culinary masterpiece while our 15-minute timer with audio sound ensures precise results. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to consistently scrumptious pizzas.
Recommended Product No. 7
Giles & Posner EK5666 Tabletop Pizza Oven – 1200W Indoor Bella Pizza Maker, 5 Heat Settings, Fast...
  • Cook restaurant-quality pizza in minutes with the Giles & Posner Pizza Oven; with 5 heat settings for perfect pizza every time.
  • Boasting a removable pizza stone which can preheat in minutes,the stone cooks food evenly consistently whilst being easy to clean.
  • The pizza oven also includes 2 pizza paddles for easy removal from the stone and a pizza cutter for simple serving of your dishes.
Recommended Product No. 8
Ariete 917 Pizza in 4 Minutes Multi-use Pizza Oven 1200W Non-Stick Fireclay Stone Max Temperature...
9,325 Reviews
Ariete 917 Pizza in 4 Minutes Multi-use Pizza Oven 1200W Non-Stick Fireclay Stone Max Temperature...
  • Fast cooking pizza oven will have you enjoying your favorites in just 4 minutes thanks to the maximum temperature of 400 degrees Celcius
  • Made to replicate the same method of wood-fired ovens for the perfect cooking of homemade and frozen pizzas
  • Refractory stone plate measures 32 centimeters in diameter and is designed with a transparent non-stick feature to make cleaning easier

Considerations: Factors to think about before buying

There are several key factors to consider when looking for the best electric pizza maker for your home.

Electric pizza maker appliance for your homeIt’s not just a question of aesthetics and price; functionality, quality, and capacity are just as important. Understanding your needs and preferences beforehand will save you time and help you make an informed choice.

Size Matters: Finding the perfect fit for your kitchen

Arguably one of the foremost aspects to consider when choosing an electric pizza maker is its size. After all, a pizza maker too large for your kitchen space is as impractical as one that’s too small for your appetizing meals. So, where should we start?

Assessing Your Available Space

Begin by weighing up your kitchen’s available counter space. Do you have ample space to comfortably house a larger model, or is a compact version more suitable for your needs? Keep in mind that deeper models may also require more space.

The Cooking Capacities

Correspondingly, the size of the pizza maker will determine the size of the pizzas you can cook. Are you longing for that family-sized 12-inch pizza, or would a smaller 10-inch pizza suffice? Try to balance your needs against the physical limitations of your kitchen. Jot down these dimensions before you start your research – it will undoubtedly save you time in the long run.

Storage Considerations

Beyond its dimensions, consider whether you’re likely to store the pizza maker when it’s not in use. Larger models may provide the capacity to cook multiple pizzas simultaneously but may also require substantial storage space. Always consider how much space you’re willing to allot for the storage of your electric pizza maker.

Calculating the ideal size is essentially a balance of finding a pizza maker that fits snugly in your kitchen, without impeding your cooking endeavours or causing storage conflicts. It might be wise to measure your counter space beforehand just to be sure!

Temperature Control: Precision heat for mouthwatering results

Choosing an electric pizza maker with precise temperature control is paramount for achieving mouthwatering results. A perfect crust, cheese that’s beautifully melted, and well-cooked toppings – all these are largely dependent on how well you can regulate the heat in your pizza maker.

So why is temperature control so crucial?

  • Uniform Cooking: A good temperature control ensures that your pizza cooks uniformly. This eliminates the occurrence of one side of the pizza being well done whilst the other is still half-cooked. This feature is especially vital if you intend to bake homemade dough.
  • Various Types of Pizza: Different types of pizzas require different temperatures. A pizza maker with wide temperature range allows you to craft everything from a thin crust margherita to a deep dish with plenty of toppings.
  • Energy Efficiency: Precise temperature control can save on energy costs. The temperature regulation prevents unnecessary overheating and thus helps in conserving energy.

When considering temperature control in an electric pizza maker, look out for these two main features:

Thermostatic Control:

Some of the best electric pizza makers in the market come with a thermostatic control feature. It works by maintaining a certain pre-set temperature in the cooking chamber, ensuring your pizza is correctly cooked. This feature is useful for all pizza lovers and particularly invaluable for someone just starting on their pizza making journey.

