How to Choose The Best Window Vacuum Cleaner

How do you choose the best window vacuum cleaner in 2024? What functions and features should the right window vacuum cleaner have for your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

How to Choose The Best Window Vacuum CleanerWindow washing is a challenging and sometimes frustrating task, leading many people to postpone or completely avoid it.

However, the window vacuum cleaner has recently become a popular and effective solution for this task. As a result, you no longer have to deal with the difficulties and frustrations associated with window washing.

Moreover, a window vacuum cleaner can make the cleaning process faster and more enjoyable, saving you time and energy.

If you want to purchase the best window vacuum cleaner, this article will offer useful tips to make the best choice based on your needs.

Recommended Top Window Vacuum Cleaners 2024

Considering the guidance provided, coupled with buyer feedback and the options on the market, we suggest these models of Window Vacuum Cleaners as top choices for cost-effectiveness.

Recommended Product No. 1
161 Reviews
CubeTECH CTWV2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Handheld Vacuum Cordless Rechargeable Power Kit (Microfibre...
  • Powerful Suction: The CTWV2 features a high-performance motor that generates strong suction, effectively extracting water, dirt, and cleaning solutions from windows, leaving them spotless and dry.
  • Large Capacity and Quick Emptying: The CTWV2 boasts a generous water tank capacity, enabling continuous cleaning without frequent emptying. The tank is easily removed and emptied without mess.
  • Versatile Cleaning Accessories: With a wide 28cm suction nozzle for larger windows and SlimLine 17cm nozzle fro hard to reach places, precision spray bottle with microfiber cloth, you have all the tools you need for exceptional results.
SaleRecommended Product No. 2
267 Reviews
Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 Plus N, Battery Running Time: 35 min, LED Display for Battery Status, 2...
  • Free from drips and streaks: The Kärcher WV 2 Plus N window vacuum cleaner ensures windows and other smooth surfaces are thoroughly cleaned without leaving any drops and streaks behind
  • Easy to use: The handy window vacuum cleaner is particularly light and very quiet. It is easy to use and makes window cleaning an effortless task
  • Two suction nozzles: The standard suction nozzle (280 mm) is suitable for large glass surfaces, the small one (170 mm) is optimal for narrow areas like lattice and georgian windows
SaleRecommended Product No. 3
4,449 Reviews
Beldray BEL0749 Cordless Window Vac – Condensation Vacuum For Windows, Mirrors, Showers,...
  • Lightweight and simple to use, the Beldray window vacuum offers fantastic cleaning for windows and mirrors with a streak free finish.
  • Featuring an easy to empty water tank with a generous 60 ml capacity, you can cover every window in your home without refilling.
  • Simply wash your window, mirror or glass surface with your preferred detergent and warm water before using this convenient window vac.
Recommended Product No. 4
18,150 Reviews
Kärcher WV 1 Window Vac
  • Streak-Free Cleaning - The quick and easy way to clean flat surfaces, such as windows, tiles, worktops, condensation and mirrors leaving a sparkling, streak-free finish.
  • Rechargeable Battery - The rechargeable lithium-ion battery cleans up to 70 m² on a single charge - that's up to 45 windows.
  • Lightweight - Versatile and ergonomic design that can be used on all smooth surfaces.
Recommended Product No. 5
13 Reviews
TOWER T131001BLG RVW10 Cordless Window Cleaner with Rechargeable Battery, 150 ml Water Tank, 20 W,...
  • Powerful suction 2 Kpa with the 20W motor
  • 150ml Removable water tank
  • 30 Minute run timer from a single charge
Recommended Product No. 6
80 Reviews
Window Vacuum, Rechargeable Window Vac, 280mm Blade Power Window Vacuum Cleaner Set, 200ml Water...
  • Streak-Free Window Vac: EAVE vacuum window cleaning machine has a strong suction and soft rubber scraper, after window cleaned, it can clean the water streak finish.
  • Easy to Use and Lightweight: Cordless window vacuum cleaner built-in 2200amh battery, simple design can make it easy to use, and vac cleaner is lightweight make our window cleaner easy to carrry and go.
  • 2200mah Battery Long Lasting: Vacuum window cleaning machine contains a 2200amh lithium battery, which can work continuously for 35 minutes on full charged, avoiding frequent charging during window cleaning, save the time of cleaning.
SaleRecommended Product No. 7
741 Reviews
Tower T131001 Cordless Window Cleaner with Rechargeable Battery, 150 ml Water Tank, 20 W, Cool Blue
  • WASH, VACUUM & DRY - powerful suction performance clears condensation and water droplets from your surfaces to promote and protect their shine
  • CORDLESS OPERATION - rechargeable window vacuum can be used indoors or outdoors for up to 30 minutes on a fast 3 hours charge
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – tackle a wide range of surfaces, including windows, mirrors, showers, tiles and car window screens
SaleRecommended Product No. 8
1,428 Reviews
Amazon Basics Window Vacuum Cleaner Set With Rechargeable Lithium Battery For Windows, Tiles,...
  • Cordless design makes it quick and convenient to clean all sorts of flat surfaces including windows, tiles, worktops, and mirrors, leaving a sparkling, streak-free finish
  • High-performance suction prevents dirty water from dripping and causing unsightly marks on freshly cleaned surfaces
  • Powerful rechargeable lithium battery provides longer-lasting operation
Recommended Product No. 9
12,391 Reviews
Leifheit Dry & Clean Window Vacuum Cleaner, Window Cleaning Kit with Up to 35 Mins of Power,...
  • Streak-free cleaning - Drip-free cleaning is easy with this essential window cleaner tool. The vacuum is useful for removing condensation, water droplets and excess water
  • 360-degree functionality - The window cleaning equipment can be used in an angle or overhead enabling you to reach even the most difficult spots
  • Stand-by-automatic - The standby system ensures optimal energy saving. The window cleaning squeegee switches to maximum power only when in contact with the window
SaleRecommended Product No. 10
84 Reviews
Window Vacuum, Rechargeable Window Vac, Power Window Vacuum Cleaner Set, 200ml Water Tank Cordless...
  • Streak-Free Window Vac: EAVE vacuum window cleaning machine has a strong suction and soft rubber scraper, after window cleaned, it can clean the water streak finish.
  • Easy to Use and Lightweight: Cordless window vacuum cleaner built-in 2200amh battery, simple design can make it easy to use, and vac cleaner is lightweight make our window cleaner easy to carrry and go.
  • 2200mah Battery Long Lasting: Vacuum window cleaning machine contains a 2200amh lithium battery, which can work continuously for 35 minutes on full charged, avoiding frequent charging during window cleaning, save the time of cleaning.

