How to Choose the Best Hair Clipper

How do you choose the best hair clipper? What features and functions should a hair clipper have to suit your needs? Read our article and make an informed choice.

The Best Hair ClipperThe way we live allows us to easily acquire the things we want. Now you have the choice of a wide range of haircut machines, but how can you make sure you buy the best hair clipper?

What are the specifications you need to be careful about and what other functions, other than the clipper, should the best device have?

Since a properly chosen hair clipper can save you money that you usually give to the hairdresser, it is important to pay close attention to the following details.

How Do You Choose the Best Hair Clipper Every Time?

Any investment must be taken seriously. Buying a hair clipper is an investment because it will help you make important savings, saving the money you usually give to the hairdresser.

It’s also a long-term investment because you do not buy a hair clipper every day. It is a device that must look like new for a few years. That’s why you can not buy the first hair clipper you set your eyes upon. The wiser move would be to consult a shopping guide just like this one.

It may seem hard to believe, but the differences between a very good and very poor hair clipper are almost impossible to notice at first glance, especially if you shop online. So this shopping guide will help you find the ideal hair clipper for you, eliminating the risk of a bad investment.

The most important aspect to be understood is that a hair clipper is not the same as a trimmer, shaving machine, or body hair removal device.

Careful consideration of the product description is essential to always purchase a durable product that delivers outstanding precision and performance. Our guide will help you make the best decision and make a satisfactory investment.

In your choice, consider the following important aspects for purchasing the ideal product.

Engine and Performance Level

Perhaps the most important feature of a haircut machine that you need to keep in mind is the performance of the engine. In order to make the right choice, it is good to keep in mind the purpose for which you will use it.

If you are a professional hairdresser you will obviously need a professional hair clipper. In this case, engine performance is particularly important because it will be used intensely almost daily and several times a day.

Also, a professional hairdresser is aware that he/she will work with different types of hair, and it is known that a motor of a hair clipper is more demanded when working with thicker hair more often. This is why the engine needs to be a powerful and durable one.

If the purpose of purchasing a hair clipper is for domestic use, then investing in a professional hair clipper is not necessary. Professional machines are recommended for frequent use. A hair clipper bought for home use will be used less often, so it’s wiser to buy a device with average features.

Such a hair clipper will better support the needs of home use, as it is more flexible, lighter and more mobile. Fortunately, the range of hair clippers on the market is varied enough to give you the opportunity to make the best choice according to your needs.

Easy to use hair clipperRegardless of the purpose for which you will purchase a hair clipper, it is good to keep in mind that buying it from other countries can raise some problems.

For example, if you buy a US or EU hair clipper, you need to be very well informed because the socket might be different.

In this case, the appliance must come packaged with an adapter for a UK type socket, also suitable for sockets in United Kingdom.

Corded or Cordless Hair Clipper?

Also depending on the purpose in which it is purchased, it will be decided whether the corded or cordless variant is the most appropriate.

Professional hairdressers prefer and recommend the corded hair clipper because it has a stronger structure, so it allows for long-lasting use. Also, the functional capabilities of a corded hair clipper are more extensive than of a cordless one.

But if you are looking for a household and personal hair clipper, surely the cordless option is best suited. This is a more convenient version because it can be used anywhere, and the fact that it does not depend on connectivity to a socket, will not limit mobility during use in any way.

We can conclude that a corded hair clipper is the best choice for professional use, and the cordless one is more convenient in case of a more sporadic, domestic use.

Importance of the Combs – Number and Size

Perhaps the most important aspect after the engine performance is the combs that come with the hair clipper. An ideal hair clipper is one that has the most combinations of combs.

These are particularly important because they help adjust the size at which the hair will be trimmed. More comb sizes mean more options for you and for customers, which is always desirable.

High-performance and high-quality hair clippers always have a lot of accessories. It is important that the combs are made of high quality plastic and that their shape is correct to allow for increased mobility and easy trimming, even in the capillary areas without difficulties.

During a single hair cutting session you will need to use multiple comb sizes as well as fixed and adjustable accessories. A very good hair clipper will contain both adjustable combs and fixed size combs, especially if the machine is used for professional purposes.

Pay Attention to Blade Quality

Clearly blade quality is an issue that should be of particular interest to you. Their quality will ultimately determine the quality of the haircut and the ease of use of the hair clipper.

