How to choose a Quality Gas Hob

How to choose the perfect gas hob in 2024? What features an characteristics to look for when buying the perfect gas hob for your needs? Read our shopping guide and make an informed decision.

How to choose the best gas hobThe differences between the classic stove and a gas hob are not major. Although, the gas hob has a few pluses.

First of all the size, compared to a classic stove, is greatly reduced, is easily incorporated, has a more visually appeal and perhaps the most important difference, it is equipped with various safety systems. Systems that a regular gas cooker does not benefit from.

Gas hobs are different from the electric ones with the immediate visual response to the heat setting. It also does not require the purchase of certain types of cookware such as an induction hob. Small burners is another advantage, especially when you want to make a stew.

The best models of gas hobs are made of stainless steel or cast iron, thus resisting without problems over the years.

Gas hobs also benefit from automatic ignition systems, so you can forget about the inconvenience of using the matches.

Top 3 Recommended Best Gas Hobs

How do you choose a quality gas hob?

One of the best gas hob money can buySimple! You must keep in mind some important points. Consider the kitchen where the hob is to be installed and your needs.

Number of Burners

Gas hobs typically come with two to five burners. Two-burner hobs are most suitable for individuals living alone or couples who don’t cook extensively. However, for larger families or those who often cook several dishes simultaneously, a four or five-burner hob would be more appropriate.

Additionally, there are options like domino hobs, which come with just one or two burners. These are perfect for smaller kitchens or as an add-on to your main hob, especially if you have specific needs like a wok burner or a barbeque grill plate.

Burner Sizes

Beyond the number of burners, the sizes of the burners also matter significantly. The diversity of burner sizes accommodates the differing heating requirements of various dishes. For instance, a simmer burner is excellent for slow cooking or simmering sauces, while larger, more powerful burners are perfect for boiling or stir-frying.

Most standard gas hobs include small, medium, and large burners. Some models, however, feature additional specialised burners. A wok burner, for example, is designed to accommodate a wok’s rounded base, offering high heat perfect for stir-frying. Alternatively, a fish burner is elongated, allowing for even heat distribution across a fish kettle or a griddle.

Burner Layout

The layout of the burners on the hob also warrants attention. Burners spaced further apart allow for multiple large pots and pans to be used simultaneously without overcrowding. Some hobs feature a central wok burner, providing ample space for other burners even when the wok burner is in use.

Hobs Dimensions

Elegant gas hob with glass baseThe hobs dimensions are also important. Carefully measures the furniture space you have available in advance and take them into account when looking to make the purchase.

Apart from the fact that the hob has to be compatible with the width of the furniture where it needs to be integrated, take into account the fact that a large hob on a small kitchen cabinet will take a lot of useful space. Weigh the available space and your needs before making the purchase.


In recent years, the kitchen has transformed from a purely utilitarian space to a hub of home life, and design has become a key consideration when choosing appliances. A gas hob is a prominent fixture in your kitchen, so its aesthetic appeal is of paramount importance.

There’s a wide range of designs available, from the classic stainless steel look to modern black glass designs. Some hobs come with cast iron supports that add a professional kitchen look, while others have enamel or glass supports for a sleeker finish.

Design is not merely about the look. The arrangement of burners, the material of the pan supports, and the type of knobs or controls also contribute to the overall design. So, while considering the design, make sure it blends seamlessly with your kitchen décor, matches your style preference, and meets your practical requirements.


The controls on your gas hob should be easy to use, responsive, and intuitively placed. Traditionally, gas hobs come with rotary knobs located at the front or side of the hob. These knobs should offer a good grip, clear marking, and precise flame control.

Some modern gas hobs feature touch controls, which offer a smooth, minimalist design and are easy to clean. There are also hobs with combination controls that use knobs for flame control and touch controls for additional features like safety locks or timers.

When assessing controls, it’s essential to consider your comfort and ease of use. After all, the cooking experience should be enjoyable and hassle-free.

Energy Efficiency

While gas hobs are generally less energy-efficient compared to their electric or induction counterparts, differences in efficiency still exist among various gas hob models. The energy efficiency of a gas hob is determined by factors such as burner efficiency, the time it takes to cook, and the amount of heat wasted.

Some modern gas hobs are equipped with features like flame failure safety devices, which cut off the gas supply when the flame goes out, saving energy. Similarly, burners with a high energy efficiency rating will consume less gas for the same amount of cooking compared to less efficient ones.

Investing in an energy-efficient gas hob may require a higher initial outlay, but it can save you money in the long run through lower energy bills. Moreover, by choosing a more energy-efficient model, you’re also making a greener choice for the environment.


The material from which the gas hob is built will determine it’s lifetime. As I said in the beginning, the quality ones are made of stainless steel or cast iron. It is preferable to choose such a model, or, if the budget does not allow, however, you can opt for other materials.

The material from which the burners are made differs from that of the base of the hob. The most common are enamelled steel, wrought iron or cast iron.

