How to choose a quality gas hob

How to choose the perfect gas hob for your kitchen? What features an characteristics to look for when buying the perfect gas hob for your needs? Read our shopping guide and make an informed decision.

How to choose the best gas hobThe differences between the classic stove and a gas hob are not major. Although, the gas hob has a few pluses.

First of all the size, compared to a classic stove, is greatly reduced, is easily incorporated, has a more visually appeal and perhaps the most important difference, it is equipped with various safety systems. Systems that a regular gas cooker does not benefit from.

Gas hobs are different from the electric ones with the immediate visual response to the heat setting. It also does not require the purchase of certain types of cookware such as an induction hob. Small burners is another advantage, especially when you want to make a stew.

The best models of gas hobs are made of stainless steel or cast iron, thus resisting without problems over the years.

Gas hobs also benefit from automatic ignition systems, so you can forget about the inconvenience of using the matches.

How do you choose a quality gas hob?

Simple! You must keep in mind some important points. Consider the kitchen where the hob is to be installed and your needs.

Number of burners

The number of burners of a cooktop gas hob may vary as opposed to the classic stove. If you live alone, a hob with two burners may be enough.

Instead, if the hob’s purpose is to cook food for a whole family, it’s good to choose one with four or five burners. The cooking time will be shorter and the amount of food cooked higher by using several burners simultaneously.

Hobs dimensions

Elegant gas hob with glass baseThe hobs dimensions are also important. Carefully measures the furniture space you have available in advance and take them into account when looking to make the purchase.

Apart from the fact that the hob has to be compatible with the width of the furniture where it needs to be inintegrated, takes into account the fact that a large hob on a small kitchen cabinet will take a lot of useful space. Weigh the available space and your needs before making the purchase.


The design of a gas hob can vary quite a lot from one model to another. Starting from the classic black and white simplistic design with flame adjustment buttons placed in the front, to modern black ceramic glass hobs with irregularly placed burners and buttons on the sides. Keep in mind that for a more attractive design, you’ll need to get more money out of your pocket.


The material from which the gas hob is built will determine it’s lifetime. As I said in the beginning, the quality ones are made of stainless steel or cast iron. It is preferable to choose such a model, or, if the budget does not allow, however, you can opt for other materials.

The material from which the burners are made differs from that of the base of the hob. The most common are enameled steel, wrought iron or cast iron.

Iron or enameled steel has a shorter life span than cast iron, the use of cleaning agents contributing to their erosion.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the hob is also important. If you are a housewife who always wants a clean kitchen, then the ease with which the hob can be cleaned will count a lot for you.

The detachable parts of the hob will make it much easier to clean. Check that the buttons, burner caps or grills are detachable.

Although stainless steel is a long-lasting material, it is hard to clean and you risk scratching it or losing it’s brilliance as time passes.

The best material from this point of view is schott-ceran, a ceramic and glass alloy. Schott-ceran is easy to clean and does not scratch, but it does not have a lifetime as high as stainless steel, and comes with the risk of breaking. My advice is to balance the advantages and disadvantages and make the right decision for your needs.

Safety features

Installed stainles steel gas hob

Safety systems are the ones that incline the balance when it comes to choosing between a gas hob and a stove.

A good gas hob is equiped with advanced safety features such as:

  • a gas safety device that closes the valve by stopping the gas from spreading inside the room when there is no flame.
  • protection against use by children (if you have a small one in the family , this feature is mandatory).
  • thermocouples monitoring the flame in a intelligent way Intelligent.
  • triple-crown burners that burns very fast all the gas, preventing the “contamination” of the air in the kitchen.

I hope I covered some good guidelines and useful information to guide you to a correct purchase.

Recommended quality gas hobs

Taking into account the advice in this article and also the opinions of other customers, we chose for you some good gas hobs models that offer excellent quality / price ratio. You can find them below.

MILLAR GH9051XB 90cm Built-in 5 Burner Gas on Glass Hob / Cooker / Cooktop with FFD
2 Reviews
MILLAR GH9051XB 90cm Built-in 5 Burner Gas on Glass Hob / Cooker / Cooktop with FFD
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • Flame Failure Device on each burner
  • Easy clean tempered glass surface
Bosch PGP6B5B60 Serie 4-60cm Four Burner Gas Hob - Stainless Steel
1 Reviews
GASLAND chef GH60BS 60cm Built-in 4 Burner Gas on Glass Hob Cooker Cooktop with FFD in BLACK
22 Reviews
GASLAND chef GH60BS 60cm Built-in 4 Burner Gas on Glass Hob Cooker Cooktop with FFD in BLACK
  • 4 burners, ranging from 0.9kW to 3kW, meets precise need of warming up to deep fry
  • Auto ignition, flexible and precise gas adjustment via rotary controls
  • Flame out protection device (FFD), fitted on each burner, cuts off gas supply when flame out accidentally
Whirlpool AKM 268/IX Built-in Gas Stainless Steel Hob
8 Reviews
Whirlpool AKM 268/IX Built-in Gas Stainless Steel Hob
  • Easy to reach right side controls
  • Automatic ignition
  • Flame failure safety device on each burner

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