How to Choose the Best Hair Curling Wand – Ultimate UK Shopping Guide

How do you choose the best hair curling wand? What properties and features should the best hair curling wand have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

How to choose the best hair curling wandSeeking those salon-like curls that never fail to make heads turn? You’ve just landed in the right place.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on choosing the best hair curling wand, specially designed for the discerning UK consumer.

This guide intends to navigate you through the winding lanes of curling wands, ensuring you find the best tool for your unique hair type and styling needs.

Because, no two heads of hair are the same and certainly, nor should their styling tools be!

Whether you’re longing for large loose waves, tight ringlets, or something in between, a high-quality curling wand is an investment worth making. And with plenty of options flooding the UK market, it might just seem overwhelming at first, but fret not!

We promise you, by the end of this guide, you’ll be on your way to creating those perfect curls in a flash. So, let’s dive right in!

Recommended Top Hair Curling Wands 2024

Considering the guidance provided, coupled with buyer feedback and the options on the market, we suggest these models of Hair Curling Wands as top choices for cost-effectiveness.

Recommended Product No. 1
Hair Curling Wand, 13-25MM Tapered Curling Iron, Professional Ceramic Hair Curler Wand with...
  • 【Tapered Wand Curling Iron】Conical barrel tapers from 13MM to 25MM for looser to tighter curls. Style instantly with no clamp, simply wrap, no stress and creases. JAETON hair wand helps to instantly create bouncy curl or loose curls
  • 【Ceramic Wand Hair Curling Wands】JAETON hair curling iron is made of professional ceramic tourmaline, helps you quickly create a smooth and shiny hairstyle with less frizz. With heating PTC tech, the barrel can instant heat up in 60s, save your time in a rush morning
  • 【Easy to Use】Fixed temperature setting, turn on the switch to automatically heat up to 210°C, very easy to use. Suit for long, short and all types of hair. Besides, it provides uniform heat for fast styling, reduce hair damage, make your hair natural to reach salon results
Recommended Product No. 2
BaByliss Ceramic Curling Wand Pro, Flawless curls, 13 - 25 mm conical barrel, wrap control, variable...
  • Versatile wand for natural looking curls that last
  • Easy to use conical 25-13mm barrel, simply wrap and curl
  • Non-slip Wrap Control gently holds the hair around the barrel for perfect curl formation. Ceramic barrel infused with Macadamia and Camellia oils
SaleRecommended Product No. 3
TRESemme 28mm Ceramic Waving Wand, ceramic, hair curling wand, Loose Waves
  • 28mm ceramic coated barrel for effortless loose waves
  • 160mm longer-length barrel makes this ideal for styling long hair
  • 3 heat settings: 170°C, 185°C, 200°C
Recommended Product No. 4
Curling Wand Iron 5 in 1, Curling Tongs Curling Iron with PTC Ceramic Barrels, 5 Pcs Interchangeable...
  • 【5 in 1 Curling Iron】The curling iron has five interchangeable ceramic curling irons, 25mm 3-barrel curling irons can create neat waves, 32mm curling irons and 3-barrel curling irons can create neat waves. 25mm gourd tube are suitable for natural curly hair and loose wavy hair, 10mm and 9-18mm curling irons are suitable for small wavy hair, allowing you to easily create different styles at home.
  • 【Premium Material & Fast Heating】Our curling iron set adopts advanced PTC heating technology, which can heat up quickly in 30 seconds, ceramic material allows smooth operation without pulling hair, which can minimize frizz and static electricity, helps you quickly create shiny hair.
  • 【Safe and Easy to Use】 First open the handle, align the two protruding points on the side of the curling tube with the insertion handle (large space, small space) and finally lock it. Choose a temperature, wrap your hair around the barrel, wait 8-10 seconds, then release. The curling iron has an anti-scald stand and heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands from burns.
Recommended Product No. 5
Bauer 38860 Slimline Curling Wand/TourmaPro Styler/Curls for All Hair Types/Ultra Slim 9mm Barrel /...
  • PRO STYLE CURLING WAND – This TourmaPro Styler is a salon quality curling iron that delivers professional looking hair styles for all hair types, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • TOURMALINE COATING – This pro curling wand features a tourmaline coating that not only helps prevent burnt hairs and split ends, but also ensures reduced frizz and static hairs once your hair has been styled.
  • HEATS TO 200° – This hair curling wand features an ultra-slim 9mm barrel that will heat up to 200° in under 60 seconds, and features an additional cool tip which will allow you to hold the device and get the perfect tight and bouncy curls every time.
Recommended Product No. 6
Curling Wand 3 in 1 Mermaid Hair Curler Ceramic Curling Tongs Iron Set for Long Thick Thin Hair...
  • 【Get Fashionable Hairstyles】:3 in 1 curling wand set contain 3 interchangeable ceramic barrels, large curling wand 32mm for natural and loose waves, 9-18mm conical curling iron create spiral curly hair, 13mm hair curler for tiny and tight curls. No need to go to the salon,enjoy the different gorgeous hairstyles at home.
  • 【Controllable Temperature】:"I" is the first gear temp and good for fine soft hair, "II" curling wand is suitable for natural or long thick hair. For the first time using it, please select the first temperature. After you become proficient in the operation, choose the temp according to your hair type to curl hair.
  • 【Ceramic Coating for Fast Heating】:The tube of curling tongs is not designed with clamp ,and is made of high quality ceramic tourmaline material, with built-in PTC heating technology, can quickly heat up within 45s. Help to lock hair moisture and reduce damage to hair, keep hair smooth and shiny.
Recommended Product No. 8
LXMTOU Curling Wand 25mm Ceramic Hair Curler Wand for Short to Long Hair Professional Styler 1 Inch...
  • 【25mm Curling wand】Designed to create loose, silky, classic curls and waves. Clampless curling puts less stress on hair, and curls look more beautiful with no kinks or creases. Suitable for short hair, medium length hair and long hair.
  • 【Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand & No Damage Hair】Our curler wand use tourmaline ceramic coating, which allows your hair to glide smoothly, less frizz and boosts shine . The even and stable heat distribution protects your hair no damage.
  • 【100°C-230°C Temperature Adjustable & LCD Screen】The setting temperature of the hair curling wand can be set between 100°C and 230°C according to your hair type. 100°C-150°C is suitable for soft & thin hair, 160°C-190°C is suitable for normal or naturaly hair, and 200°C-230°C is suitable for thick/coarse hair.

