How to Choose the Best Built-In Fridge for Your Home

How do you choose the best built-in refrigerator in 2024? Which functions and features should the built-in refrigerator have to fit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The Best Built-In FridgeWhen we think about appliances that should not be missing in any kitchen, perhaps the first device that comes to mind is the refrigerator. Absolutely necessary for preserving food and preparations, the refrigerator is the appliance that will probably occupy a lot of space in a kitchen.

If you do not have much space in the kitchen, the option of the built-in refrigerator might be the best for you. Easily embedded in a body of furniture, the built-in fridge offers a modern and luxurious look to any kitchen.

To learn how to choose the best built-in refrigerator, we invite you to read this article further.

Top 3 Recommended Best Built-In Fridges

Why Choose the Best Built-In Refrigerator?

Space has become more and more precious. Especially in the kitchen you need all the space you can save, so you can move freely.

Cooking is quite a demanding activity, so more and more people choose to purchase built-in appliances, saving a lot of space. So not only can you cook, but you can also enjoy the food in a perfect space and atmosphere.

How to Choose the Best Built-In Fridge

Choosing a built-in refrigerator is not the easiest task. Even if you were to buy a standalone fridge, it would not be easy. You need to consider several factors.

What is the ideal size? What features should it have? Is it just a simple fridge or do you need a freezer-refrigerator combo? All these criteria are the ones that will dictate your decision. But to use them as a landmark, it’s important to know what you really are following.

And since a built in refrigerator is not the cheapest device, you can not afford to make an uninformed purchase. To get better prepared for a possible purchase, we recommend that you check out our shopping guide.

We anticipated your needs and compiled this guide that includes all the information you need to be able to choose the best built-in refrigerator. At the end of this article, you will be able to identify the best value for money on the market.

That is why we urge you to pay close attention to the following important issues.

Type of Built-In Refrigerator

Integrated Built-In RefrigeratorHere you need to pay a little attention to terminology. Generally, we call “refrigerator” any appliance designed to keep food at an optimum temperature. When you want to buy a refrigerator it is important to be careful about what it really is and pay great attention to the product description.

Most products called “refrigerator” refer to the simple cold storage device. If you are looking for a product that incorporates a freezer, pay attention to product photos.

It also looks at the name “fridge freezer combination” because it calls a refrigerator that is also equipped with a freezer.

If you already own one of the pieces, then you will need to purchase only a separate refrigerator or freezer. You can find built-in variants on both products that you can successfully place in your kitchen.

Dimensions of the Built-In Fridge

We have to say that a built-in refrigerator looks and works just like a classic one. What distinguishes it, however, is the dimensions.

You will be interested in its width and storage capacity. The width of a built-in refrigerator must not exceed 54 cm. Any device with a larger width is already in the category of stand-alone appliances. So learn to differentiate them from this point of view.

The next criterion you need to check is storage capacity. This may be low, medium or extended. You will choose the right one according to the number of family members, because more people mean even more food to be stored.

If you have up to three people in your home, a refrigerator with a small or medium storage capacity is more than enough. This way you can fit between 100 and 150 liters for a simple refrigerator, a maximum of 100 liters for a freezer, and in the case of a refrigerator a capacity of 200-250 liters is more than enough.

A larger volume will be needed if more than three people live in the dwelling. Then you have to choose a 200-liter refrigerator, a 150 liter freezer, and the refrigerator will have a capacity of 300 liters.

If you find more fridge offerings that have a higher capacity, they are most likely for industrial use.

Energy Class

Regardless of the type of refrigerator, all will consume an amount of electricity, which can be quite big on your bills. To avoid paying much on the electricity bill, always choose new models or models that are part of a higher energy class.

The advice of specialists is never to choose a lower energy class than B. However, we recommend that you buy a built-in fridge that has at least energy class A, if not A+, A++ or A+++.

Of course, the higher the energy class, the more expensive the device. However, the investment will be justified over time by the considerable savings that you will be able to make.

Which Features and Accessories Should Have the Best Built-in Refrigerator?

No Frost – This is a built-in ventilation system that helps you avoid ice formation on food. So it will not be necessary to thaw the refrigerator, a process that can be quite cumbersome both from the perspective of dedicated time and the fact that a lot of disorder will be produced. Models that have this function tend to be a little more expensive.

Fast Cooling and Fast Freezing – Both functions increase the power of the refrigerator or freezer to freeze or freeze food. This will keep them fresh longer. Turns on a switch when you bring new food to the refrigerator.

Thermostat – no matter what product you choose, at present each appliance is equipped with a thermostat. Also, each thermostat will be equipped with a control panel that lets you easily access your settings.

