How to choose the best food processor for your kitchen

The food processor is a modern appliance designed to automate various tasks in the kitchen to make your life easier. A modern kitchen must necessarily be equipped with such equipment!

The best food processorThe food processor can perform various operations such as cutting, chopping, slicing, stamping, chopping or squeezing. Functions and equipment vary widely depending on the manufacturer or model.

Buying a food processor can be a fairly expensive investment, for which you have to pay attention to the details that can make a difference.

How to choose the best food processor

The answer is simple: choose it according to its purpose and the needs you have.

In the following sections you can read some recommendations regarding the main criteria in choosing the best food processor.

Energy consumption

As I said, the food processor is an important investment, so pay attention to the energy class of the appliance that you want to buy. It is important that it consumes little energy to avoid any trouble when the electricity bill arrives.

When calculating the energy consumption of a device, consider not only the power itself. Keep in mind that a larger-size kitchen robot will finish his job much faster than a less powerful one. So it will consume electric current for a shorter period of time.

Noise level

The number of decibels produced by the appliance during operation is also an important criterion when choosing the kitchen robot.

We all know how unpleasant it is a noisy environment. Depending on the budget available, choose a kitchen robot with a low noise level.
My recommendation would be that the number of decibels does not exceed 80.

Safety systems

The safety systems that a food processor incorporates are very important, especially if you have small children.

Search to buy a device that includes as many safety systems as possible. The locking system is essential, so you will protect yourself in moments of fatigue or inattention, but also the little ones in the moments of curiosity.

Multi-functionality of a food processor

The food processor is itself a multi-functional appliance, but, as I said in the introduction, the functions that these do vary from model to model.

Multifunctional food processor for your kitchenMincing and chopping is an important task in the kitchen that can be easily accomplished by most food processors.

Depending on the power of the appliance and the construction material of its blades, it can process various soft foods such as fruits or vegetables, as well as stronger foods such as nuts or chocolate.

If the mincing and chopping are tasks that you will frequently perform, choose a stronger Food Processor. It has a power of over 700 watts and accessories to cut quickly and efficiently.

The meat is chopped smoothly with the proper food processor. This way you can easily chop the meat at home for your meat sauce. The kitchen robot will also prove to be very useful during holidays when cooking food such as home-made sausages or drums.

If the main task you chose to do is mince up the meat, then choose a food processor with the highest power. Generally, their maximum power reaches a maximum of 1000 watts.

A food processor will very well perform the tasks of a blender. It is able to make delicious dishes such as soups, various kinds of pickles or even home-made ice cream.

If you are accustomed to making cakes frequently, you should say that there are food processors that help you in this. A fully-equipped vase and baler will knead the dough for you by getting rid of one of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen.

The disadvantage of a food processor that is capable of kneading the dough is that it generally has a higher price, but the investment is worth doing.

Price and manufacturer

The price of a product in general, most of the times, is proportional to product quality. This is the case with food processors, but not always!

Generally, the price for such appliances starts at a cost of 30-40 pounds and can exceed the amount of a few hundred pounds.

Carefully weight out if the price of the product is the right one depending on brand and functionality.

A food processor produced by a world-renowned company will always have a higher price but also a better quality.

Take into account the criteria listed above, weigh them carefully and make the right purchase for you!

Recommended food processors

We chose for you some recommended products that offer multiple functions, satisfying power and quality.

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