Understanding the Basics of Hair Curling Wands

So, you’re keen to dive into the world of hair curling wands but aren’t quite sure where to start? Perfectly understandable, as the options can feel dizzying. Don’t fret, because we are here to guide you through every aspect of this fabulous tool.

Hair curling wand for long hairTo begin with, a hair curling wand, often referred to as a curling tong, is primarily used to add waves or curls to your hair. Essentially, it’s a heated cylinder that you wrap sections of your hair around to create the desired effect.

All curling wands heat up because, let’s face it, heat is a crucial element when styling hair. However, the range of temperatures available can vary greatly. A lower temperature is gentler on your hair, while a higher temperature offers more efficient styling but at the potential cost of more damage to your hair. Your decision on temperature should be based predominantly on your hair type and its heat tolerance.

You’ll also notice that curling wands come in varying sizes. The wand’s diameter affects the curl size; smaller barrels produce tight curls, while large barrels create loose waves. It’s always wise to consider the type of curl you yearn for before purchasing a curling wand.

Finally, the material of the wand is a vital consideration. The most common materials include ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. Each one has its unique properties and benefits, so it’s worth researching a bit. For instance, ceramic provides even heating, while tourmaline is great for protecting hair from heat damage. Then there’s titanium, which heats up fast.

In short, when choosing the best hair curling wand, you need to consider factors such as the temperature range, wand size, and material. Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s look at some specific models on the British market that might suit your needs.

Types of Hair Curling Wands: A Comprehensive Overview

Understanding different types of hair curling wands provides you with a massive advantage when trying to pick the best one for your needs. The choice can often feel overwhelming with such a wide array of options available on the British market. You see, not every wand is created equal and will consequently deliver different results. Let’s dive into the popular types out there.

Ceramic Curling Wands

Ceramic curling wands are quite common and one of the first choices for many people. They’re known for excellent, even heat distribution and a feature often seen is the provision of negative ions, which work to lock in hair’s natural moisture and eliminate frizz. This is a good choice if you’re looking for a versatile, everyday styling tool.

