How To Choose the Best Swimming Pool for Your Home

How do you choose the best swimming pool for your home in 2024? What properties and features should the best swimming pool have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The Best Swimming Pool for Your HomeOne of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities during the warm season is to spend time at the swimming pool with your family or dear friends.

It is an excellent way to cool off on a sweltering day and also a way to encourage the little ones to spend more time outside.

If the idea of a public pool no longer appeals to you, or you’d like to be able to relax in the water whenever you want without having to travel, you might consider purchasing a swimming pool for your home.

This will be a great opportunity to relax and spend time with family members.

Moreover, you can enjoy this luxury at any time of the day or week.

So how do you choose the best swimming pool for your home?

Why Choose the Best Swimming Pool for Your Home?

In addition to the benefits listed above, a well-chosen home swimming pool will provide many years of fun.

Large round above ground home swimming poolHowever, if you really want to relax by the pool, you need the best swimming pool for your home.

An impulsive choice can give you a lot of headaches, and you may even end up not using it at all. You must also consider the type of pool desired, its size and the price, which can vary greatly depending on various aspects.

How To Choose the Best Swimming Pool for Your Home

To choose the best swimming pool for your home, whether we’re talking about a backyard pool or an indoor one, you need to know what to look for to ensure the price/quality ratio benefits you. In this regard, we have prepared a shopping guide, specially designed to help you make a decision that you will enjoy for years to come. When making your choice, consider the following important aspects.

Types of Home Swimming Pools

There are several types of home swimming pools that are categorised based on where they are installed, which could be indoors or outdoors, underground or above ground.

There are also variations based on the material they are made from. We will briefly enumerate and analyse the main types of home swimming pools.

  • In-ground Swimming Pool

This is the classic pool we all want because it is more durable and can be customised in all respects. However, this type of pool requires construction from scratch, it will take a long time until it’s finished, and the costs are very high.

A cheaper alternative is outdoor or indoor jacuzzi pools, which take up less space, and the purchase cost is lower as you won’t have to buy separate materials. However, bear in mind that any underground pool will include, in addition to the ordinary purchase cost, the cost for the workers who will install it.

  • Above-ground Swimming Pool

This is a much more affordable option and is the best home swimming pool if you want a pool that is extremely easy to maintain and can be set up or removed at any time.

Couple installing an above ground swimming pool in their gardenIt is perfect for medium-sized courtyards or gardens and has the advantage of being easy to install, without any specialised help.

Although you can’t customise the shape and size very much, you can choose the material it’s made from, steel or wood, and you can add accessories to make it look more attractive. It can also come with special features, such as a hydro-massage function. The only requirement for installing this type of pool is a flat surface, as uneven ground will not allow you to install it properly.

  • Inflatable Swimming Pool

Also in the category of above-ground pools are inflatable pools. The main advantage is the affordable price, as well as the ease and speed with which it can be installed. It can be inflated and ready to use in just 10 minutes.

The price varies depending on the size or additional features, and we recommend purchasing a larger pool if there are more family members who will use the pool.

Another important advantage is that it can be set up wherever you want, it’s easy to maintain and just as easy to dismantle. On the other hand, the significant disadvantage is that they don’t have a very long lifespan, needing to be replaced after 3 to 5 years of use.

  • Indoor Swimming Pool

It is advantageous because you can enjoy it all year round. However, it is the most expensive choice. This is because, in addition to the purchase and installation costs, the maintenance costs will be quite high.

The water will have to be artificially heated, and the room temperature will also need to be quite high. Moreover, due to the high level of condensation, there may be damp spots if the room is not well ventilated and does not have good air dehumidification conditions.

Another aspect is that the room will need to be quite large to enjoy an attractive design at the same time. Depending on the design of the house, you will need to choose the design of the pool because it will need to match the existing style in the home.

An indoor above-ground pool option could be a jacuzzi, an item that can be the centrepiece of a SPA room.


Regardless of the type of pool chosen, the best home pool will have the right size for the users and will be chosen based on the size of the space where it will be placed. One aspect you need to pay attention to is the representative image of the product, which can often be misleading.

Make sure you’re not just relying on that picture, but you’re carefully reading the dimensions specified in the product description. That way you’ll know if the pool you’re thinking of buying is big enough or too big, and if it’s deep enough or too deep.

It’s good to consider how many people will be in the pool at the same time, so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant experience without it being overcrowded. You should also pay attention to the differences between pools for children and for adults, especially in the case of inflatable pools.

Pools specifically designed for children have smaller dimensions and aren’t deep. They’re also the cheapest, but such a pool is insufficient for an adult. Manufacturers will sometimes also specify which age group a certain pool is intended for, so don’t ignore this detail either.


The shape will be chosen based on preferences and the peculiarities of the terrain. Sometimes, in a certain space, a rectangular pool will fit much better than a round or oval one.

