How to Choose the Best Pedestal Stand Fan

How do you choose the best pedestal stand fan? What features and characteristics should the fan fit to your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The Best Pedestal Stand FanThe hot summer days are still a cause for concern, and the fact of enjoying a normal indoor temperature is an aspect that can greatly influence your work, and also the quality of life.

It’s natural to want to fight as much as possible against any form of thermal discomfort, and yet an effective method to cool the room in the summer is to use a fan.

The pedestal stand fan is one of the most convenient and handy ways to get the desired temperature in the space where you operate.

So find out how you choose the best pedestal stand fan.

Top 3 Recommended Best Pedestal Stand Fans

Why Choose the Best Pedestal Stand Fan?

While there are already more or less efficient fan types on the market you can choose from, the pedestal stand fan remains one of the most recommended variants.

Being a particularly practical model, it always has a reasonable cost, even if it is equipped with performance features. Technological advances in recent years have succeeded in raising the usual pedestal stand fan to a level that makes it stand out through performance and efficiency.

This, along with other advantages such as: easy installation, takes up little space, easy maintenance, extensive setup possibilities, recommends it as the ideal room fan.

How to Choose the Best Pedestal Stand Fan

But the market offer is quite extensive, and it might be quite difficult to really choose a variant that is good enough for your home.

Considering that you want to make the most of such a device for several summers in a row, it is advisable to weigh all the decision-making criterion.

In order to find the best value for money currently available on the market, we advise you to make an informed decision.

Choosing the best pedestal stand fan depends largely on the extent to which you have the necessary information on the criteria for the ideal pedestal stand fan needs to meet.

The fastest way to learn all this information is by consulting a shopping guide like this one.

Coming to meet your needs, we prepared this article, assuring you that at the end you will be able to make the best choice in a very short time.

So, to choose the best pedestal stand fan, take into account the following important information.

The Operating Principle

Being the most popular and well-known models on the market, pedestal stand fans have one of the simplest operating principles.

Height adjustment pedestal stand fanThe entire device is basically made up of protected propellers that are activated by an engine that can be of high or moderate power. All this construction is located on an adjustable rod that allows the air to be propelled efficiently throughout the room.

The propeller will rotate at set or oscillating frequencies according to user preferences, with the possibility of adjusting the rotation speed at any time so that the cold air can be propelled with greater power.

Also, the actual fan can rotate to cover a large radius in the room and the make sure that air is not distributed only in one direction.

This operating principle makes the pedestal stand fan a perfect choice for small spaces with the ability to purchase such a device at a reasonable price.

Power and Energy Consumption

The power of a fan is dictated by the flow of air propelled over a period of time. This way, you can understand the output a fan can deliver by comparing the room volume to the volume of ventilated air.

The unit of measurement is cubic meters per minute or hour, but most often you will find the air flow rate expressed in mc / min.

For indoor fans, the values ​​between 120-130 mc / min are good enough to indicate a satisfactory air propelling force.

Since pedestal stand fans are mostly used in enclosed spaces, the values ​​above should indicate a good fan.

As for energy consumption, it is important to choose models with a higher energy class. More definitely, the pedestal stand fan will be in operation for many hours, which means it will inevitably consume electricity.

In order for the consumption level to be as low as your electricity bills do not suffer too much, you need to focus on a ventilator belonging to the energy class A or A +, or with several stars. Unlike a model with a C or D energy class, they deliver lower 40% consumption.

They also tend to have a much longer runtime, which means you can enjoy the investment for several summers in a row.

Materials and Protection

A pedestal stand fan made of quality materials will serve you for a long time. Pay great attention to the material from which the propeller is made, as well as the fan leg.

The heavier the material of the propeller will be, the greater the flow of air. Typically, a hard plastic is a good enough material for this component.

The fan leg must be stable enough not to become unbalanced at the time of temperature changes or when the fan head changes its direction.

Look for a fan made of sturdy materials and preferably heavier, even if it costs a little more.

Another aspect that you must check for is the presence of the metal grid around the propeller on both sides.

Make sure that it is very secure so that neither you nor the family members, especially the young ones, can get injured by the spirals.

Angle of Rotation and Inclination

Oscillating pedestal stand fanThe angle of rotation and tilt will determine the extent to which you can enjoy the desired airflow in a room. The higher the angle, the greater the efficiency with which the room air will be replaced.

Most models in the market offer a 90 degree tilt angle, while more modern models even have a 360 degree angle.

Also, the best pedestal stand fan will be equipped with the auto-turning function, which will allow it to automatically turn left and right to scatter the airflow throughout the room.

Dimensions and Weight

Another aspect that you should be concerned about is the weight of the pedestal stand fan. This must be large enough to ensure its stability, but not so large that the fan can not be moved easily.

Not being a fixed fan model, you will most likely want to use it in different rooms in your home. In order to move it easily, check the weight to be reasonably to allow for easy fan movement.

As for dimensions, foot size is in most cases adjustable, which means that you can adjust the height of the fan so that it transmits the airflow to your preferred level.

The dimensions of the propellers must also be checked. To enjoy an efficient airflow, their size should exceed 40 cm.

Noise Level

As usual, you’ll be looking for a model to make the least noise, especially if you work in the room where you use the fan. However, models that have a low noise level are always more expensive.

Fortunately, however, the lightest models available on the market at this time are quietly silent so you do not need to get alarm signals. Manufacturers have begun to make fans quieter and quieter.

This way, you will be able to use a modern pedestal stand fan even in the bedroom or in the child’s room without causing a discomfort of sound.

What Functions Should Have The Best Foot Fan?