Variable Temperature Settings:

A pizza maker with variable temperature settings provides a wide range of heat options, usually ranging from 200°F to 450°F. This lets you adjust the heat according to the specific requirements of the pizza you plan to make. For pizza aficionados who like experimenting with different recipes, this is a feature you definitely want in your pizza maker.

In conclusion, temperature control in an electric pizza maker is not just about getting the heat right; it’s about garnering the necessary flexibility and precision to consistently churn out pizzas that are nothing short of perfection. So, while scanning through potential electric pizza maker options, remember that the secret to amazing, homemade pizzas lies in the mastery of temperature control.

Power and Performance: Ensuring a crispy crust every time

Let’s toast to those deliciously crispy crusts, shall we? Of course, achieving that isn’t just down to your cooking prowess; much depends on the power and performance provided by your electric pizza maker.

Performance and heat distribution of an electric pizza maker This category of appliance often falls within a power range of 1200 to 1500 watts for home use. The question is, what does this mean for your pizza-making endeavours?

Essentially, wattage is a measure of the electric power your pizza maker uses. Higher wattage signifies a more powerful appliance that can heat up quicker and reach higher temperatures, vital for achieving that crunchy, restaurant-quality crust at home. But there’s more to it than just raw power. Let’s examine two subdivisions of this factor: heating elements and heat distribution.

Heating Elements

Often overlooked, the heating elements of an electric pizza maker significantly affect its performance. Most machines have dual heating elements, placed at the top and bottom. These cook your pizza from both sides simultaneously, which is more energy efficient and results in even cooking.

  • Consider a device with adjustable elements. This lets you control heat from the top or bottom independently, offering more flexibility when you have a topping-heavy pizza or a thicker crust that needs extra cook time.
  • Totaling a high wattage is beneficial, but you also want to ensure the heating elements are high-quality and durable. Look for models featuring stainless-steel or aluminized steel heating elements.

Heat Distribution

Equally crucial for stellar results is how evenly the heat is distributed throughout the cooking area. The best electric pizza makers have been designed to distribute heat evenly across the stone or pan, ensuring no part of your dough remains uncooked or burns.

  • A pizza maker with a circular heating element promotes uniform heat distribution, effectively mimicking a professional brick oven’s performance at home.
  • Convection technology provides fast and even heating from all directions. This is generally a feature found in more high-end models but is worth considering if you’re serious about your pizza game.

Wrap up: A high-performing pizza maker that heats quickly and cooks evenly will ensure your pizza crust is consistently crispy, whether you’re cooking a thin Margherita or a deep-dish Chicago. Remember to consider both the quality of the heating elements and the efficiency of the heat distribution when selecting your ideal electric pizza maker.

Ease of Use: User-friendly features for hassle-free cooking

When selecting the best electric pizza maker for your home, it’s crucial to consider how easy it is to use. The cake would be a lie if we said every pizza maker out there is user-friendly. The reality is, some models can be rather complicated, featuring an array of buttons and settings that might feel overwhelming for the average pizza lover. That’s why you should prioritise user-friendly features for a hassle-free cooking experience.

Indicator Lights:

First and foremost, look for an electric pizza maker with indicator lights. These lights will typically signal when the machine is switched on and once it has preheated to the desired temperature, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring perfectly cooked pizza every time.

Audio Alerts:

Additionally, some models feature audio alerts that inform you when your pizza is done cooking. This is particularly useful for those who multitask while preparing meals, helping to prevent the unforgivable crime of overcooked pizza.

Controls and Settings:

A pizza maker that comes with clear, easy-to-understand controls will also provide a hassle-free cooking experience. Look for pizza makers with intuitive knobs, switches or touch buttons, as well as easily identifiable functions.

Instructions Manual:

Don’t overlook the importance of a clear and comprehensive instruction manual. While we often dismiss manuals as mundane and unnecessary, it can be the key to mastering your new kitchen gadget, particularly when dealing with more advanced models. The manual should provide clear guidance on how to use the pizza maker, the functions of any settings or controls, and any maintenance or cleaning requirements.

Automatic Shut-Off:

For the recessive cooks who may sometimes forget that they’ve got something in the oven, a feature worth considering is an automatic shut-off function. This safety feature will turn off the pizza maker after a certain period of inactivity, preventing potential accidents and unnecessary energy use.

