How to Choose the Best Blood Pressure Monitor

How do you choose the best blood pressure monitor in 2024? What features and functions should the right blood pressure monitor have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The best blood pressure monitorA blood pressure monitor is an absolutely necessary device in the home of any person who suffers from hypertension or any other affection of blood pressure.

These devices will help you monitor your blood pressure anytime.

More accurately, the best blood pressure monitor will help you determine if your blood pressure is working properly and help you dicover any potential health problems in time to get it to your doctor.

The best blood pressure monitor measures systolic and diastolic pressure as well as the pulse.

The Best Blood Pressure Monitor: What to Look for

Blood pressure monitors come in different types, but the most common ones are arm monitors and wrist monitors.

Arm monitors are typically more accurate than wrist monitors.

They come in two types: aneroid and digital.

Aneroid monitors are manual devices with a dial gauge and a bulb to inflate the cuff, while digital monitors are automatic and display readings on a screen.

Wrist monitors, on the other hand, are compact and portable but may be less accurate.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

Arm Monitors

Arm monitors are generally considered to be the most accurate. They are available in two types: aneroid and digital. Aneroid monitors are manual devices that require you to inflate the cuff using a rubber bulb.

On the other hand, digital monitors are automatic and inflate the cuff electronically. The readings are displayed on a digital screen. Some digital monitors even have additional features like memory storage for past readings and irregular heartbeat detection.

Wrist Monitors

Wrist monitors are compact and portable, making them convenient for travel.

Digital blood pressure monitorThey are also easier to use since they do not require the positioning of a cuff on the upper arm. However, they are generally considered to be less accurate than arm monitors.

This is because the blood vessels in the wrist are narrower and not as deep under the skin as those of the upper arm. Therefore, the monitor may have difficulty getting an accurate reading.

Finger Blood Pressure Monitor

Finger blood pressure monitors are the least common and are generally considered the least accurate. They are very sensitive to body temperature and positioning, which can affect the readings. Therefore, they are not typically recommended for home blood pressure monitoring.

Features to Consider in a Blood Pressure Monitor

Accuracy of a Blood Pressure Monitor

In the realm of health, precision is paramount, and blood pressure monitoring is no exception.

The critical element of any blood pressure monitor is its accuracy because any deviation could lead to incorrect assessments of your health condition, thus potentially posing serious health risks. In this section, we will delve deeper into the significance of accuracy and how to ensure your blood pressure monitor is delivering precise measurements.

Clinical Validation

Clinical validation is the gold standard for ensuring accuracy in blood pressure monitors. This process involves rigorous testing in controlled clinical environments.

Monitors are used on a variety of individuals to ensure they provide accurate readings across a range of different blood pressures.

When shopping for a blood pressure monitor, look for devices that are clinically validated. Notable organisations that provide this validation include the British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS) and the European Society of Hypertension (ESH). A monitor that carries the stamp of approval from these societies has been thoroughly tested and proven to provide accurate readings.

Device Calibration

Over time, blood pressure monitors can lose their calibration, leading to less accurate readings. It’s recommended to have your device checked by a healthcare professional every 1-2 years to ensure it’s still correctly calibrated. Some manufacturers offer services to recalibrate devices, ensuring they continue to provide accurate measurements.

Influence of the Cuff Size

Another critical factor in the accuracy of a blood pressure monitor is the cuff size. If the cuff is too tight or too loose, it can significantly impact the readings. Typically, the middle of the cuff should be placed directly over the artery that runs down the centre of your arm.

The cuff should be snug but not too tight – you should be able to slide two fingertips under it. Many monitors come with a standard size cuff, but you may need to consider a different size if your arm circumference is above or below average.

Proper Positioning

Even with the most accurate blood pressure monitor, incorrect usage can result in inaccurate readings. For example, if you are using an arm monitor, it’s vital to position the cuff on your arm correctly.

