How to Choose the Best Cellulite Massager

How do you choose the best cellulite massage device? What features and functions should the best cellulite massager have to fit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The best cellulite massagerCellulite is one of the most common aesthetic complexes of a woman. Although we do not encourage an unrealistic beauty standard, we are aware that you always want to become your best version. That’s why it’s natural to want a body that reflects your inner and outer qualities.

Cellulite is not a health problem, but it can bother you almost as hard as a condition. While anti-cellulite miraculous remedies are enthusiastically promoted, the cellulite massager remains the most effective method.

Considering this information, you might want to purchase such a device. But how can you choose the best cellulite massager?

What is Cellulite?

First of all it is necessary to check your knowledge of cellulite, as you do not want to make an investment for something you do not really have. The three layers of skin, epidermis, dermis and hippocampus always communicate with each other, but also with what’s under the skin, that is, the muscle.

The skin layer at which cellulite is formed is hypoderm, composed largely of adipose tissue. The outer layer of the muscle, the skin, is linked to the middle layer of the skin through connective tissue tracts that pass through the hypoderm.

When these tissue tracts stretch due to excessive adipose tissue, but also other problems in the natural skin structure, bumps are created causing the uneven appearance of the skin, similar to the appearance of the orange peel.

It is good to remember that cellulite does not only affect people with extra pounds. It can also occur in the slim or normal weight people. There are also overweight people with an impeccable skin look. So just because you have extra pounds does not mean you have cellulite. Causes of its appearance also include genetic inheritance and hormonal activity.

Types of Cellulite

The type of cellulite you have will help you choose the best cellulite massage device. There are, therefore, the following classifications:

  • Soft
  • Grainy
  • Edematous
  • Mixed

Any type of cellulite has three degrees of visibility. First-degree cellulitis is visible when the skin is tightened between the fingers, the second degree is visible when standing and the third degree is visible all the time. As with any other illness, the sooner you treat it, the easier it will get rid of it.

Why is Cellulite Massage Effective?

Cellulite massage is the safest and recommended method of removing cellulite. Regularly, it helps mechanically destroy cellulite tissue, smoothing the surface of the skin. It also stimulates the absorption of anti-cellulite substances into the deep layer of the skin.

The Best Cellulite Massager: What to Look for

We have already seen that cellulite massage is a very effective method against cellulite deposits. But in order for it to take effect, it must be executed regularly.

If you choose to attend a professional salon, the costs can be very high, and you probably will not be able to afford it. And you have no reason, because you can get the same treatment at home by purchasing your own cellulite massager device.

However, if you do not have the minimum knowledge, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of models available on the market. It is also quite difficult to make the difference between a good anti-cellulite massager and one that will not satisfy you.

We recommend that you consult a shopping guide like this one to make the best choice and get the body you want. Before making a choice, consider the following:

The Type of Cellulite Massager

  • Roller cellulite massager

Probably the most common and easier to use cellulite massage device, it uses personal strength to destroy excess fat deposits by stimulating blood circulation.

Practically you will apply continuous and repetitive pressure points on the affected area, a massage that will stimulate circulation by heating the area and making it easier to remove fat. You will realize when you have massaged enough when your skin becomes red.

It is the cheapest cellulite massage device and is an effective method only if you are willing to give it time. If you do not use it frequently and with considerable perseverance, you will not get to see results.

On the other hand, an even greater advantage is that you can not cause skin lesions or even muscle ones, and the level of discomfort is controlled because you will use your own strength.

  • Cellulite massager with mobile fingers

Effective anti cellulite massage deviceIt works on a roll-like principle, but this time automated and with more control options. It’s a more comfortable way to fight cellulite, but it’s also very effective. There are no disadvantages and you will see effects faster, even if the massage is milder.

These machines come with a speed control option, a change of massage direction for better circulation stimulation, and a special vibration function. You’ll just have to guide the device to the area you’re working on. It does not cause injuries, but a session must end with the appearance of the first red spots on the skin.

  • Vacuum cellulite massager

The star method of eliminating cellulite due to its increased efficiency, but also due to the beneficial effect on the skin and the body in general. Vcuum Anti-cellulite treatment acts in depth in all layers of the skin, the results being much more visible in shorter time.

Moreover, it is an excellent method of toning the skin, giving it elasticity, and stimulating the cellular immune system. It has a detoxifying effect by draining excess lymph. The only downside is the discomfort can be felt more strongly if you are a person with sensitive skin.

  • Ultrasound cellulite massager

A variant that does not cause pain, works by stimulating skins micro-circulation and metabolism. Increased circulation stimulates the production of collagen which contributes to skin elasticity. Water and lipids at the local level are also more easily eliminated.

Effects will only be visible after several sessions, and will appear differently depending on each person because it is related to each other’s metabolism and genetic heritage. A disadvantage is the risk of burns, so you should carefully consult the instructions for use.

  • Infrared cellulite massager

The infrared cellulite massage device uses infrared light rays to create electromagnetic rays. It is a direct and rapid treatment against cellulite, but it also has relaxing effects on stressed muscles, and skin purification by cleaning the pores.

Like other models, it stimulates blood circulation locally and slightly dilates blood vessels producing heat, thus destroying fat deposits. To avoid burns, however, do not use it for longer than 20 minutes.


There are also devices on the market that allow you to combine different techniques. For example, infrared or ultrasound options can be combined with roller or fingered mechanical massage to enjoy much faster effects.

The best cellulite massager will give you the opportunity to change its purpose, so you benefit from a full fledged skin care device. Thus, some devices will come in the package with the possibility of attaching a pumice stone or a brush, with the possibility of using it with or without water, to exfoliate and purify the skin in depth.

Ergonomics and Accessories

It is good to choose a device that is as easy to use as possible. Anti-cellulite mechanical massager can be quite bulky. Make sure they have a shape that allows you a good grip. Generally, you will find a coating that helps you handle the device without too much effort or the risk of it easily slipping from your hand.

Automatic devices are often connected to power outlets via a cable. Make sure its length is large enough to allow comfortable handling of the device and that it has a handle that you can easily hold.

The best anti-cellulite massager with fingers comes with at least 4 different heads, with different shapes, fingers or rollers, each of which is more effective for a certain area of the body: buttocks, thighs, etc.


The more advanced the massager technology is and more demanding, giving you even more operating options, the more expensive the device will be. Choose the best option for you depending on the degree of cellulite you have. The mechanical massage machines can cost only a few tens of ponds, while those with a more advantageous technology can exceed a few hundred pounds.

Before making a choice, try to consult a specialist to make a recommendation, or consult the opinions of other buyers. Keep in mind, however, that no cellulite massager will deserve the investment if you do not use it regularly.

Recommended Cellulite Massage Devices

Taking into account the above criteria and recommendations, studying the current market offer and user reviews, we present you below some models of cellulite massage devices that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

No products found.

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