How to Choose the Best Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Which is the best electric oil filled radiator? We take a look at the existing products on the market trying to choose the best ones offering a good quality / price ratio.

Why Choose an Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Unlike other electric heaters, oil filled radiators are more efficient due to the principle of heat dissipation. If an air heater or a convector heats only the air in the room, the oil filled radiators do more than that, contributing significantly to the warming of the walls of the room where they are located.

Although they are heavier than an aerotherm, they retain the heat for a long time after they have been shut off, offering a higher thermal inertia.

Electric oil filled heaters are also the most reliable electric heaters, most models are equipped with overheating and auto-stop protection functions in case of overheating of the radiator.

Another advantage of oil filled radiators to other heating appliances is silence. Combined with high heating power and high efficiency, the electric radiator is the cheapest way to heat your home using electricity.

Best Electric Oil Filled Radiators: How to Choose

When choosing the right electric oil filled radiator according to your needs, you have to keep in mind some of the criteria and features that you will find in your chosen product. Below are the main features and criteria that can help you choose the best electric oil radiator for your needs.


The main purpose of a quality oil filled radiator is to control heating costs. Pay attention to the energy efficiency of the product you choose and the available heating steps.

Some models will indicate depending on the power and number of elements the approximate heating capacity depending on the size of the room where it will be used. Choose an electric oil filled radiator that gives you the maximum heat with the minimum energy consumed.

Safety in Use

Electrical heating appliances are safe as long as the instructions for use are followed. Electric oil filled radiators do not make a discordant note.

Choose an electric oil filled radiator equipped with automatic roll-over and overheating sensor. If overheating protection is not present or does not work properly, you may wake up with spills of hot oil that may cause fire.

In addition, the best electric oil filled heater is equipped with transport handles that remain cool during operation and wheels that do not slip and are high enough to allow safe use on a thicker carpet or other raised surfaces.

It is good not to use the electric heater in combination with an extension cord, as they usually do not support high operating power and unwanted accidents can occur.

Timer and Thermostat

Every oil filled radiator must be equipped with timer and thermostat functions that help you regulate room comfort and prevent unnecessary power consumption.

The timer allows the radiator to be programmed only within certain time intervals, and the thermostat allows the heater to be switched off automatically when the desired temperature is reached.

Operating Noise

Like any electric appliance, oil filled radiators produce some noise during operation. You will probably also use your device during sleep and it would be best to choose a silent model. Most new models on the market offer low-noise operation.


The best electric oil filled radiator will have a design that will match the rest of the room where it is located. Most models look like a classic radiator, but there are models with a more modern or futuristic look.

Keep in mind that any model is also equipped with a control panel, some using light screens for programming, operating lights and various shapes and types of adjustment knobs. The overall appearance of the radiator must be in tune with personal tastes and preferences.

The Weight of the Oil Filled Radiator

The weight of the oil filled radiator is important for two reasons.

The first would be the ease of transporting it. Choose an easy to carry model. A heater too heavy can be difficult to move from place to place, especially for the elderly or for those who need to move it repeatedly.

The second aspect related to the weight of the radiator is related to safety in operation. A low-weight radiator can be easily pulled and rolled over, especially if you have small children around, and can cause unwanted accidents.

Service and Warranty

The best electric oil heater is offered with a minimum warranty of 24 months. Choose a model from a known manufacturer that offers a service unit near your home to quickly resolve any defects covered by the warranty and not only.

Recommended Best Electric Oil Filled Radiators

We have analysed the offer on the market and we can recommend to you some electric oil radiators that will provide you the warmth on cold days without making a hole in your budget and in full safety conditions.

Recommended Product No. 1
2,749 Reviews
VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator – 2500W/2.5KW – 11 Fin – Plug in Portable Electric Heater – 3...
  • 2500W radiator 11 oil-filled fins for heating mid to large sized rooms. Perfect for the home or office
  • 3 power settings and adjustable thermostat control to achieve the perfect temperature. 24 hour timer lets you program the heater to automatically switch on and off
  • Equipped with thermal cut off, safety tip over switch and automatic overheat protection.
Recommended Product No. 2
1,450 Reviews
De'Longhi Dragon 4 TRD40820T Oil Filled Radiator- White
  • The enhanced chimney effect accelerates hot air through vents for effective heating
  • 2 kW heat output and three heat settings; Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 230~50
  • Elegant design and pure brilliant white finish
SaleRecommended Product No. 3
1,450 Reviews
Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator, 11 Fin - Portable Electric Heater - Built-in Timer, 3 Heat...
  • Powerful Heating: This 2500W oil filled radiator features 11 powerful heating fins which quickly and efficiently warm and circulate hot air throughout your home, office, bedroom or living room.
  • 3 Heat Settings & Adjustable Thermostat: A fully adjustable thermostat and 3 heat settings of 2500W, 1500W and 1000W allow you to find and maintain the perfect room temperature.
  • 24 Hour Timer: Improve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills by selecting when you want the heater to run - wake up or return to a cosy warm room without heating your entire home.
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
106 Reviews
COMFEE’ Oil Filled Radiators 9 Fins 2000W, Portable Electric Heater with 3 Power Settings,...
  • A Great Choices In Your Home: Whether you want to make sure your home is warm and cosy during wintery nights or you simply need a backup heating solution that will reduce your central heating bills, the Comfee NY2009 oil filled radiator is the perfect solution!
  • Customizable Heating: With 3 different heating options and user-friendly temperature controls, our electric radiators for the home allow full temperature customization according to your needs, providing maximum efficiency and warmth for any room in your home, such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, or dining areas.
  • Mobile and Practical Design: This portable radiator features a hidden handle, 360-degree caster wheels and an intelligent power cord storage solution, it’s so easy to move the radiator from room to room without any hassle!
Recommended Product No. 5
1,582 Reviews
Warmlite WL43002YW 5 Fins Compact Oil Filled Radiator with Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat...
  • Adjustable thermostat lets you easily set the temperature that's comfortable for you
  • Compact, energy-efficient heating solution for your home or office
  • Built-in carry handle provides easy portability around the home or office
Recommended Product No. 6
1,304 Reviews
De'Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator - White
  • 500w heat output
  • Adjustable room thermostat
  • Anti-frost protection

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