Titanium Curling Wands

If you’re after a curling wand that heats up quickly and can handle high temperatures, a titanium curling wand could be the perfect match. Whilst not recommended for those with fine hair due to the high heat potential, it’s an excellent option for those with thick and difficult-to-curl hair.

Tourmaline Curling Wands

‘Healthier’ hair styling is the key selling point with a tourmaline curling wand. This type is designed to produce a lot of negative ions (even more than ceramic), which results in less hair damage from the heat. It’s the perfect choice for those worried about causing unnecessary harm to their hair.

Double/Triple Barrel Curling Wands

For those that desire a more dramatic look, double or triple barrel curling wands might be the pick for you. These wands produce deep, defined waves rather than traditional tight curls so if you’re after a beachy, boho look, start here.

Spiral/Ribbon Curling Wands

The perfect curls don’t have to be a salon-exclusive experience. Spiral or ribbon curling wands are designed with a twisted barrel which acts as a guide, helping to create those perfect ringlets from the comfort of your home.

Remember, no one type is inherently better than another; it truly comes down to what your personal needs, budget, and hair type are. Take the time to understand these differences, and the best hair curling wand for you will become evident.

Shopping Guide: Choosing the Perfect Curling Wand

Before setting out on your shopping adventure to find the perfect curling wand, it’s essential to consider some key aspects. Let’s explore some of the factors to keep in mind while making your decision.

Look at the Heat Settings

When embarking on your search for the perfect curling wand, one of the key elements to carefully scrutinise is the range of heat settings on the table.

Hair curling wand heat settings for the best temperatureDifferent hair types and desired styles necessitate varying levels of heat, and a wand boasting a good range will equip you with the control you need to achieve optimum results. It’s all about finding that perfect balance – enough heat to shape and hold the curl, but not so scorching that it risks damaging your precious locks.

For those amongst us with thin or fine hair, a curling wand with lower heat settings is generally more favourable. Hair of this type is more prone to heat damage, and a scorching wand could potentially lead to brittle, dry locks. But fear not, a lower heat doesn’t mean less impressive curls. It’s simply about styling sustainably and keeping your hair’s overall health in mind.

On the other hand, those with thicker, coarser hair might need to crank up the heat a bit. Such hairs tend to be more resistant to shaping, and a hotter wand can provide the necessary oomph to mould those stubborn locks into gravity-defying curls. The key thing is to take things slow, gradually increasing the heat setting until you find that sweet spot. But keep in mind, extreme heat over a prolonged period can still cause damage. Use heat protection products to shield your hair and maintain those luscious locks.

In a nutshell, a versatile curling wand is akin to a wardrobe brimming with options – there’s something for every day, every style, and every hair type. Make sure to factor in variable temperature settings while choosing your ideal hair curling wand in the British market. It’s a feature that offers a customisable approach to styling, making sure every day is a good hair day for you, no compromises!

Size Matters

The barrel size of your curling wand determines the style and definition of your curls. Larger barrels, around 2 inches in diameter, will give you those soft, flowing waves that look effortlessly natural. If you’re wanting to add some volume to your hair or accomplish an easy breezy beach look, then this would be the ideal choice for you. These barrels tend to work best with longer hair as there is more hair to wrap around the wand without overlapping.

Conversely, smaller barrel curling wands that are around 1 inch or less in diameter are designed to create more defined and tighter curls. These are the perfect tool if you’re desiring spirals, corkscrews or some ringlets. You could even mix in some larger curls with this size, in order to achieve a more dynamic, textured hairstyle. It’s also worth noting that smaller barrel curling wands typically work great with shorter hair, as each curl will be more prominent.

Keep in mind what look you want to achieve when selecting a curling wand, as the size really does matter. From boho waves to classy ringlets, your choice of barrel size will help you create that perfect hairstyle time after time. Don’t forget that this is not a one-size-fits-all scenario; you can always experiment with different sized barrels to see what works best for your hair type and length. So, embrace the wave, master the curl, and choose a curling wand size that suits your style.

Think about Your Hair Length and Type

Your hair length and type are critical considerations to make when selecting the ideal hair curling wand. You should understand that the right tool will vary depending on these characteristics. Thus, always pay close attention to your hair’s unique traits before diving into the seemingly endless sea of curling wands available in the market.