This generally means your arm should be at the level of your heart. If you’re using a wrist monitor, your wrist should also be at heart level. Always read the instruction manual carefully and follow the recommended procedures.

In conclusion, accuracy in a blood pressure monitor is not a feature to overlook. It is the cornerstone of effective monitoring and can significantly impact the management of your health.

Choosing a clinically validated monitor, ensuring the cuff size is correct, and using the monitor correctly are all crucial steps in ensuring accurate readings.

Comfort and Ease of Use

When it comes to choosing a blood pressure monitor, accuracy is the first box to tick. However, comfort and ease of use are also incredibly significant factors to consider. After all, even the most precise device won’t be beneficial if it’s uncomfortable to use or if the process is so complicated that it discourages regular use. Here’s a closer look at why comfort and ease of use are so important, along with tips on what to look for.

Comfort: More Than Just a Luxury

Comfort is far more than a simple luxury; it is an essential factor when choosing a blood pressure monitor. If a device is uncomfortable to use, it can create a sense of aversion, leading to infrequent usage, thereby defeating the purpose of home monitoring.

Primarily, comfort pertains to the cuff, as it is the part of the device that comes into direct contact with your skin. The cuff should be padded and not cause any discomfort when inflated. For upper arm monitors, look for cuffs with a soft fabric lining, ensuring it won’t irritate your skin. For wrist monitors, the straps should be adjustable and not too tight, preventing any potential restriction of blood flow.

Ease of Use: Encouraging Regular Monitoring

The primary goal of home blood pressure monitoring is to track your blood pressure over time, which requires regular and consistent readings.

Easy to use and accurate clinically tested blood pressure monitor e1687791699241This is where the ease of use becomes a decisive factor. If a blood pressure monitor is complicated to use, it can discourage regular monitoring, thus hindering the benefits.

Here’s what to look for in terms of ease of use:

  • Clear Instructions: The device should come with straightforward, easy-to-understand instructions. The process of setting up and using the device should be simple and not require extensive technical know-how.
  • Easy-to-Read Display: The monitor’s display should be large and clear, with easily readable numbers. Backlit displays can be helpful for those with visual impairments or for use in low-light conditions.
  • One-Touch Operation: Many modern blood pressure monitors feature one-touch operation, meaning the device will start taking a reading with a single button press. This simplicity can be a significant factor in encouraging regular use.
  • Automatic Inflation: Automatic inflation of the cuff takes the guesswork out of how tight it should be, ensuring consistent readings every time.
  • Error Indicators: Look for a device that provides clear indicators if something is amiss, such as the cuff not being attached correctly. This feature can help ensure you’re using the device correctly.

Comfort and ease of use, when combined with accuracy, are the pillars on which effective blood pressure monitoring is built. By ensuring your chosen device ticks all these boxes, you are taking a significant step towards effective home health management.

Memory Functions and Connectivity

Blood pressure isn’t a static measurement, it fluctuates throughout the day due to various factors such as stress, caffeine, and physical activity. Understanding the trend over time is key to managing your health, and that’s where memory functions and connectivity features of blood pressure monitors play an integral role.

Memory Functions: Tracking Your Health Over Time

The memory function in a blood pressure monitor allows the device to store a certain number of previous readings. This feature is invaluable because it enables you to observe trends and changes in your blood pressure over time.

When considering the memory function, it’s vital to look at the capacity of the device. Some monitors can store 60 readings, while others can keep track of up to 200. For most individuals, a capacity of 60 to 100 readings should suffice to give an informative snapshot of their blood pressure trend.

Some advanced monitors even allow multiple users to store their readings separately. This can be a useful feature if more than one person in your household will be using the device.