In summary, the best electric pizza maker should make the cooking process as smooth and straightforward as possible. It should offer helpful visual and audio indicators, clear and easy-to-use controls, and safety features that provide peace of mind. A clear manual, though often underestimated, can undeniably enhance your pizza cooking journey. Away with the complexity! Let’s make homemade pizza a delight, not a chore.

Cooking Versatility: Beyond pizza – exploring additional functions

For the discerning British home cook, an electric pizza maker’s functionality should not stop at just perfecting the art of pizza making.

Additional functions of the best electric pizza makerIn fact, the best electric pizza makers also go beyond this central task, offering additional cooking functions that can diversify your menu and enhance your gastronomic creativity.

Grilling and Baking

Consider options that include features akin to a small oven or grill. Some models come equipped with top and bottom heating elements that can be controlled separately. This enables you to use the pizza maker for baking rolls, bread, or for grilling food items such as vegetables, meat or fish. Thus, transforming your humble pizza maker into a robust tabletop cooking appliance.

Defrost and Reheat Settings

Another nifty feature found in some models is the ability to defrost and reheat food. This can be particularly useful if you often find yourself short on time or if you’re all about minimising food waste. By reheating leftovers or defrosting a frozen pizza, these settings add convenience and economical benefits.

Multi-Level Cooking

A select number of electric pizza makers incorporate multi-level cooking racks, which expand the capacity and versatility of the appliance. If the model you choose has this feature, you can concurrently cook different food items at various levels, thereby increasing your productivity in the kitchen while maintaining variety.

Furthermore, kitchen appliances should be about making life easier, not needlessly complicated. So, alongside these additional cooking features, consider also the intuitive design of the user interface. You should be comfortable not only with the capabilities of your pizza maker but also with its controls and functionalities, rendering the process simple and straightforward.

Remember, versatility shouldn’t come at the cost of the appliance’s primary function: making superb pizza at will. Ensure any added features don’t compromise the essential performance of your pizza maker. With that in mind, a unit that can master multiple culinary tasks is always going to be a winner in our books.

Design and Aesthetics: Finding an electric pizza maker that suits your style

While performance should be your primary concern, let’s not be dismissive of the importance of design and aesthetics. Your kitchen is a place of comfort and creativity, and as such, the style of your new electric pizza maker should align with its surroundings. As the saying goes, “We eat with our eyes first,” and this principle extends beyond the plate.

The market is brimming with variations in style, colour, and finish. From trendy stainless steel models to retro-themed pizza makers, there’s an appliance for every aesthetic preference and kitchen decor. It’s not just about the visuals; the design can have practical implications as well.

Colour and Finish

Classic stainless-steel pizza makers are a common choice due to their sleek and contemporary appeal. They offer the advantage of blending well with most kitchen decors. However, if you’re inclined towards a more colourful kitchen, bold red, cool blue, or stately black options are increasingly available in the market.

Shape and Form

Electric pizza makers come in a variety of shapes. You’ll find everything from the classic oven-like design to those reminiscent of indoor grills. Some models feature an open design, allowing you to watch your pizza as it bakes to perfection, while other closed models bring the Italian tradition of a wood-burning oven right into your kitchen. Consider what form best matches your kitchen and is most appealing to you personally.

Control Panel Design

It may seem trivial, but a well-designed control panel can be a game-changer when it comes to usability. Look out for clear labels, convenient placement of dials or buttons, and any additional features such as LED indicators. Ease of use in operation should be considered part of the entire design package.

To summarise, while functionality is paramount, do not underestimate the value of a visually appealing and well-designed electric pizza maker. It can contribute a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor and make the entire pizza-making experience more enjoyable. Take the time to review options, find a design that matches your style, and carry on your pizza-making journey with an appliance that you love.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Keeping your pizza maker in top shape

Keeping your electric pizza maker in optimal condition is not only vital for guaranteeing its longevity, but it also ensures a tastier, healthier, and safer pizza cooking experience. This section provides comprehensive guidance on maintaining your appliance in its best shape.

The Fundamentals of Cleaning

Firstly, all removable components of your pizza maker should be regularly cleaned to prevent the build-up of food remains and grease. This maintenance task helps avoid the potential risks of bacteria growth and undesired smell or smoke while cooking. However, you need to check the manufacturer’s instructions to understand the appropriate cleaning method for these parts, as some may be dishwasher safe while others require hand washing.

