How to Choose the Best Rotating Hair Brush

How do you choose the best rotating hair brush? What features and functions should the best rotating hair brush have to fit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The Best Rotating Hair BrushBeauty comes from the inside, but we all know how much the first impression counts, or it is judged by the beauty we display outwardly.

A neat and healthy look of your hair can tell a lot about the type of person you are, and you certainly want to stay in the memory of others as a respected and respectful person.

That is why you should pay more attention to your hair, and an ideal care may involve buying a rotating hair brush. So find out how you choose the best rotating hair brush.

Why Choose the Best Rotating Hair Brush?

Trendy and neat hairstyle is always desirable. We all want to have an enviable looking hair. However, we know how hard it is to get a nice hairstyle done at home, and you probably do not afford to go to the salon daily or even weekly.

That is why a rotating hair brush is useful. It gives you the effect of a salon done hairstyle every time, even at your home, and at no extra expense. Using a rotating hair brush, you’ll have a more voluminous and healthy look with a silky glow, which an ordinary hair brush can not give you.

You will also be able to get an enviable hairstyle in less than 20 minutes. The operating principle is similar to that of hair dryers, giving you drying, hair styling and care for your hair, all at once.

How Do You Choose the Best Rotating Hair Brush

There are many variations of rotating brushes on the market and all promise that they will provide the hair you dream of. However, it is expected not all to be as effective. For some, the quality is reflected in the price, but in the case of the majority a high price does not necessarily mean a higher quality hairstyling.

What do you have to pay attention to before buying a rotating hair brush? What features and accessories should it have to earn their money? How can you choose a rotating hair brush that will not damage your hair in time?

We advise you to consult a shopping guide like this one to make the best investment every time. In your choice, consider the following essential details:

Type of Rotating Hair Brush

Rotating hair brushes vary depending on the material that comes in contact with the hair. So the rotary brush types are:

Ceramic Coating Rotating Hair Brush

Rotating hair brush stylerOne of the best rotating hair brush designs is the one with a ceramic coating. The ceramic shell is recognized as being very effective in styling, and is very popular with most users as well as the professionals who use it in the salon.

Among the main properties of this rotating hair brush are the ability to give the hair an enviable volume. It is a cheap and very efficient variant, while at the same time managing to protect hair by giving it a shiny look.

The most valued property of this material is the presence of negative ions that prevent the effect of electrifying the hair, untangle it and ensures a painless gliding of the rotating brush. It also warms up quickly and uniformly, without the risk of hair damage.

Tourmaline Coating Rotating Hair Brush

Tourmaline is a semiprecious mineral material with extraordinary effects on hair. Smooths the surface of the hair and gives it shine without being harmful in any way. The best rotating hair brush has a tourmaline shell because it’s easy to heat, it’s warming up evenly, which means it’ll act faster.

It is especially recommended if you have less hair that needs smoothing. It also has more negative ions than the ceramic rotating brush, which means a stronger and longer-lasting anti-electrifying effect.

Teflon Coating Rotating Hair Brush

There are Teflon coated rotating hair brushes available on the market. Although it is not a material that expose hair to danger, or ineffective, it is still extremely sensitive. There is a risk of cracking quite easily at high temperatures or if the appliance is dropped, which will make your investment worthless.

Chrome coating rotating hair brush

They are the cheapest rotating brushes you will find on the market, but also the weakest quality and the most dangerous for your hair. Because they heat up unevenly they can expose your hair to very high temperatures which can damage it very hard.

It also takes a lot of them to warm up and are effective on your hair only after a long period of use. The low price advantage proves to be a disadvantage, so we do not recommend such a rotating hair brush.

Power of the Rotating Hair Brush

In most appliances that work with electricity, engine power is of some importance and is an indication of performance. In the case of a rotating brush, engine power is relevant to the extent it can indicate a higher speed, so you will need to use this brush for less time.

A good rotating hair brush has a power of at least 800 W and the best rotating hair brush has a power of over 1000 W.

Brush Material

An important role in the quality of the result obtained with a rotating hair brush plays its brushes. These can be of two types: synthetic or natural hair. Synthetic brushes are not recommended because they can damage the hair especially if it is very fine or if the hair is thin.

