How to Choose the Best Baby Pillow

How do you choose the best baby pillow? What you need to know when choosing the right pillow for your baby. Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The best baby pillowAs your baby grows, there will come a time when your little one will need a pillow to spend the night comfortably.

The best baby pillows are designed to give your baby a comfortable night’s sleep as long as possible.

This guide aims to provide you with everything you need to know about baby cushions. The information will be structured so that the choice of the right pillow for your child is much easier.

Why not use a normal pillow for your baby

If you have not heard of special baby pillows so far, you probably wonder why your baby can not sleep on a normal pillow.

A normal pillow is designed to provide support for the neck and head of an adult. A child does not have the same proportions as an adult, and the use of a normal pillow will put unnecessary pressure on his neck and shoulders. The resulting discomfort can lead to white nights and, in the worst case, to an incorrect posture.

Baby pillows are specially designed for the proportions of a small baby, allowing him to have a comfortable and restful sleep and allow the harmonious development of his body.

When it’s time for a pillow

There are many controversies about the best time the baby should start using a pillow. Most people think the best time is when your baby begins to use a normal bed around the age of 18-24 months.

Parents’ opinions, however, will vary a lot. Many parents will tell you that they used the baby pillows long before this age without any problems. Because each child develops and behaves differently, there seems to be no universal right moment in terms of starting to use the pillow for your little one.

Finally, as a parent, you will decide when it is the best time for the little one to start using a pillow. If you follow the baby carefully, you will see various clues indicating that he is ready to use a sleeping pillow. Be mindful of the following:

  • The baby can not sleep unless you raise or support his head
  • He is agitated at night due to discomfort
  • He rests his head on a blanket or animal
  • Look for a head on a couch on your couch or your bed

Another indicator is the child’s shoulders. Once they are broader than his head, he will probably feel more comfortable sleeping on a pillow than directly on the mattress.

The purpose of introducing a pillow into your child’s life is to rest more comfortable. If he sleeps very well without the pillow, let him be and follow the above clues to know when is the right time for a baby pillow.

The Best Baby Pillow: How to Choose

High quality baby pillowTo choose the best pillow for your child, you will need to consider the criteria below.

Take into account the allergies of the little one

Let’s say your baby is allergic to wool. Of course you will not buy a baby pillow containing wool because it will aggravate his allergy.

Knowing and taking into account the materials to which the little one is allergic to will help you more easily identify the perfect pillow for him.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Many baby pillows provide a guarantee of satisfaction. This period may vary between 90 days and up to three years, depending on the product.

The warranty may vary from brand to brand, but should generally cover manufacturing defects, loose stitches, or premature deformation of the cushion. A longer warranty may be a good indicator of higher pillow quality because the manufacturer is willing to guarantee the product for a long time.

Firm or Soft Pillow

You’ll need to get a delicate balance between comfort and support. If you press on a pillow and it does not quickly recapture its initial form, it means it is too soft and it is not safe for your baby because it presents a choking hazard.

On the other hand, if you press on the pillow and it remains immobile, it may be too firm to provide a comfortable sleep. Although most baby pillows are designed to provide optimal support, it’s good to consider this too.

Pillow Cover Material

In most cases, the outer pillow cover for children is made of cotton. Keep in mind that this cotton can be normal or organic cotton. Organic cotton does not contain harmful toxins, bleaches and dyes commonly used in cotton fabrics.

Clearly, you do not want your baby to inhale industrial chemicals while sleeping. Organic baby pillow covers will be clearly marked in this regard. If you are not sure that a baby pillow uses organic materials, it is better to assume it doesn’t, so you can be safe.

The most used materials for baby pillow covers are: Cotton, Cotton blend with polyester or Synthetic fibres.

Density of Fabric

If you ever bought bed linen, then you definitely hit the term “fabric density”. The density of the fabric refers to the number of yarns used per square meter of material.

The higher the density, the better and the stronger the pillow will be. Children’s pillows with a high density of fabric are less rough and more comfortable to use than those with a lower density.

Cushion Filling Material

Hypoallergenic baby pillow cushionUnder the pillow case is the material that keeps the baby’s head in a comfortable position.

Baby pillows can be made of various materials. From polyurethane foam to coconut fibre, you have a great variety of materials to choose from.

The most used materials for filling baby pillows are: puff, feathers, synthetic filling, foam or memory foam.

The above materials are the most commonly used materials for easy cleaning of the pillow. Be careful to choose a pillow with a stuffing that does not make noise when it moves inside the cover.