  •  The remote control function – some fans give you the ability to operate remotely to activate certain settings. This is possible thanks to a remote control. While it can be a very practical function, it is good to keep in mind that such fans cost a little more.
  • Multiple Speeds – It is especially important for the fan to give you the ability to determine the speed of air centrifugation. This will greatly influence the performance of your device. It also gives you the ability to adapt the fan’s operation to your own preferences, especially if you are sensitive to speed oscillations or higher speeds.
  • Auto-turn – a function that makes the fan move to one side and the other to distribute the air throughout the room.
  • Oscillating speeds – A special function of alternating gears to ensure a more natural flow of air in the room.
  • Dehumidification – Provides optimum humidity in the air to maximize the feeling of room comfort.
  • Automatic Restart – Provides automatic power-up of the device in the event of a power cut due to a power failure.
  • The LCD display – present with the latest models – is able to show you room temperature or humidity data.
  • Motion sensors – the best models will automatically turn on when someone is in the room, and they will automatically shut down when they no longer detect movement, saving electricity.

Price and Warranty

You have now learned all the information you need to choose the best pedestal stand fan.

You still need to pay attention to just a few aspects that are easy to follow. Always choose a fan of a well-established brand because you will avoid the risk of an unhappy news.

Also, the best prices you will find online. If you decide to order an online fan, make sure to check the opinions of other users expressed in the review section below the description of any product.

Another indication of quality is the warranty period. A warranty of at least 2 years indicates a quality product. Moreover, even if it shows malfunctions, you will not be the one who will have to cover the repair price.

Recommended Best Pedestal Stand Fans

Taking into account the above tips, analysing buyers’ opinions and existing offerings, we recommend some pedestal stand fan models that offer excellent value for money.

SaleRecommended Product No. 1
SaleRecommended Product No. 2
SaleRecommended Product No. 3
1ABOVE Heavy Duty 5 Blade Pedestal Stand Fan, 140cm Adjustable Height, 3 Speed Setting, Heavy Round...
748 Reviews
1ABOVE Heavy Duty 5 Blade Pedestal Stand Fan, 140cm Adjustable Height, 3 Speed Setting, Heavy Round...
  • 16" HEAVY-DUTY PEDESTAL STAND FAN Capable of cooling larger rooms in no time with left-right Oscillation function for greater area coverage.
  • 5 AERODYNAMIC ABS BLADES: Captures more air in a single turn than the standard 3-4 blades fan. Generates cooler air than ever before with its 3 Speed controlled powerful airflow, keeping you cool during a heat wave.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Only 45W POWER CONSUMPTION, perfect for non-stop summer operations without the worry of running up expensive bills - CE Approved.
Recommended Product No. 4
Belaco Stand Fan Pedestal fan 16" Oscillating free stand fan Floor fan adjustable height Black &...
  • 【POWERFUL】The 16” stand floor fan has 40W of power this means it is perfect for offices, rooms, and conservatory etc, which it would get hot and stuffy. This fan will have you, your family or you staff feeling cool within a matter of minutes. This fan has oscillating function, it can oscillate 85 Degree left & right and 30 Degree up & down tilt adjustable.
  • 【STRONG RESISTANT FEET】The fan comes equipped with cross base which will allow the fan stay steady and secure on any flat surface.
  • 【SPECIFICATION 】This fan comes with 40w, Voltage of this fan is 220v-240v with frequency 50-60Hz. Airflow is 2750M3/H with 3 variable speed RPM 1150/1250/1350. It has 1.8-meter-long power cord with 3 pin British plug. Safety Features: It has High Protective mesh grill with clip.
SaleRecommended Product No. 5
Knight 16" Pedestal Stand Fan with Rotary Knob | Round Base | 140cm Adjustable Height | 3-Speed...
  • Robust 5 Blade Design: Experience powerful airflow with the fan's heavy-duty 5 blade construction, ensuring efficient cooling even in large spaces.
  • Adjustable Height up to 140cm: Tailor the fan's height to your needs for optimal air circulation, accommodating various room configurations and seating arrangements.
  • Versatile 3-Speed Settings: Choose from three speed settings (low, medium, high) to achieve your desired level of cooling comfort with ease.
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
ACCURATE Heavy Duty 5 Blade Pedestal Stand Fan, 140cm Adjustable Height, 3 Speed Setting, Heavy...
  • 16" HEAVY-DUTY PEDESTAL STAND FAN Capable of cooling larger rooms in no time with left-right Oscillation function for greater area coverage.
  • 5 AERODYNAMIC ABS BLADES: Captures more air in a single turn than the standard 3-4 blades fan. Generates cooler air than ever before with its 3 Speed controlled powerful airflow, keeping you cool during a heat wave.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Only 45W POWER CONSUMPTION, perfect for non-stop summer operations without the worry of running up expensive bills - CE Approved.
SaleRecommended Product No. 7
Sohler Black Electric Remote Controlled 16" Standing Pedestal Stand Fan Adjustable Oscillating...
  • 16'' Stand Fan with Remote control. Mesh grill: 420mm
  • 3 PP blades, 3 speeds, Power cord: 2 x 0.5mm2 x 1.5m, Cross base: 620mm
  • 1.25m height, PP switch panel, 7.5 hours timer
SaleRecommended Product No. 8
Signature S40011 Portable 16 Inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan with Adjustable Tilt Angle and Height, 3...
  • Smooth operation with 3 speed settings, low-medium-high
  • 90 degree oscillation or fixed cold air blow function
  • Adjustable tilt - 9 degree downward and 20 degree upward

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