Connectivity: A Modern Approach to Health Management

The rise of digital health technologies has made managing health data easier and more efficient than ever before. Many modern blood pressure monitors offer connectivity features, meaning they can sync your readings with an app on your smartphone or computer. This allows for easy tracking of trends, graphical representation of data, and the ability to share your results instantly with your healthcare provider.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to connectivity:

  • Compatibility: Before purchasing a device with connectivity, ensure that it is compatible with your smartphone or computer. Some devices may only work with certain operating systems.
  • Ease of Data Transfer: The process of transferring data from your device to your app should be simple and straightforward. You don’t want to be wrestling with complex procedures every time you want to sync your readings.
  • Privacy and Security: Ensure that any app you’re using adheres to the necessary data protection standards to keep your health information secure.
  • Health App Integration: Some devices can integrate with popular health apps, such as Apple Health or Google Fit. This feature can provide a holistic view of your health, encompassing data from different health monitoring devices.

In conclusion, memory functions and connectivity can greatly enhance your ability to track and manage your blood pressure over time. These features bring your blood pressure monitor into the modern age, harnessing technology to empower you in your health management.

Remember to consider these aspects in line with other important features such as accuracy, comfort, and ease of use when choosing the best blood pressure monitor for you.


The display of a blood pressure monitor is where you read your blood pressure measurements. It should be clear and easy to read. Some monitors come with a large display or even a backlit display for easy reading. The monitor should clearly display both the systolic and diastolic pressure, along with the pulse rate.

Some models even have colour-coded indicators according to the American Heart Association’s guidelines for blood pressure levels, making it easier for you to understand whether your blood pressure is within a healthy range.

Clinical Approval

Clinical approval is a critical factor to consider when choosing a blood pressure monitor.

Wrist blood pressure monitor for daily useA clinically approved monitor has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it provides accurate and consistent readings. This means the monitor has been tested against a set of established standards and has been found to meet or exceed those standards.

In the UK, look for monitors approved and validated by the British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS). The BIHS maintains a list of validated blood pressure monitors on their website. These monitors have been tested in accordance with international protocols and have been found to provide accurate readings.

Remember, an inaccurate blood pressure monitor can lead to misinterpretations of your blood pressure, leading to potential health risks. Therefore, it’s always best to opt for a clinically approved monitor to ensure accurate readings.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

Some blood pressure monitors come with an irregular heartbeat detector. This feature alerts you if it detects an irregular heartbeat while taking your blood pressure. An irregular heartbeat, also known as arrhythmia, can cause problems such as fainting, heart failure, or even a stroke. Therefore, having a monitor that can detect irregular heartbeats can be a useful feature for those with conditions like atrial fibrillation.

However, it’s important to note that while this feature can be useful, it should not replace a proper diagnosis from a healthcare professional. If your monitor frequently detects an irregular heartbeat, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare provider for further evaluation and treatment.


Prices for blood pressure monitors can vary considerably. While more expensive doesn’t always mean better, it’s essential to balance cost with the features you need. Remember, investing in a good-quality monitor can be invaluable for managing your health.

Product Reviews and Recommendations

Before making a purchase, consider checking reviews and recommendations. Websites like the BIHS provide a list of monitors that have been validated for accuracy. User reviews can also provide insights into a product’s longevity and usability.

In Summary

Choosing the best blood pressure monitor isn’t just about picking the device with the most features or the highest price tag. It’s about finding a monitor that fits your lifestyle, is easy to use, and, above all, provides accurate readings. With this guide, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision about the best blood pressure monitor for your needs.

Remember, while home monitoring can be a beneficial addition to your health routine, it does not replace professional medical advice. Always consult with your GP for health concerns and before starting any new health management plan.

Keep calm, and monitor on!