Why choose the best window vacuum cleaner?

Buying the best window vacuum cleaner can offer numerous benefits.

Firstly, this device can make the cleaning process easier and more efficient. Instead of spending hours cleaning windows with a cloth and cleaning solution, a window vacuum cleaner can clean windows faster and without the physical effort associated with manual washing.

Additionally, many window vacuum cleaners come with extra accessories, making them ideal for cleaning other surfaces, such as tiles, ceramics, or mirrors.

Secondly, purchasing the best window vacuum cleaner can save time and money. With a window vacuum cleaner, you no longer need to spend money on expensive cleaning products or professional window cleaning services.

Furthermore, by using the window vacuum cleaner, you can clean your windows and other surfaces more frequently, helping to maintain them in a good state of hygiene and appearance.

How to choose the best window vacuum cleaner

In conclusion, buying the best window vacuum cleaner can offer numerous benefits. With such a device, you can save time and money and clean windows and other surfaces more efficiently and with less effort.

To make the best purchase, consult this shopping guide to choose the vacuum cleaner that suits your needs and enjoy easier and more efficient cleaning.

Moreover, at the end, you will find a list of the best models available now at the best quality/price ratio on the market.

Types of window vacuum cleaners

There are two main types of window vacuum cleaners: the classic manual model with a cloth, collection container, and sprayer, and the window washing robot. Both models have their advantages, but the choice between the two largely depends on personal preferences and needs.