Materials such as buckwheat or certain synthetic fillings can make loud noises when the little one moves his head. These noises can awaken him from his sleep, which no parent wants him to do.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Is your child allergic to microbes, dust, mites, mould and others? Hypoallergenic pillows are made of materials that help reduce allergies. Many organic children’s pillows are naturally hypoallergenic. If the chosen pillow is not organic, then it will have to be clearly marked if it is hypoallergenic.

Washing Instructions

We all know that babies and young children are best able to get dirty. Whether the pillow gets dirty from the dirty fingers of the little ones, one thing is for sure, you have to wash the pillow.

Baby pillows can be cleaned in two ways, depending on how they are made.

Machine wash: Simply insert the pillow into the washing machine and wash it at a normal program. The baby cushion will go as clean as the day you bought it.
Detachable cover: The baby cushion has a detachable cover that protects the interior from leaks and spots. You will have to wash only the cover.

Recommended Baby Pillows

Below we recommend some models of baby pillows that offer quality and durability at a fair price. Our recommendations can not cover the whole range of baby pillows available on the market, but you should get an idea of what you need to choose. You can search for more models in online stores recommended below.

SaleRecommended Product No. 1
Silentnight Safe Nights Cot Bed Pillow - Anti Allergy Nursery Pillow For Sleeping Children Kids...
8,340 Reviews
Silentnight Safe Nights Cot Bed Pillow - Anti Allergy Nursery Pillow For Sleeping Children Kids...
  • CERTIFIED SAFETY: Produced in Oeko-Tex certified factories, this product has the ultimate seal of approval for safety standards.
  • AWARD WINNING: Part of Silentnight’s award-winning Safe Night’s collection, creating safe and breathable products for your baby that you can trust.
  • BACTERIA BLOCKER: Filled with soft anti-bacterial anti-allergy fibre that protects your little one, leaving the pillow fresh and hygienic.
Recommended Product No. 2
Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase, Jumbo 14X20 - Soft Organic Cotton Baby Pillows for Sleeping -...
19 Reviews
Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase, Jumbo 14X20 - Soft Organic Cotton Baby Pillows for Sleeping -...
  • Ergonomically Designed, 20" (L) X 14" (W) X 3.5" (H) - Highly rated by parents all around the world, our KeaBabies Toddler Pillow is ergonomically designed and tested on toddlers for the best spinal support without compromising their comfort.
  • Durable and Washable - We know that mess always happens with kids around. Our Toddler Pillows offer a machine-washable pillowcase and pillow shell, keeping your toddler’s pillow clean and fresh.
  • Natural Cotton - We use a natural cotton pillowcase and cover, which are safe for newborns and toddlers. It is ultra-soft and breathable for all seasons.
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
ClevaMama ClevaFoam Baby Cushion Prevent Flat Head Syndrome Breathable for 0 - 12 months - White...
2,234 Reviews
ClevaMama ClevaFoam Baby Cushion Prevent Flat Head Syndrome Breathable for 0 - 12 months - White...
  • Luxurious Baby Cushion - A superior comfort and protection for your newborn's head
  • Baby Cushion Prevents Flat Head - Our scientifically proven foam to prevent flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) ClevaFoam reduces pressure on cranium by up to 50% and increases support by up to 80%
  • Restful Touring - Perfect to carry it on a trip and travel, assures the comfort that your baby need while you enjoy the journey
Recommended Product No. 5
Abnaok Baby Head Shaping Pillow, Newborn Pillow, 3D Memory Foam Infant Pillow for Sleeping Newborn...
  • Package Included: 1x Memory Foam Baby Pillow (blue), size: 25cm *21cm*4cm.
  • Premium materials: The core of this newborn head correction pillow is filled with high-quality memory foam. This material is not only soft, comfortable, with good air permeability, but also has a slow rebound, which will not cause baby's allergies.
  • Baby's head shaping: This baby pillow has a wrap-around design with a groove in the middle, which can effectively fix the baby's head and avoid the flat head formed by partial pressure on the baby's head.
Recommended Product No. 6
Bamibi® Pregnancy Pillow and Nursing Pillow - Multifunctional Full Body Support Maternity Pillow...
4,892 Reviews
Bamibi® Pregnancy Pillow and Nursing Pillow - Multifunctional Full Body Support Maternity Pillow...
  • Go ahead, sleep in because it’s even more essential when you are pregnant. But comfort can be elusive. Our multi-use baby nursing pillow is for the better sleep mum dreams about
  • We got your back support! Plus mum’s neck, shoulders, arms, side and legs. To embrace its softness, untoggle our baby feeding pillow to use as a comfortable pregnancy pillow, or soft maternity pillow
  • For breastfeeding your LO hands free. Our feeding pillow for newborn LOs will surround your child in cosiness. Includes nesting baby support cushion. It’s the breastfeeding pillow baby will enjoy again and again and...

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