Iron or enamelled steel has a shorter life span than cast iron, the use of cleaning agents contributing to their erosion.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the hob is also important. If you are a housewife who always wants a clean kitchen, then the ease with which the hob can be cleaned will count a lot for you.

The detachable parts of the hob will make it much easier to clean. Check that the buttons, burner caps or grills are detachable.

Although stainless steel is a long-lasting material, it is hard to clean and you risk scratching it or losing it’s brilliance as time passes.

The best material from this point of view is schott-ceran, a ceramic and glass alloy. Schott-ceran is easy to clean and does not scratch, but it does not have a lifetime as high as stainless steel, and comes with the risk of breaking. My advice is to balance the advantages and disadvantages and make the right decision for your needs.

Safety Features

Safety systems are the ones that incline the balance when it comes to choosing between a gas hob and a stove.

Installed stainles steel gas hob

A good gas hob is equipped with advanced safety features such as:

  • a gas safety device that closes the valve by stopping the gas from spreading inside the room when there is no flame.
  • protection against use by children (if you have a small one in the family , this feature is mandatory).
  • thermocouples monitoring the flame in a intelligent way.
  • triple-crown burners that burns very fast all the gas, preventing the “contamination” of the air in the kitchen.

I hope I covered some good guidelines and useful information to guide you to a correct purchase.

Brands and Warranties

While brands should not be the sole factor when choosing a gas hob, it’s wise to consider established brands known for their reliability, innovation, and quality. Some popular and trusted brands include Bosch, Neff, and SMEG.

Furthermore, make sure to choose a hob with a good warranty. A warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s longevity and offers you a safeguard against faults or issues.

The Price Factor

Quality and price often go hand in hand. While it’s tempting to opt for the most economical option, remember that a gas hob is a long-term investment. Often, cheaper models lack durability and essential features found in higher-end models. Therefore, it’s important to strike a balance between price and quality. Take the time to compare different models and brands to ensure you’re getting value for your money.


Installation is another factor to consider when choosing your gas hob. Some hobs may require professional installation, especially if alterations to your kitchen’s gas line are needed. Make sure to account for these additional costs and work with a certified gas installer for safety reasons.

Reviews and Recommendations

Finally, reviews and recommendations can be an excellent way to get a sense of a gas hob’s performance. Seek out both professional reviews and user reviews.

The former will give you a detailed analysis of the hob’s features and capabilities, while the latter will provide insights into the hob’s long-term performance and any potential issues.


Choosing a quality gas hob involves careful consideration of various factors, from understanding the different types of hobs to evaluating specific features, considering brands and warranties, and even seeking reviews and recommendations. It is a process that involves a blend of practicality, safety, aesthetics, and budgetary considerations.

By investing time in research and carefully assessing your needs, you will be able to find a gas hob that fits your kitchen perfectly, provides exceptional cooking performance, and becomes an integral part of your daily life. After all, the best gas hob is one that not only prepares your meals but also sparks joy every time you cook.

Remember, a quality gas hob is more than just an appliance; it’s a kitchen companion that fuels your culinary journey and brings your family together at the dining table. Choose wisely, and enjoy the fruits of your careful consideration for many years to come.

Recommended Quality Gas Hobs

Taking into account the advice in this article and also the opinions of other customers, we chose for you some good gas hobs models that offer excellent quality / price ratio. You can find them below.