There are at least two aspects that indicate the quality of the blades: the material from which they are manufactured and the type of sharpening. Only after analysing these two important aspects will you be able to make the best choice.

Referring to the material from which the blades are made, the most popular option is the blades made of stainless steel, being more advantageous in terms of strength. Other acceptable variants are the zirconium or titanium oxide blades.

The type of sharpening is also important because it can prolong the optimum running time of a hair clipper. On this note, it is advisable to purchase a self-sharpening hair clipper.

Human intervention can often be defective, so the self-sharpening system is recommended, especially since such machines are now very easy to find.

Ease of Cleaning

Easy to clean hair clipperAs with any other product, it is normal and desirable to opt for an easy-to-clean option, both in terms of cleaning time and ease of removal of the waste and the risks involved. Specifically, the components that will need to be cleaned are combs and blades.

While the combs are easily detachable and therefore easy to clean, the blades can be detachable or incorporated into the machine. In the latter case, cleaning will be more difficult.

The current offer also includes clippers that can be cleaned completely under the jet of water. They have a very precise degree of waterproofness, so this cleaning system does not pose any risk.

Although this is the easiest method of cleaning, it is extremely important to make sure that the trimmer really has the features necessary to be thoroughly cleaned.

It is also worth mentioning the hair clippers equipped with self-cleaning systems and detachable heads. In their case, cleaning is also easy, and some components can be replaced after a certain amount of time.

Whichever option fits you best, you can choose a easy to maintain hair clipper that can be easily cleaned.

Ergonomic and Attractive Design

If we refer to the look of a hair clipper we can mention its shape, as well as the material from which it is made. It is recommended that the hair clipper be ergonomically shaped. This will be easier to use because it will better fit on the head shape and can be held safely in your hand without causing any inconvenience.

If the hair clipper is to be used on wet hair, then it is best to choose a hair clipper that has an adherent handle. This will make it easier to handle and the risk of slipping out of the hand and break will be much lower.

Modern hair clippers also feature LEDs such as an LCD or LED control panel that make design more attractive and give the impression of a professional product.

Display options may also include display of the battery level when using a cordless machine. A good clipper also has buttons positioned as to be easily accessible.

What Accessories and Features Should a Hair Clipper Have?

Number of combs – Especially essential if you are a hairdresser, the number of comb accessories is extremely important. Typically, it’s best to choose an extremely well-equipped trimmer, the more comb sizes will give you more trimming options.
Charging cable – an important component in general, but do not forget the version of cordless hair clippers that do not require such a cable.
Lubricating oil – an important aspect in the maintenance of the hair clipper, is an aspect that you need to keep in mind for optimal operation.
Cover for the clipper – useful for storing it properly. You need to choose a case or cover that matches your model. Thus, if it is properly stored and shielded from aggressive external factors, the hair clipper will have as long a working life as possible.
Cleaning brush – usually included in the package, is extremely useful and even recommended in the cleaning process of the trimmer.
Charging dock – A high-performance cordless hair clipper will have a special charging dock specifically designed on its features.
The battery – is required for machines that operate on the cordless principle. It is recommended that the battery be as qualitative as possible and with a maximum autonomy period.


Like any other appliance, the hair clipper must be purchased along with a warranty. Because there is a chance of failure, it is especially important to make sure that you get a warranty of at least 12 months, although ideal would be a 24-month or even longer warranty.

The Price of the Hair Clipper

The price is another decisive factor in choosing the best hair clipper. Always make sure that the price that you pay is justified. In doing so, pay special attention to specifications, engine performance, the quality of the materials, and the number of accessories it contains.

Recommended Hair Clippers

Taking into account the above recommendations and criteria, analysing the existing offer and buyers’ opinions, we can present you below some good quality hair clipper models that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