Easy to use hair curling wandFor those with shorter locks, the perfect partner would usually be a curling wand with a small to medium-sized barrel. With its reduced circumference, this barrel size enables you to easily wrap shorter strands around the wand. Moreover, the resulting curls will exhibit the right balance between tightness and volume, providing you with a beautiful, bouncy mane.

Conversely, if you are blessed with lengthy tresses, your ideal match would typically be a curling wand featuring larger barrels. This barrel size can accommodate the length of your hair, helping you achieve voluptuous and relaxed waves that frame your face elegantly.

But what about the stubborn locks that resist any attempts at curling, or the damaged strands that fear the threat of heat? Well, fret not. We recommend turning your attention towards tourmaline or ceramic curling wands. Owing to their advanced technologies, these types of wands emit gentler heat, which is less likely to worsen hair damage. Furthermore, they are renowned for their impressive ionizing capabilities; they can neutralize positive ions, which, in turn, helps smoothen your hair, tame frizz, and yield longer-lasting curls. Therefore, for sensitive or damaged hair, these could serve as your saviours.

In conclusion, when choosing your perfect curling wand, always make your decisions based on your specific hair type and length. It’s not a “one size fits all” affair. Remember: finding the optimal curling wand tailored to your hair’s distinctive nature is the key to consistently achieving stunning, jaw-dropping curls.

Consider Additional Features

Lastly, let’s take a look at those additional aspects that might not make it to the forefront of your shopping list, although, in reality, they can significantly contribute to your overall curling experience. By “bonus features”, we mean those elements that might not directly relate to the curling wand’s primary function but make the tool all the more satisfying and safer to use.

For instance, a curling wand with an automatic shut-off feature can be a real lifesaver, quite literally. Imagine you’ve left home in a rush and suddenly remember leaving your wand unattended. There’s no need to panic with an auto-shut feature! It ensures the tool switches off after a certain amount of idle time, reducing any risk of accidents. It is an especially crucial feature for those of us with a busy lifestyle or those prone to forgetfulness.

A curling wand equipped with a swivel cord may seem like a small perk, but do not underestimate its convenience. A longer, rotating cord allows for more mobility and ease when styling, enabling you to reach all sections of your hair without the irritation of a fixed or short cable. It becomes particularly helpful if your mirror isn’t near a socket, or you enjoy the freedom to move around while curling your locks.

Lastly, travelling beauties should keep an eye out for dual voltage wands. Irrespective of where in the world you might be, a dual voltage curling wand allows you to create your gorgeous waves or curls without worrying about voltage compatibility issues. It’s a simple feature, but it can save you from lugging around a load of adapters or running into disappointing mishaps on your getaways.

In summary, extra features often add an element of safety, convenience, or adaptability to your curling wand that can enhance your hair-styling routine. So, when you’re out shopping for the perfect curling wand, remember to take these aspects into account. It’s the finer details that take a tool from good to outstanding.

Choosing the Best Curling Wand for Long Hair: Top Picks and Reviews

Let’s dive deeper into picking the best curling wand for long hair. Selecting a curling wand for long hair is not as straightforward as choosing any high-wattage curling iron. You need to consider different aspects, including the barrel size, material, and heat settings, to ensure that your curls hold and that you aren’t damaging your hair in the process.

Opt for Larger Barrels

Long hair typically requires a curling wand with a larger barrel. Choosing a wand with a barrel size ranging from 1.25 inches to 1.5 inches is perfect for shaping soft and loose curls for longer hair. Such a wand will ensure that the curls flow seamlessly from your roots to the ends, providing a natural and sophisticated look.

Material Considerations

Given the length of long hair, you are at a higher risk of hair damage from heat. It is recommended that you use a tourmaline or a ceramic curling wand. These materials distribute heat evenly, reducing the chances of hot spots that can lead to hair damage. Moreover, they release negative ions that lock in moisture, making your hair shiny and healthy.

Proper Heat Settings for Long Hair

Pay heed to the heat settings on your curling wand. For long hair, avoid going too high as it can cause hair damage. A curling wand that can reach between 300-340 degrees Fahrenheit should be suitable for long hair. Curling wands that come with adjustable temperature settings can be quite handy, allowing you to tailor the heat level to your specific hair needs.