Recommended Product No. 1
SIA GHG612BL 60cm Black 4 Burner Gas On Glass Hob With Enamel Pan Stands & FFD
185 Reviews
SIA GHG612BL 60cm Black 4 Burner Gas On Glass Hob With Enamel Pan Stands & FFD
  • 5 Years Parts & 2 Years Labour Guarantee
  • LPG Kit Included
  • Enamel Pan Supports
Recommended Product No. 2
Bosch Home & Kitchen Appliances BoschPBP6B5B60 Gas hob, 60 cm, Stainless steel, Serie 2, Built in
122 Reviews
Bosch Home & Kitchen Appliances BoschPBP6B5B60 Gas hob, 60 cm, Stainless steel, Serie 2, Built in
  • Continuous cast-iron finish pan supports: for maximum stability.
  • Biomethane-ready: your gas hob can also be powered with renewable biomethane gas.
  • Ergonomic control knobs with raised center for precise adjustments.
Recommended Product No. 3
SNDOAS Gas Hob 4 Burners, NG/LPG Convertible, Built-in Stainless Steel Cooktop with Flame Failure...
13 Reviews
SNDOAS Gas Hob 4 Burners, NG/LPG Convertible, Built-in Stainless Steel Cooktop with Flame Failure...
  • Extremely Efficient: SNDOAS gas hob 4 burners YYUKGCT-S04 power up to 8060 W (3400 W+1880 W + 1880 W + 900 W), can easily meet all your cooking needs. Whether you want to fry, boil, steam or grill, it can be done perfectly. Nice design is perfect for various kitchens, apartments or outdoor, matching with a wide range of kitchen styles.
  • Different Gas Supply: To meet the needs of different families, the gas hob 4 burners 60cm comes with standard natural gas nozzles, however you can replace to propane kits, which is included in the packing and does not need to be purchased separately. Switchable between NG and LPG operation.
  • Dual Security Protection: This stainless steel gas hob features an advanced electronic auto-ignition that allows the burners to be conveniently lit at 220~240V 50Hz. Meanwhile, each burner is equipped with a flame failure device that automatically cuts off the gas flow when the flame goes out to ensure maximum safety. Our gas hobs are CE certified for peace of mind!
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
Noxton Gas Hob 4 Burner, Built-in Gas Cooker Plug & Go, Stainless Steel Easy to Clean, Cast Iron Pan...
713 Reviews
Noxton Gas Hob 4 Burner, Built-in Gas Cooker Plug & Go, Stainless Steel Easy to Clean, Cast Iron Pan...
  • ✅ 4-Burner Gas Hob - This gas hob equipped with 4 burner - rapid burner 3300W, 2 semi-rapid burner 1750W and Auxiliary burner 1000W. Each burner compatible with different cooking, such as fry, boil, steam stewed, etc. You can make a table of feast in a short time.
  • ✅ Durable Quality - The gas hob made of 100% stainless steel top with heavy cast iron support, durable bakelite knobs for easy clean and maintenance.
  • ✅ Easy Installation & High-Efficient - This stainless steel gas hob is a plug and go unit that can be installed quickly and easily. Automatic ignition via rotating control, flexible and accurate gas adjustment. Making cooking high efficiency and energy-efficient.
Recommended Product No. 5
Gas Hob 4 burners, 60cm Black Glass Gas Hob, Built in Gas Cooktop with Cast Iron Supports, NG/LPG...
23 Reviews
Gas Hob 4 burners, 60cm Black Glass Gas Hob, Built in Gas Cooktop with Cast Iron Supports, NG/LPG...
  • 【High Powerful Burners】The gas hob 4 burners is enquiped with a 3400W triple ring wok burner, two 1800W semi-rapid burners and a 1000W auxiliary burner. Each Burner suitable for the flat-bottom cookwares. (The cookware bottom diameter at least as large as the cooking area.) You can easy to simmer, fry, stir-frying, boil with different cooking zones.
  • 【4 Burners Gas Hob with Safe Devices】Each burner is featuring a thermocouple flame-out system (FFD) to prevent gas leakage; Bakelite knob controls with child protection lock, need to press and rotate at the same time to ignite, preventing children from accidentally touching; Heavy duty cast iron pan support can support different weights of cookware well.
  • 【Stylish Black Glass Surface】The gas hob is enquiped with the 8mm real thickness tempered glass, stain and heat-resistant. One-piece design prevents spilled liquid from seeping into the interior of the gas cooktop. Smooth glass surface, easy to clean.
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
Hisense GM642XSUK Built-in 60cm Gas Hob - Stainless Steel, 20 x 23 x 4 inches (L x W x H)
131 Reviews
Hisense GM642XSUK Built-in 60cm Gas Hob - Stainless Steel, 20 x 23 x 4 inches (L x W x H)
  • 【4 Burners】Ultimate in gas efficiency, with easy to control panel and easy to clean surface
  • 【Pan Support】Sturdy and stylish, cast iron supports are cleverly designed to hold up pots solidly
  • 【Gas Safely Swith】If there's liquid spillage or blown out, the supply will be shut off automatically
Recommended Product No. 7
Karinear Gas Hob, Plug-in Gas Hobs 4 Burners Cooktops, Gas Hob 60cm Glass LPG/NG with Thermocouple...
111 Reviews
Karinear Gas Hob, Plug-in Gas Hobs 4 Burners Cooktops, Gas Hob 60cm Glass LPG/NG with Thermocouple...
  • 🔥【Propane/Natural Gas Cooktop】The initial setting of the 4 burner gas hob is for natural gas. If you want to use liquid propane, it just need take 2 steps: 1. Replace NG nozzles with LPG nozzles. 2. Replace NG elbow connector with LPG elbow connector. All conversion accessories is included in the package.
  • 💎【Easy to Clean】The 4 burner gas cooktop surface made of highly polished glass, smooth and durable, it can clean by a wet towel. And the glass has anti-rust, high temperature resistance and high hardness properties. The appearance is simpler and more atmospheric than stainless steel, and more suitable for modern families.
  • ❣【Safety System】The burner gas hob equips with a thermocouple flame out fault system ensures the gas is automatically turned off when no flame is detected, effectively prevent gas leakage accidents. This is flame-out failure divice system (FFD). The safety of our products is our top concern at Karinear.
Recommended Product No. 8
SIA AMZGHG602BL 60cm 4 Burner Gas On Glass Hob In Black With Cast Iron Pan Stands | 5 Year Guarantee
38 Reviews
SIA AMZGHG602BL 60cm 4 Burner Gas On Glass Hob In Black With Cast Iron Pan Stands | 5 Year Guarantee
  • 5 Years Parts 2 Years Labour Guarantee
  • LPG Kit Included
  • Cast Iron Pan Supports

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