Recommended Product No. 1
Remington HC5035 Corded Colour Cut Hair Clipper
24,297 Reviews
Remington HC5035 Corded Colour Cut Hair Clipper
  • Advanced steel self sharpening blades
  • 9 colour combs for easy grade selecetion
  • Comfort tip blades
SaleRecommended Product No. 2
Wahl Hair Clippers for Men, Colour Pro Cordless Head Shaver Men's Hair Clippers with Colour Coded...
19,378 Reviews
Wahl Hair Clippers for Men, Colour Pro Cordless Head Shaver Men's Hair Clippers with Colour Coded...
  • EASY HOME HAIRCUTTING – Perfect for family haircuts, the Wahl Colour Pro Cordless features 10 innovative coloured combs with lengths between 0.8 - 25 mm that match the code on the clipper, making it easy to choose your colour and style. Suitable for buzz cut, crop, family haircuts and more
  • CORD / CORDLESS FLEXIBILITY - Cordless operation with an impressive 60-minute run time for freedom to move whilst styling. If you run out of power, simply plug it in and use while corded
  • EASY CLEANING - Detachable, rinseable blades simply snap on and off for easy cleaning. We only use high precision blade grinding technology, ensuring the best cutting performance for you. Our blades offer superior performance, the finer the teeth the finer the quality
SaleRecommended Product No. 3
Limural Hair Clippers for Men/Kids/Baby Professional Cordless Hair Clippers Beard Trimmer Mens...
2,552 Reviews
Limural Hair Clippers for Men/Kids/Baby Professional Cordless Hair Clippers Beard Trimmer Mens...
  • A COMPLETE KIT OF ACCESSORIES - Includes a hairdressing cloth, lubricating oil and cleaning brush, also come with guards attachments (3mm/6mm/10mm/13mm/16mm/19mm) to trim different lengths of hair. The men hair clipper's thumb taper lever on the left side enables easy haircut length adjusting. Limural provides you a professional clipper sets for precise cut & trim & shave.
  • QUIET & POWERFUL ROTARY MOTOR - This electric hair clippers has a very powerful motor,440C stainless steel makes hair clipper's blades sharper,it cuts through the thickest hair with no snagging or pulling. integrated thumb grip ensures the clipper is comfortable to hold, giving you a effective haircut.Note: Before switching the hair clipper on, please peel the tape and take off the protective cover.
  • WIRELESS, DUAL VOLTAGE CHARGING - Hair trimmer can be corded or cordless used for hair cutting .The clipper is equipped with 2500mAh premium and safer Lithium-Ion battery.Universal charging - One full charge gives you up to five hours run time. Please note a 5V-1A Adapter might be needed (Not Included in Package).
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
Philips Hair Clipper Series 5000 Pro clipper (Model HC5100/13)
2,593 Reviews
Philips Hair Clipper Series 5000 Pro clipper (Model HC5100/13)
  • Durable linear motor: Durable linear motor: The Philips hair clipper is designed with a linear motor for constant, durable cutting power; performing up to 4 times longer*.
  • Sharp blades: The sharpened, stainless steel blades cut the hair at skin level, giving a close cut.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Philips Pro steel blades are designed to withstand chips and cracks, lasting up to 4 times longer**.
Recommended Product No. 5
BarberBoss Professional Hair Clippers for Men Kids Family, Waterproof Hair Trimmer Cordless...
6,878 Reviews
BarberBoss Professional Hair Clippers for Men Kids Family, Waterproof Hair Trimmer Cordless...
  • All-in-one Grooming – For Men 11 Piece Home Hair Cutting Kit. Containing a lightweight hair clipper with ceramic blade for ultra-sharp result. The set also boasts two pairs of high-quality stainless steel scissors. Suit for salon barber or family use. It can be used to trim your beard as well as your hair and includes a handy comb guide to really finish off your look.
  • Waterproof & Low Noise Hair Clipper – Ergonomic design is waterproof for convenient trimming, and also easy to clean, simply rinse the hair clipper under running water. The Ultra-quiet operation & low vibration mode is designed for kid hair clipper. The Low noise mute the motor’s noise level to 37db (Quiet like in the library), which is perfect for kid hair cutting.
  • Self-sharpening Titanium Ceramic Blade & Battery Hair Clipper– Featured with a ceramic moving blade and titanium stationary blade for effortless and precise cutting, even on longer, thicker hair. The stay sharp blades mean every cut is as good as the first. With a powerful 1500 mA Li-ion battery in-built, the operation time will last about 120 minutes, which is perfect for family hair cut use.
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
Philips Hair Clippers for Men, Series 5000 Hair Clipper, Length Changing Dial with 28 Settings,...
132 Reviews
Philips Hair Clippers for Men, Series 5000 Hair Clipper, Length Changing Dial with 28 Settings,...
  • Cut hair flows away for 2x faster* clipping
  • Double-sharpened blades for 2 times faster clipping
  • Select with the zoom wheel 28 Length settings: 0.5 to 28mm

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