Recommended Blood Pressure Monitors

Taking into account the above criteria, the buyers’ opinions and analysing the existing offer, we present below some models of blood pressure monitors that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

SaleRecommended Product No. 1
A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor BIHS Approved UK Blood Pressure Machine UA-611
37,717 Reviews
A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor BIHS Approved UK Blood Pressure Machine UA-611
  • Clinically validated for accuracy - British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS) and European Society for Hypertension (ESH) approved, recommended by national health authorities in both the UK and Ireland
  • One button operation with 22-32 cm cuff
  • 30 memories and average reading function
Recommended Product No. 2
CAZON Blood Pressure Monitors Large Cuff Blood Pressure Machine Medical BP Monitor Upper Arm BP Cuff...
21,935 Reviews
CAZON Blood Pressure Monitors Large Cuff Blood Pressure Machine Medical BP Monitor Upper Arm BP Cuff...
  • Professional and reliable monitor: this upper arm blood pressure monitor with advanced measurement technology gives you highly reliable readings. The accuracy ranges are: ±3 mmHg / ±0.4 kPa (blood pressure) and ±5%( pulse rate). Recommended by doctors for home health and blood pressure monitoring and recording.
  • Double user mode x 99 memory storage: this blood machine support 2 users have their own measurement records, each user can record up to 99 readings. Displays the average of your last 3 readings. Helps users to easily track their health, blood pressure and heart rate according to the specific time and date.
  • Adjustable comfortable cuff & switchable unit: with 22-40cm (8.7inch - 15.7in) large cuff, this blood pressure meter fits most people within the accepted range and has very strong velcro around the cuff to secure it around the arm, super easy and convenient for home use. Units of kPa and mmHg can be switched at will, suitable for everyone's reading habit.
SaleRecommended Product No. 3
Blood Pressure Monitor CE Approved UK, Vimmk Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machines for Home Use Accurate...
4,392 Reviews
Blood Pressure Monitor CE Approved UK, Vimmk Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machines for Home Use Accurate...
  • ✔️【BP Kit with LED Screen For Easy Read】The Large LED screen with white backlit and large fonts provide more clear and precise reading at day and night for an excellent visual experience. The blood pressure machine has automatic one-key operation, just press the "Start/Stop" button for quick reading under 1 Minute. Especially suitable for the elders to use at home or people with poor vision.
  • ✔️【Accurate & Reliable Monitor You Can Trust】Built-in advanced sensor & updated algorithms, the upper arm blood pressure machine has been verified by tens of thousands of clinical trials to provide best performance and more accurate results. High-precision, blood pressure±3mmHg, pulse±5%. A color scale indicator on the screen for WHO guidelines easily interprets whether the blood pressure is high or low.
  • ✔️【Valuable Health Data Aid For Home Use】The systolic & diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate can be provided to make it easier to determine the treatment plan. The sphygmomanometer also significantly shows a warning symbol if the heart rate reading is out of its usual rhythm and skipping or adding a beat. (Note: if does always identify an irregularity, go to see your doctor and explain what has happened.)
Recommended Product No. 4
OMRON X2 Basic – Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use, Clinically Validated|...
28,980 Reviews
OMRON X2 Basic – Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use, Clinically Validated|...
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT YOU CAN RELY ONE. Clinically validated, the OMRON range of blood pressure machines has been validated by respected clinics, based on the latest European Society for Hypertension (ESH) or International Organisation for Standardisation validation protocols.NOW WITH EXTENDED GUARANEE OF 5 YEARS
  • AT-HOME MONITORING: the OMRON X2 Basic provides oscillometric readings of your blood pressure using an upper arm cuff so you can keep tabs on your blood pressure from the comfort of your own home
  • STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH YOUR HEALTH: easy-to-use at home blood pressure readings with reliable and accurate results as well as irregular heartbeat detection during routine blood pressure monitoring
Recommended Product No. 5
Blood Pressure Monitor CE Approved UK, Rechargeable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machines for Home Use...
160 Reviews
