How to Choose the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

How do you choose the best noise cancelling headphones? What features and functions should the best noise cancelling headphones have to fit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

Why buy noise cancelling headphones?

The best noise cancelling headphonesFull tranquillity is a rare thing no matter where you work or live. Permanent background noise is not good for our hearing and health.

To block all disturbing noises, you will need to buy a pair of active headphones with external noise cancelling function.

Not only will you be able to listen to your favourite music without interference, but you will not have to bear the jerk on the plane, the conversations of your office colleagues or the noise from the neighbouring yard.

Unlike earphones that only isolate external noise using special design and certain materials, the active noise cancelling earphones use battery power to actively block external noise.

Your hearing will thank you for protecting it from the damaging decibels of the lawn mower or the engine of the air plane. In addition, when external noise is isolated, you will not be at risk of damaging your hearing channel due to the fact that you were forced to give maximum volume to cover the surrounding noise.

The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones: What to Look for

The active noise cancelling system will help you enjoy your favourite music, movie or game in peace and isolation. When looking for a pair of good headphones, besides the noise-cancelling function, consider the following criteria for choosing a pair of quality headphones.


The best noise cancelling headphones must also have excellent sound simultaneously with the isolation of outside noise.

A more generous frequency response will add low and high sound to the auditory experience, so look for a pair of headphones with a range over 20-20,000 hertz.

Headphones with a sensitivity of more than 100-110 decibels will add depth and colour to your hearing experience.

The noise cancelling system can be misleading on some models, so it’s good to choose one that blocks from 20 decibels up.


Foldable noise cancelling headphonesThe preferred battery type can determine how well the noise reduction system works. Internal batteries are more comfortable to charge, but they will not hold as much as a set of changeable batteries, which are not comfortable because they need to be replaced.

Whether you prefer to charge your headphones or carry an extra set of batteries, they should have a minimum of 20 hours of operation.

Some noise cancelling headphones will not work at all if the batteries are depleted, so it’s a good idea to buy a model that also offers a passive mode to continue the audition after the batteries have been consumed.

If you use headphones for phone calls, buy a pair equipped with microphone and remote control so you can switch between listening and talking modes with ease.


If you travel with your noise cancelling headphones, look for a pair with detachable wire and a carry case. In addition, a pair of foldable headphones will also help with easy storage. The wireless noise cancelling headphones are very useful and enjoyable especially if you want to sleep with them on your ears.

Consider the weight of the headphones because it is an important aspect. A pair of lightweight headphones can weigh between 170 and 225 grams, while heavy pairs can reach up to 280-360 grams.

The lighter the chosen headphones, the more comfortable they will be to waer during an 8-hour flight.

Warranty and service

Even the best-made products can occasionally suffer from minor defects. Choose a pair of headphones with a maximum warranty period, preferably at least 24 months.

Quality headphones also offer excellent support options on the manufacturer’s website. The more varied the possibilities of help from the manufacturer, the better you choose the model, even if you may not need help.

Recommended Noise Cancelling Headphones

Taking into account the above criteria and recommendations, studying the current market offer and user reviews, we present you below some models of noise cancelling headphones that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

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