Remember, always unplug your pizza maker and ensure it is thoroughly cooled down before you start cleaning to avoid the risk of electrical accidents or burns.

Detergent Use

Refrain from using abrasive materials or strong cleaning agents, as they can damage the non-stick surface of your pizza maker or leave a residue that can affect the taste of your pizza. Instead, use a soft, damp cloth or sponge with mild dish soap for surface cleaning.

Dealing with Hardened Food Particles

Occasionally, you may encounter hardened food residues that are challenging to remove. In such cases, dampen the area with a mix of water and mild detergent and let it stand for a few minutes to soften the particles for easier removal. If the remains persist, try using a non-metallic brush or plastic scraper, but be gentle to prevent scratching the surface.

The Case of the Outer Shell

The outside of your pizza maker also needs attention. Regularly wipe it down with mild soapy water, followed by a thorough rinse with a clean, damp cloth. Dry the surface immediately afterwards to prevent water spots. A well-kept appliance not only performs better but also adds a noticeable sparkle to your kitchen setup.

Periodic Checks

Part of your cleaning routine should be a regular inspection of your appliance, paying special attention to its cord, plug, and different parts. Any signs of cracking, fraying, or other damages should be immediately addressed to avoid potential electric issues or malfunctions. However, always consult a professional for any significant repairs, as doing it yourself can void the warranty and lead to safety risks.

In conclusion, a good cleaning and maintenance routine can significantly extend the lifespan of your electric pizza maker, ensuring it remains a reliable and crucial part of your culinary arsenal. Happy cooking!

Budget, Warranty and Customers Reviews

When selecting the best electric pizza maker for your home, there are three key areas that you should not overlook – and those are budget, warranty and customer reviews. Let’s delve into why these elements are so essential.


A huge consideration in any purchase decision boils down to your budget. In the context of electric pizza makers, the price range is vast – from budget-friendly, basic models to high-end, feature-packed units. Your task is to find a fine balance between cost and performance. Remember, sometimes less expensive models can offer the functionality you need without sacrificing quality. While, for a pizza aficionado who doesn’t mind splurging a bit, a premium model with advanced features could make a worthy investment.


Associated with purchasing an appliance is the comfort of a warranty. Not to be dismissed as an afterthought, the warranty offers an assurance of the product’s quality and the manufacturer’s confidence in it. Warranties vary widely in scope and duration, and may cover different parts of the appliance. Look for a warranty that affords comprehensive cover and a significant timeframe – ideally, a year or longer. Bear in might that a higher price may offset a longer and more comprehensive warranty; it’s always advisable to read the fine print or enquire if this isn’t clear at the outset.

Customer Reviews

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal when considering an electric pizza maker purchase are customer reviews. They provide real-life experiences and insights from individuals who own and use these appliances. Take a few minutes to read through the reviews for the pizza maker you have in mind. Pay particular attention to the consistency of the feedback about the unit’s performance, usability, durability and support from the manufacturer. Remember, however, that it’s usually a mix of positive and negative reviews that offer the most balanced view.

In summary, while considering the cost, having a thorough understanding of the warranty, and evaluating customer reviews will require a time investment, it’s this careful consideration that will help you in your ultimate goal – choosing the best electric pizza maker for your home.


Deciding on the optimum electric pizza maker necessitates a thorough analysis of various elements such as dimensions, temperature regulation, power and performance, ease of operation, cooking versatility, aesthetic appeal, as well as cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, consideration to your budget constraints and warranty stipulations are essential. Uncovering and understanding your requirements is crucial in this saturated market; it will help simplify your selection and ensure a worthy investment that can efficaciously serve you for many more years to come.

Electric pizza makers can significantly amplify your culinary expeditions, facilitating the creation of scrumptious pizzas in your own kitchen whilst simultaneously offering other functions like grilling and baking. The ideal electric pizza maker to gratify your unique needs should be kitchen-compatible, maintain accurate temperature consistently, offer excellent performance, be simple to operate, have multifunctional capabilities, boast an attractive design, be manageable in terms of cleaning, and be affordable. With this guide, we look forward to serving you on your quest to discover the quintessential electric pizza maker, marking the beginning of countless delicious homemade pizzas in the future!

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