Blood Pressure Monitor CE Approved UK, Rechargeable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machines for Home Use...
  • 【VOICE BROADCAST】: Blood Pressure Monitors for Home use features one button operation. After wrapping the upper arm cuff well, the voice broadcast will follow up the whole measurement, intelligent diagnosis will remind you if your blood pressure is normal or not at the end of measurement
  • 【HIGH ACCURACY】: digital blood pressure monitor is certificated by CE and meet the standard of ESH (European Society Of Hypertension), through ten thousands of clinical data collected from hypertension patients, the algorithm of bp monitor can match various people with better adaptability and thus offers high accurate measurement result .
  • 【RECHARGEABLE BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR】rechargeable blood pressure monitor nhs approved uk. It can be used for approximately 30 days on a single charge. This means you won’t need to use dry cell batteries anymore. More energy can be saved.
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
OxiPro BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor - CE Certified - MHRA Registered - Tested for Accuracy Medical...
4,711 Reviews
OxiPro BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor - CE Certified - MHRA Registered - Tested for Accuracy Medical...
  • ✅ CE CERTIFIED BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR (Sphygmomanometer) Certified to the CE Medical Device Directive and suitable for home use and in clinical environments.
  • ✅ ACCURATE BLOOD PRESSURE AND PULSE READINGS shown to 1 mmHg resolution for systolic and diastolic pressure, 1 bpm resolution for heart rate monitoring. The OxiPro BP 1 is an upper arm blood pressure monitor which is CE Class II Medical Device Certified Blood pressure machine recommended by doctors for monitoring and recording blood-pressure.
  • ✅ BIG, EASY TO READ DISPLAY WITH COLOUR CODED BLOOD PRESSURE CHART As well as clearly showing your pulse rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings the OxiPro BP1 also features a colour coded bar graph to indicate whether your blood pressure is low, normal or high. A quick reference chart is also printed on the bottom of the BP monitor.
Recommended Product No. 7
Blood Pressure Monitors for Home use with Cuff Arm,Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Upper Arm for 2...
170 Reviews
Blood Pressure Monitors for Home use with Cuff Arm,Automatic Blood Pressure Machine Upper Arm for 2...
  • 【One-button Accurate Measurement】GAWENTINY’s upgraded model CK-W132 wrist blood pressure monitor provides more accurate measurement data and only requires one-button operation. You only need to wear the blood pressure cuff wrist as required, and then click the start button to automatically measure your blood pressure and provide you with accurate readings in about 45 seconds.
  • 【LCD high-definition large screen display】The large and bright backlit LCD screen allows you to see the measurement data more clearly, which is very suitable for people with reduced vision or elderly parents, providing them with a comfortable visual experience.
  • 【Clear Voice Broadcast】The blood pressure monitors for home use has a voice broadcast function, which can broadcast your measurement data in a friendly and considerate manner. It is very suitable as a gift for elderly people or young people who pay attention to their physical condition.
Recommended Product No. 8
Blood Pressure Monitor, KKmier Upper Arm BP Machine for Homer Use Large Cuff 22-42cm, Irregular...
963 Reviews
Blood Pressure Monitor, KKmier Upper Arm BP Machine for Homer Use Large Cuff 22-42cm, Irregular...
  • ✔【Accurate and Reliable Measurement】KKmier upper arm blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement, which provides a fast and highly accurate result of blood pressure (accuracy ranges: ±3 mmHg(±0.4kPa) and pulse rate (±5% of display value). Besides, there are "Cuff Worn" Detection and "Keep Still" Indication avoid the incorrect usage
  • ✔【2 User Mode * 99 Memory Spaces】The digital arm blood pressure monitor supports 2 users have their own measurement records, each user can record up to 99 readings. Press the Memory Icon to display the average of your last 3 readings. Helps users to easily track their health, blood pressure and heart rate according to the specific time and date.
  • ✔【3.2 inch Easy-to-read LCD Display with 4 Color Backlits】The blood pressure monitor has a large display of 5*6.5 cm and oversized digits, which makes it easy to read the displayed values. And the backlit display is in 4 colors to reflect different result-white (standby), Green (normal), Yellow (Mild hypertension or hypotension), Red (Hypertension). The device will be auto-off in 60s without operation.

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