Built In Integrated Refrigerator Freezer CombinationAntibacterial Door Seal – is an ideal function when you prefer to sanitize the refrigerator less frequently and when you want to make sure that food is always kept in optimum hygiene conditions. This lining will prevent the penetration of bacteria into the refrigerator, and will stop the development of microbes and bacteria in the refrigerator.

High Qaulity Shelves – usually three in the refrigerator, are useful for storing food as much as possible. The racks on the appliance door are also very useful. Some have a special area for storing eggs and bottles.

Transparent Compartments – Both the refrigerator and the freezer must be fitted with transparent compartments. In the case of refrigerators, they are often intended for the storage of vegetables and fruits. Being transparent helps you better understand what their content is. This way you will not forget the food in the refrigerator until it gets damaged.

Ice Tray – Some models also include ice trays that allow you to make ice cubes, or freeze in different ice cubes.

Alarm System – the best built-in refrigerators are equipped with an alarm system. This will alert you if you have left the refrigerator door open, or if the refrigerator temperature is too high or too low.

Cold Water Dispenser – More costly models are fitted on the door with a device that allows you to have cold water at your discretion. This feature proves to be very practical during the hot summer days.


As always, we recommend that you choose to buy such a product from an established brand. Do not think that you will buy something more expensive, focus on the fact that your investment will prove it’s worth over time.

Brands that have a good reputation in producing these products are careful not to disappoint their customers, their reputation being very sensitive. That’s why, by buying from them you have the greatest chance of enjoying a refrigerator even for decades.

To make your choice easier, we recommend the following companies: Bosch, Electrolux, Whirpool, Beko, Hansa, Teka or Zanussi.

We also recommend buying online. Not only will you find the best prices and deals, but you can consult in the shortest time and in the comfort of your home more options anytime you want.

Do not forget to always check the opinions of other users who are easy to find online. This will allow you to make a complete and realistic picture of a product, and you will be able to better discern whether or not the investment is worth it.

Now that you have all this information, we are sure you are ready to choose the best built-in refrigerator.

The Best Built-In Fridge: Recommended Products

Taking into account the above tips, looking at buyers’ opinions and existing offers, we still recommend some models of built-in refrigerators / freezers that offer excellent value for money.

SaleRecommended Product No. 1
SIA RFI104 70/30 Split Built In Integrated 260L Fridge Freezer With Sliding Fittings
35 Reviews
SIA RFI104 70/30 Split Built In Integrated 260L Fridge Freezer With Sliding Fittings
  • 2 Years Parts & Labour Guarantee
  • Sliding Fittings Included
  • Metal Backed for Optimum Safety
SaleRecommended Product No. 2
AMZRFI105 50/50 Split Built In Integrated 240L Fridge Freezer With Sliding Fittings
78 Reviews
AMZRFI105 50/50 Split Built In Integrated 240L Fridge Freezer With Sliding Fittings
  • Sliding Fittings Included
  • Metal Backed for Optimum Safety
  • Reversible Door
Recommended Product No. 3
Cookology CBIFF70302 70/30 Integrated Built In Fridge Freezer Refrigerator, Frost Free with...
23 Reviews
Cookology CBIFF70302 70/30 Integrated Built In Fridge Freezer Refrigerator, Frost Free with...
  • If you're after that built-in look in your kitchen and your family eats more fresh than frozen food, this 70-30 split model could be just the ticket. Developed by Cookology, this frost fridge freezer comes with innovative fitting features that make it easier to install and fit your own cupboard doors on the front plus you get a metal back as opposed to plastic or foil.
  • Integrated Appliances like this Fridge Freezer are incredibly popular as once you fit your own cupboard door to the front, they stay hidden, giving your kitchen that "integrated" look.
  • Integrated appliances, like this Fridge Freezer, fit standardised kitchen cavities and perhaps best of all, if you are tired of the way your kitchen looks, you simply change or paint your cupboard doors instead of replacing all your white goods, giving your kitchen a completely new look and feel.
Recommended Product No. 4
Hisense RIB291F4AWF Built in Fridge Freezer, White, 233 liters
53 Reviews
Hisense RIB291F4AWF Built in Fridge Freezer, White, 233 liters
  • Frost Free, LED light, Electronic control, Reversible Hinge, Adjustable feet
  • Item height: 1772.0 millimeters
  • Included components: refrigerator body
SaleRecommended Product No. 5
SIA RFF102 50/50 Integrated White Built In Frost Free Fridge Freezer
45 Reviews
SIA RFF102 50/50 Integrated White Built In Frost Free Fridge Freezer
  • 2 Years Parts & Labour Guarantee
  • Includes Sliding Fittings
  • Frost Free

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