Manual Window vacuum cleaner with handle

The classic manual model is the most widespread and known type of window vacuum cleaner. It consists of a sprayer that distributes a cleaning solution on the window, a cloth for cleaning, and a vacuum to collect dirty water and residues.

One advantage of this model is that you can better control the cleaning process and reach places that are difficult to clean.

It is also a more financially accessible choice. However, this model requires more physical effort and time to clean the windows.

Window washing robot

The window washing robot is another option that has become increasingly popular. It is an autonomous device that attaches to the window and cleans the surface by itself.

The robot uses a suction system to remove dirt and water, without requiring physical effort from the user.

The window washing robot is an excellent option for those who want to save time and effort and have more efficient cleaning.

However, the cost of these devices can be higher than manual vacuum cleaners.

Features of the manual window vacuum cleaner

Rubber accessory

The rubber band is one of the most important components of the window vacuum cleaner, as it determines the efficiency with which the vacuum cleaner can clean the surface. Generally, it is between 20 and 30 cm in size.

The wider the rubber band, the larger the surface area it can cover, making cleaning faster and more efficient.

However, a band that is too wide can be awkward to use on smaller surfaces, such as mirrors or small windows, where more precision is needed.

Also, it should be noted that the larger the rubber band, the more energy the vacuum cleaner’s motor will consume to operate.

Therefore, it is important to choose a rubber band that fits the size of the window or surface you want to clean.

It is recommended to choose a rubber band that can cover the surface of the window or mirror in as few passes as possible, thus saving energy and improving cleaning efficiency.

Tank capacity

The capacity of the dirty water tank is another important aspect to consider when looking for the best window vacuum cleaner.

The tank capacity will determine how much dirty water can be collected during the use of the device, which will affect the cleaning time and the number of windows or surfaces that can be cleaned in a single use.

Generally, most window vacuum cleaners have a dirty water tank capacity of 100-200 ml, which is sufficient for regular use.

However, if you have more windows or large surfaces to clean, a larger tank capacity may be necessary.

It is important to remember that, although a larger tank can be beneficial in certain situations, it can also make the vacuum cleaner heavier and more difficult to handle. Therefore, you should carefully consider your needs and choose the appropriate tank capacity for your window vacuum cleaner.

Jet bottle and microfibre cloth

When it comes to window cleaning, the jet bottle and cloth are popular accessories that many users prefer. These are delivered as separate accessories for window vacuum cleaners and help improve the efficiency of cleaning surfaces.

The jet bottle is designed to spray the cleaning solution on the window surface. This jet ensures an even distribution of the cleaning solution and helps improve the cleaning process.

Also, the jet bottle is adjustable, allowing users to control the flow of cleaning solution to match their cleaning needs.

The cloth is the other important component of the window cleaning accessory. It is used to wipe the windows after applying the cleaning solution with the jet bottle.

The cloth helps remove dirt particles and excess water and solution from the window surface.

Although there are models of window vacuum cleaners that have the jet bottle and cloth integrated into the device, many users prefer to purchase them separately.

This is because separate use allows them to better control the cleaning process and adapt it to their specific cleaning needs.

Extendable handle

Another important aspect of the window vacuum cleaner is the extendable handle, which can make a big difference in the ease and comfort of use.

This extendable handle allows users to reach high windows and corners without having to stretch or bend in an uncomfortable way.

The extendable handle is adjustable, so users can adjust the length according to the height and size of the windows. Also, it can be locked in a fixed position to prevent slipping or accidental movement during use.

In addition to ease of use, the extendable handle can also provide extra safety during the cleaning of high windows. Users can avoid the risk of losing balance or injuring themselves by using the extendable handle to reach hard-to-access areas.

It is important to consider the length of the extendable handle when choosing a window vacuum cleaner, as a length that is too long can make handling cumbersome, while one that is too short can make cleaning more difficult. Also, the extendable handle should be made of durable materials to withstand wear and offer long-term use.

Features of the window cleaning robot

The window cleaning robot is a useful and practical solution for window cleaning, especially for those who live on higher floors.

