How to Choose the Best Body Trimmer

How do you choose the best electric body trimmer? What features and functions should the best electric body trimmer have to fit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The best men body trimmerThe modern man recognizes the need for a neat and presentable look, as is the modern man. Though it seems hard to believe, men, like women, need to pay special attention to how they look.

This necessity has resulted in unwanted hair removal devices, including the body hair trimmer. We all know that body hair, especially when it is very rich and in unsightly areas, can cause a very bad first impression.

That’s why you should consider buying such a device. But how can you choose the best body trimmer?

Why Choose the Best Body Trimmer?

Maybe you already use a beard trimmer, or maybe you still use a classic razor blade. Regardless, you are certainly aware that the razor blade can be extremely irritating to the skin, causing areas of redness, irritation, or even cuts.

You do not want this for your body, so the body trimmer is more efficient and safer to use. It gives you safety, performance, efficiency and speed, exactly what a man needs in his life.

The ideal body trimmer will allow you to use it for a long time, and as often as you need, because as we know, hair grows fast enough. If you intend to use this device daily, you need to look for one with high performance. Otherwise, you can settle with a more affordable model and price.

Such a device will help you remove unwanted hair for whatever purpose: for the beach or simply because you like it. So to use it with pleasure, it is necessary to choose an ideal option for your needs.

How Do You Choose the Best Body Trimmer?

Body grooming trimmer for menAs I mentioned above your needs are the most important criteria of choice. Determine how often you use this device, on what areas you want to use it, and how portable you want it to be.

Keep in mind the user reviews, consult each review together with the information in this article and you will certainly make a good choice.

The body trimmer works roughly on the same principle as a beard trimmer, except that it is specially designed to be more effective throughout the body.

The main reason you need information before choosing such a device is that the differences between them are quite subtle, while price variations are very obvious.

How can you make the difference between a good body trimmer and a lesser one? What mode of operation is best for you? What are the issues to consider before making a purchase?

To find out the answers to these questions, we have prepared a well-structured shopping guide that contains all the information you need to choose the ideal body trimmer for you.

In your choice, takes into account the following important factors:

Type of Body Trimmer

There are two types of such devices on the market at the moment: exclusive and multifunctional:

  • Exclusive – some body trimmers are designed to remove only hair from your body. Special engineering only works for thinner hair than facial hair. In general, the product description will clearly indicate whether it is intended for the removal of body hair only. Note, however, that there are only a few such devices.
  • Multifunctional – most body trimmers also cope with the facial hair removal. Multifunctionality of the product is allowed by the possibility of changing combs and blades to adapt to the type of hair and area of action. Even so, this device will behave wonderfully no matter where you will use it.

Trimming Attachments

All areas body trimmerDepending on the body areas you want to act on, a body trimmer has several active attachments.

The best body trimmer has as many as possible attachments, around 4-5, each being specialized to serve a particular area on the body. They differ in size and shape, as well as in efficiency criteria.

A wider, double edge attachment will be perfect for use on the largest body surface. On the other hand, there will also be special attachments with thin shape for removing hair from the nose and ears, the groin area, chin adjustment and a special shape for trimming facial hair.

Do not choose a single attachment body trimmer because you will not be able to use it properly and will not be practical.

If you have sensitive skin or you are prone to allergies, make sure that the material from which the attachments and blades are made is anti-allergic.

The Combs

The combs will be useful when you want to trim your hair to a certain size. In most manufacturers’ offers you will find fixed or adjustable combs that will allow you to choose a trim size between 1 and 18mm, even 24mm for the few models.

Also, make sure combs can easily be removed when you want to remove hair completely from your body, for example, in the area of the axles.

Blades Material

The quality of the blades is a crucial issue for the efficiency of the machine. The best body trimmer, like any other trimmer, will have very sharp blades made of stainless steel and plated with zirconium or titanium, two elements that do not affect with the properties of the skin and do not harm it.

The device must also include a self-sharpening system. Otherwise, they will be blunt in short time and for manual sharpening you will need to call a specialist.


The design of the body trimmer must obviously be ergonomic. These devices are generally small in size and low weight, allowing you to handle them correctly and easily. However, make sure that the handle has a shape that allows a firm grip.

Also, because you will use the appliance in the bathroom with wet hands, the handle should contain rubber inserts that will give you greater grip and stability, thus avoiding the slipping of the trimmer.

The operating buttons should be placed in such a way that they can be accessed without creating discomfort. In addition, some body hair trimmers come with a special extension that allows you to remove hair from your back as comfortable as possible.


Easy cleaning waterproof body trimmerAny body trimmer must be waterproof, as it will also be used in shower and in wet environments. So make sure that in product description is stated is waterproof in order to not endanger your life and prevent unwanted accidents.

Power Supply

The best body trimmer should be able to use cordless power. The most recommended models are those based on a rechargeable battery. Make sure that this battery has a minimum of 30 minutes of usage time so that you don’t end up with a depleted battery half way through you hair removal session.

Respectable manufacturers include in the package and a special device that allows the battery to recharge within about an hour. Without this device, a full charge can take even 8 hours.


Generally, you opt for such a device because you want to save as much time and enjoy greater efficiency. That’s why it’s important to choose an easy-to-maintain and easy-to-clean machine.

Any trimmer that needs a more complex cleaning than a simple jet of powerful water over the blades is a device that will take a little more time and is not a wise investment. The best body trimmer should be easy to clean in seconds.

Recommended Body Trimmers

Taking into account the above criteria and recommendations, studying the current market offer and user reviews, we present you below some models of electric body trimmers that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

No products found.

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