High quality rotating hair brushesA rotating hair brush made of natural material is a bit more expensive, but the effect on the hair will be more beneficial, the hair being smoother and brighter after each use.

Other important issues related to rotating hair brush are their dispersion as well as thermal insulation. More specifically, it is good to choose a brush that has brushes dispersed in two rows of filaments, and the tips should be thermally insulated to prevent scalp skin burns or severe hair damage.


It is very important that the rotating hair brush you choose should have an ergonomic design, so consider the following aspects. The best rotating hair brush is the one that allows the brush to rotate independently from the handle.

In other words, there are rotating hair brush with fixed rotor or with rotating system. Those with fixed rotors are cheaper, but are more difficult to use, tiring the wrist and arm.

A more ergonomic variant is the brush with a rotating system that does not stress your arm so much, basically you just have to guide the brush to the area you want to act on.

The handle should be of a form that allows a comfortable fit. It should not be too thick or too thin, and the surface should allow you a fairly good grip.

Brush Size

The brush size or better put brush head size is important because it will give different effects on the hair and will influence the speed of action. What matters is its diameter and length.

There are generally three dimensions of a brush diameter: small, medium or large. Brushes with a small diameter up to 30 mm are suitable if you prefer well-defined curls and smaller ones. A brush with a diameter of 40 mm, a medium size, is recommended for people who have medium length hair and who prefer retro inspiring hairstyles.

At the opposite end, a brush with a large diameter of over 50 mm is recommended to create volume, straighten hair, or create large and loose loops.

The length of a brush counts because it influences ease of use. A short length will inconvenience your use and the styling will take longer. Choose a longer length, especially if you have long hair.

A suitable length should allow a full run of a hairline to style it properly. It is also important for a hairline to run on the brush over its entire length to allow the temperature to spread evenly over the hair.

Which Features Should the Best Rotating Hair Brush Have?

  • Temperature control – the best rotating hair brush must have at least three heat levels. These will be useful for different hair types, so it’s important for personalizing your hairstyle.
    For thicker hair, the highest temperature is recommended, while for thin wool hair it is better for hair health to use a lower temperature.
    Also, the temperature used should allow you to create different types of loops, tighter or lighter.
    Another temperature-related attribute that the best rotating hair brush must incorporate is the cold air jet. It has the role of fixing loops and hairstyle and giving smoothness and glow to the hair.
  • Retracting brushes – if you have used such a brush, you are aware of how easy it is to catch or tangle your hair in the bristles, and their release can be very difficult at times. That’s why choose a rotating hair brush model that allows retraction of the brush to easily and safely release the hair strand without breaking it.
  • Rotating system – The best rotating hair brush is the one that is equipped with an automatic rotation system. Make sure there are buttons on the handle that will allow you to change the direction of rotation, which will help you create more volume and more defined loops.
  • Possibility to use it on wet or dry hair – it is important that the brush you use can allow you to style your hair whether it is still wet or completely dry.

Which Accessories Should the Best Rotating Hair Brush Have?

Rotating hot air styling brushAn ideal rotary brush comes with as many accessories as:

Brushes of different sizes – each being recommended for volume, straightening, drying, loops, etc.
Drying head – an accessory that will allow you to better channel and control the heat, so you can use the brush as a hair dryer without risking the hair getting caught in the fan.
Storage pouch – allows proper dust-free storage of the rotating hair brush. It is also required when you want to carry it.

The Length of the Power Cord

The length of the power cord is another comfort criterion. The longer it is, the more freedom of manoeuvrer you will have. You should also keep in mind that the socket will be placed differently depending on where you will use the rotating hair brush. Look for a brush with a cable length of more than 1.8 m. This is the best rotating hair brush.

Manufacturers and Warranty

Any manufacturer must provide you with a minimum warranty of 2 years and the possibility to opt for an extension of the warranty by paying an additional amount of money.

The sincere view of satisfied users points to the following brands of rotating hair brushes, which we recommend: Philips, Rowenta, Braun and Babyliss.

Always consult the reviews section and always choose the best rotating hair brush suited to your needs to have a great hair every day.

Recommended Rotating Hair Brushes

Taking into account the above criteria and recommendations, studying the current market offer and user reviews, we present you below some models of rotating hair brushes that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

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