Generally, they are equipped with two motors that provide sufficient suction power to clean dirt from windows. In addition, they are equipped with a safety wire that prevents the device from falling in case it loses grip.

Another advantage of the window cleaning robot is that they can be controlled via a remote control or a mobile app. This feature allows the user to adjust the speed and direction of movement of the device to guide it in the desired direction and avoid obstacles.

Moreover, this type of window vacuum cleaner has a cord, so you don’t have to worry about battery autonomy or discharge.

Battery of the window vacuum cleaner

One of the important features of the best window vacuum cleaner is the battery. This device does not need a powerful motor, so most models have a power between 10 and 30 W.

To be easy to power, most window vacuum cleaners are equipped with 1 or 2 lithium-ion cell batteries, which provide autonomy between 15 and 30 minutes.

An autonomy of 20 minutes is usually sufficient to clean a surface of approximately 75 square meters.

However, it is important to remember that the longer the autonomy, the longer it will take to charge the battery.

In addition, the battery of the vacuum cleaner can be integrated or detachable. In case the battery is detachable, it can be replaced with one that is already charged, offering an additional advantage if you want to clean more surfaces in a short time.

Generally, when looking for the best window vacuum cleaner, you should pay special attention to the battery and its autonomy, so you can choose a model that is suitable for your window cleaning needs.

How does the performance of window vacuum cleaners differ on various surfaces?

Window vacuum cleaners are designed primarily for cleaning glass surfaces. They are excellent at removing condensation, streaks, and dirt from windows, leaving them sparkling clean. The performance on glass is usually superior due to the smooth, non-porous nature of this material, which allows the vacuum to easily glide over the surface and efficiently suck up the liquid.

However, window vacuum cleaners can also be used on other smooth surfaces such as mirrors, tiles, and shower screens. The performance on these surfaces is typically very good, as these materials share similar properties to glass. The vacuum can effectively remove water and grime, preventing streaks and watermarks.

Performance may vary when using a window vacuum cleaner on more textured surfaces, such as frosted glass or patterned tiles. These surfaces may require more passes with the vacuum to fully remove the water or dirt, due to the uneven surface.

Window vacuum cleaners are not recommended for use on porous surfaces like wood or unsealed stone, as they may not be able to effectively remove the moisture. These materials can absorb water, making it difficult for the vacuum to suck it up. Additionally, using a window vacuum on these surfaces could potentially cause damage.

Finally, the type of dirt or grime can also affect the performance of a window vacuum cleaner. They are excellent at removing liquid, but may struggle with thicker substances like mud or dried-on dirt. For these tougher cleaning tasks, it may be necessary to first loosen the dirt with a scrubbing brush or a suitable cleaning solution.

What accessories should the best window vacuum cleaner have?

A top-notch window vacuum cleaner should come with an array of accessories that make the cleaning job more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable. Below we delve into several essential accessories that are worth considering:

Squeegee Blades of Different Sizes

Squeegee blades, an integral component of the window vacuum cleaner, come in various sizes. These blades, essentially the “workhorse” of the appliance, touch the window or surface you are cleaning. The role they play in your cleaning process cannot be overstated, given that they directly engage with the dirt and grime on your window pane.

Now, why do squeegee blades come in different sizes, you might wonder? The answer lies in the diverse range of window shapes and sizes that you would encounter in homes and offices. Fortunately, window vacuum cleaner manufacturers take this into account, providing different sized blades to cater to your specific cleaning needs.

A smaller squeegee blade can navigate with an easy finesse, the tricky nooks and crannies of smaller windows or those with an unusual structure. This size is manageable and perfect for detailing, ensuring the blade reaches every corner, giving you a meticulous clean.

On the other hand, a larger blade excels at covering extensive areas of standard-sized windows rapidly, giving you a quick and efficient clean. These are quite the time-savers, especially when you’re faced with a row of large windows.

Hence, when selecting your window vacuum cleaner, consider those that offer different squeegee blade sizes. The flexibility of swapping between blade sizes ensures optimal cleaning, no matter the window size or intricacy.