Top Picks for Long Hair

One of the firm favourites in the market is the Babyliss Curling Wand Pro. This product is especially suited for long hair due to its long barrel and wide heat range. Another popular choice is the GHD Curve Wand, which scores high marks for its protective ceramic technology and ease of use. Lastly, the Remington Pearl Pro Curling Wand is known for its pearl ceramic technology and wide barrel, perfect for styling long hair.

Selecting the Best Curling Wand for Short Hair: Expert Recommendations

When it comes to styling short hair, it’s all about pinpoint precision and the ability to make each curl count.

Best curling wand for short hairWhile the best curling wand for you is ultimately tied to your specific hair type and desired style, there are a few general tips and recommendations that experts often bring up with respect to short hair.

Finding the Right Barrel Size

A slim barrel is usually the way to go for styling short hair. Curling wands with a slim barrel—typically around 19mm—provide tighter, more defined curls, and they are easier to manoeuvre around shorter lengths. Plus, they prevent the hair from getting wound too tightly around the barrel, which could cause hair damage.

Material Matters

Choosing the right material can significantly impact how well the wand performs on short hair. Ceramic is highly recommended because it distributes heat evenly, reducing the risks of heat damage. Tourmaline is also a top choice because it emits negative ions that counteract frizz, promoting a smoother, shinier finish.

Heat Settings and Short Hair

Short hair can be more susceptible to heat damage as the distance between the hair ends and the scalp is shorter. Always look for a curling wand with adjustable heat settings. Depending on the texture and condition of your hair, a lower heat setting might be more suitable. Remember, successful styling doesn’t necessarily have to involve high heat.

Top Picks for Short Hair

Several hair styling tools cater specifically to the needs of short-haired individuals. For instance, the BaByliss Pro 2284U Conical Wand, Remington Pearl Pro Curl, and ghd Creative Curl Wand are some recommended models for their slim barrels, easy handling, and adjustable temperature features.

Remember, curling wand shopping isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. The perfect tool for you depends on your specific hair type, style preference, and budget. So, listen to your hair needs, consult with trusted hairstylists, and never stop exploring!

Tips on Using a Hair Curling Wand for Maximum Effect

To make the most out of your chosen curling wand, proper use and techniques are essential. Let’s delve into some valuable advice to use your wand in the most effective and safe way.

Preparation is Key

Before diving straight into curling your hair, it’s highly advisable to prepare it first. Proteins and oils in your hair can break down under the intense heat of the curling wand, resulting in damage and dryness. To protect against this, apply a heat protectant spray to your hair whilst it’s still damp. This will create a protective barrier and aid in delivering smooth and shiny curls.

The Right Way to Curl

Knowing how to correctly curl your hair with a wand can greatly affect the outcome. Start by sectioning your hair, focusing the wand on one section at a time. The hair should be wrapped around the wand, away from your face, and held for about ten seconds. This will deliver a natural, voluminous curl. Be mindful not to hold your hair on the wand for too long, as excess heat can cause damage.

Combine Different Curl Types

To add more depth and volume to your hairstyle, you might want to consider combining different types of curls. For instance, you can use a larger barrel for a looser curl and a smaller one for tighter curls. This mixture can provide your hair with a natural and dynamic look.

Don’t Forget the Final Touch

Once you complete the curling process, it’s crucial not to forget the final touch. Make sure to let your curls cool down and set properly before brushing them out. A light hairspray can be used to hold the curl, keeping your hairstyle intact for longer.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you use your curling wand, the better you’ll become at creating those stunning, salon-worthy curls at home.


In conclusion, purchasing a fantastic hair curling wand is a worthwhile investment that can elevate your hairstyling game and give you bouncy, shiny curls right at home. By considering the various types available, like ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, double/triple barrel, and spiral/ribbon wands, and factoring in features such as heat settings, size, and suitability for your hair length and type, you’re certain to find the perfect curling wand in the British market that’s well-suited to your needs.

Remember, beauty doesn’t necessarily have to equate to pain. With the right tools, achieving stunning curls can be a breeze. Armed with all the information from this guide, you now have what you need to make an informed purchase. So go ahead, enjoy exploring the world of hair curling wands, and prepare to turn heads with your fantastic curls. Happy shopping!

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