Microfibre Cleaning Pads

When it comes to deep cleaning our windows, many of us instinctively reach for the conventional tools – a bucket of soapy water, a scrubber, and a drying cloth. However, in our quest for gleaming, streak-free windows, we often end up dealing with drips, streaks, and a good deal of frustration. That’s where a good window vacuum cleaner comes in and stages a quiet revolution.

One of the major components that enhance the cleaning effectiveness of window vacuum cleaners are the microfibre pads. These accessories are excellent for pre-cleaning dusty or dirty windows before using the vacuum cleaner. With their superior ability to pick up dust and loose dirt, they ensure that your windows are thoroughly cleaned. Not just that, these pads can be easily washed after each use and reused multiple times, adding to their sustainability factor.

The Leifheit Dry & Clean Window Vacuum Cleaner Set is a prime example of a model that features a microfibre cloth pad in its design. Armed with a powerful suction capability, a compact design for easy handling, a rubber blade for streak-free cleaning and a cordless operation, it is supplemented by a microfibre cleaning pad that contributes to efficient cleaning.

To conclude, for people who are fed up with the tedious job of cleaning windows in the traditional way, a window vacuum cleaner with a microfibre pad might just be the answer. It not only makes the job easier but also more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Charging Stations

While using a window vacuum cleaner is a breeze, managing its accessories when not in use can be another story. This is where a charging station comes into play. Not only does it power up your cleaner, but it can also provide tidiness when the gadget isn’t in service. Various models come with these charging stations, adding an extra degree of convenience to your cleaning routine.

When shopping around, look for a charging station with added benefits. Some offer specific slots for housing other important accessories like squeegee blades or cleaning pads. This is a small but practical feature as it not only organises your cleaning gear but also ensures those easily-lost components are safe and ready to hand for next time.

Feeding the cleaner’s battery while storing it and its accessories in one spot is a real space-saver. This is particularly valuable if you’re aiming for a minimalist look or you’re living in tight quarters. Also, by storing the cleaner correctly, you extend its life by protecting it from unnecessary damage.

In sum, the charging station is more than just a power source for your vacuum cleaner: it’s a multitasker that recharges, organises and carefully stores your cleaning gear.

Suction Nozzles

A suction nozzle is a highly valuable attachment that easily connects to your window vacuum cleaner. Acting as a pre-cleaner, it aids in efficiently dislodging and removing sticky grime or stubborn dirt from your surfaces before the vacuuming process commences. As an extremely flexible tool, the suction nozzle is particularly adept at navigating tricky areas, reaching deep into corners that standard cleaner heads may struggle to access.

When it comes to windows or tiled surfaces, these areas are notorious for accumulating dirt and debris located in less accessible edges or awkward spaces. Traditional cleaning methods may not satisfactorily clean these hard-to-reach sections, leaving behind traces of dirt, which mutates your otherwise spotless surfaces. Enter the suction nozzle. With its crevice capabilities, it easily slips into and thoroughly cleans those stubborn nooks, providing an impeccable cleaning standard that leaves no grime behind.

Considered a necessary accessory for its insurmountable benefits, a suction nozzle not only makes your cleaning process more efficient, but also significantly enhances the performance of your window vacuum cleaner. It’s a crucial addition to your cleaning toolkit that ensures your surfaces are left sparkling and streak-free.

Furthermore, modern designs of suction nozzles are lightweight and easy-to-manipulate, adding to the overall convenience of the cleaning process. Their versatility also extends beyond windows and tiles – they adeptly keep other surfaces such as mirrors and countertops immaculate.

In conclusion, a suction nozzle for your window vacuum cleaner is an investment that pays off in terms of advanced cleaning and time efficiency. In cleaning areas where standard vacuum heads would falter, the suction nozzle certainly steps up and delivers, making it an indispensable accessory in maintaining pristine, streak-free surfaces.

Edge Cleaning Tools

Windows are notorious for hard-to-reach edges that collect grime. An edge-specific tool can get into these challenging spaces. This tool ensures that your entire window is as clean as can be—every corner, every edge, every little crevice.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you’d need a dedicated tool for edge cleaning. Well, to begin with, traditional cleaning methods often fail to take care of the edges and corners properly. But why is that so?

The anatomy of windows is complex. Grime doesn’t exclusively settle on flat, easily accessible areas. It finds its way into every nook and cranny, stubbornly clinging onto those little edges and corners that your regular cleaning methods can’t reach. This is precisely where an edge cleaning tool comes into play.

Designed explicitly for those tricky corners and edges, edge cleaning tools offer a slim profile that can get into those tight spots with ease. Equipped with firm bristles or a small squeegee blade, they can disrupt and lift the accumulated dirt and grime, making it easy to vacuum away.

Their small and lightweight form factor allows you to maintain control and apply adequate pressure where needed. The result? A flawless, streak-free cleaning experience that leaves your windows looking absolutely pristine.

When choosing a complementary edge cleaning tool for your window vacuum cleaner, consider its size and shape to ensure that it can navigate your specific window layout efficiently. Also, make sure the tool is easy to attach and remove from your vacuum cleaner for a seamless and hassle-free cleaning session.

So, the next time you’re on the hunt for a reliable window vacuum cleaner, remember to look out for one with a handy edge cleaning tool. It may seem like a simple feature, but it can drastically enhance the cleanliness and appearance of your windows, giving you the sparkling results you’ve always desired.

Remember, the wide range of accessories is not merely a marketing gimmick. They genuinely broaden the scope of your cleaner’s usefulness, turning it into a more versatile cleaning tool.



If you want to purchase the best window vacuum cleaner, you should also consider its warranty. Generally, a good vacuum cleaner should have a minimum warranty of 2 years.

The warranty is important in case you encounter problems with the product, whether they are related to manufacturing or transportation.

It is important to check the terms and conditions of the warranty to see what is included and what is not included. Some companies offer warranty only for certain parts of the vacuum cleaner, while others cover the entire product.

In addition, it is important to consider that the warranty can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer a longer warranty for their products, which can be an advantage if you are interested in a specific model.


Online you can find the most suitable window vacuum cleaner. The advantage of online shopping is that you can search and compare products from the comfort of your home and find more competitive prices than those in physical stores.

Additionally, the product review section can be very helpful in making a decision. You can see the opinions of other users who have purchased and used the product and find out its strengths and weaknesses.

This can give you a more detailed perspective and a clearer understanding of the product, so you can make an informed choice and ensure that the product you purchase will be suitable for your needs.

Now that you have all this information, you can easily choose the best window vacuum cleaner for you.

FAQs About Choosing the Best Window Vacuum Cleaner

Are window vacuum cleaners environmentally friendly?

Yes, window vacuum cleaners are considered more eco-friendly than traditional window cleaning methods. Graphics paper towels are often used to buff and dry glass surfaces, contributing to unnecessary waste. By using a window vacuum cleaner, you eliminate the need for paper towels, consequently reducing waste and being more mindful of the environment.

What are the benefits of a robotic window vacuum cleaner?

Robotic window vacuum cleaners come with a significant number of benefits. They save both time and energy as they automatically clean your windows. They can navigate tall and hard-to-reach windows, handle frameless glass and mirrors, and can even be monitored via a smartphone app. It's an advanced form of window cleaning that adds convenience to your routine.

Are window vacuum cleaners effective on other surfaces?

Absolutely. Although designed for windows, most window vacuum cleaners can effectively clean other smooth surfaces, such as mirrors and shower screens, making them convenient multipurpose tools for your home.

What is the typical price range for robotic window vacuum cleaners?

If you're looking for a basic robotic window vacuum cleaner, expect prices to be in the range of £50 to £100. However, for advanced features like quicker movement speeds and area mapping, the price can range from £150 up to £400.

What makes a window vacuum cleaner the "*best*" choice?

The "best" window vacuum cleaner ultimately depends on your personal needs and preferences. Key considerations should include battery life, ease of use, the ability to clean hard-to-reach areas, tank capacity, and additional accessories provided. For some, a manual cleaner may be best, while others may prefer the time-saving convenience of a robotic model.

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