Kids playing with their toys in the garden inflatable swimming poolAlso, you should know that on the market the three shapes mentioned earlier are the most popular, and only in the case of children’s pools do variations appear.

These pools have cuter and more creative shapes, just so the little one wants to spend more time at the pool.

The shape will also influence the purchase price, which will increase depending on the complexity of the pool’s shape.


The resistance of a pool will largely depend on the material it’s made from. Concrete, wood, or metal pools will obviously last longer than inflatable ones.

Being the most fragile, but also the most affordable, it’s good to keep in mind the way it’s compartmentalised and the material an inflatable pool is made from. Even though it’s cheaper, you wouldn’t want it to burst on the first use.

The fragility of an inflatable pool will be dictated by the thickness of the PVC layer. The thicker the chamber wall, the more resistant the pool will be. So if you have the chance to check the information about the thickness of this wall, always choose the pool with the thickest chamber.

Also, there are inflatable pools with multiple chambers and more air compartments. Although it will take them longer to inflate, these are more advantageous because a puncture will not affect the entire structure of the pool, but just a smaller compartment.


From the above, we can conclude that a more expensive pool is generally also harder to maintain. The same can be said about large size pools. In the case of classic pools, you need to consider the effects of water on the walls, such as limescale deposits from hard water, which need to be prevented by using a limescale remover.

In the case of inflatable pools, you need to consider replacing the water much more often, as they are not equipped with an automatic water filtration and sanitisation system, and bacteria and microbes that will dirty the water and make it dangerous can easily develop.

To slow down this process, it’s good to have built-in pumps that will encourage water movement. Another maintenance measure is using a cover that will prevent larger impurities from getting into the water.

What Accessories Should the Best Home Swimming Pool Have?

  • Cover – protects the water from impurities, and the child from sunlight
  • Slide – makes time spent at the pool much more fun.
  • Seats – especially useful for children’s pools
  • Water sprayers – A system that sprays water into the pool, similar to a fountain, very fun for the little ones.
  • Integrated pumps – They have the role of moving the water to prevent bacteria and microbes from forming easily.
  • Water filtration system – to keep the water always sanitised and perfect for use.

Price and Manufacturers

An indication of the price/quality ratio can be the manufacturer’s reputation. That’s why it’s good to research them as best you can, consulting other users’ opinions beforehand. Also, keep in mind that the more significant the benefits, the higher the purchase price will be.

With this information at your disposal, you will surely choose the best home pool, which will satisfy you from all points of view.

Recommended Swimming Pools for Your Home

Taking into account the advice above, analysing buyer opinions, and the available offerings, we recommend the following models of Swimming Pools for Your Home that offer excellent value for money.

SaleRecommended Product No. 1
Bestway Steel Pro Max | Round Frame Swimming Pool with Filter Pump, Above Ground Frame Pools, Grey,...
  • STEEL PRO MAX: An above-ground frame pool, ideal for space-saving in your garden, featuring a rigid shape for enhanced durability; It comes as a complete set, including 1 framed pool, 1 filter pump with filter (220-240 V), and a repair patch
  • FLOW CONTROL AND FILTER PUMP SYSTEM: Equipped with a drain valve for easy draining and disassembly, along with a filter to maintain clean water
  • SEAL AND LOCK: This distinctive system prevents friction between metal parts and inhibits rust formation for a secure connection; It also features the ClickConnect System, where frame connectors make setting up the pool a breeze, without the need for additional tools
Recommended Product No. 2
GALAXYER Inflatable Paddling Pool, 3 Rings Large Rectangular Family Swimming Center for Kids...
102 Reviews
GALAXYER Inflatable Paddling Pool, 3 Rings Large Rectangular Family Swimming Center for Kids...
  • 🏊【Family-Size Pool】Large portable inflatable swimming pool designed for home, dimensions 205 × 125 × 50 cm (80.7" × 49.2" × 19.6"), perfect for 2-4 people to enjoy a splash pool party in summer.
  • 🏊【Strong & Harmless Material】Made of high-quality BPA-free material, the thickness reaches 0.4mm, which more effectively reduces the risk of puncture and wear. Allowing your child to enjoy the fun of water.
  • 🏊【Three Separate Air Chambers】The swimming pool has three layers of independent air chambers, which effectively disperse the pressure, making the swimming pool safer and more durable even for adult.
Recommended Product No. 3
Intex 32ft x 16ft x 52inch Rectangular Ultra XTR Metal Frame Swimming Pool with Sand Filter, Ladder,...
  • 32ft x 16ft x 52inch (9.75m x 4.88m x 1.32m) rectangular pool using the latest in swimming pool design technology
  • Supplied with Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump with Hydro Aeration Technology. Note no sand is included. Intex Glass Filtration Media available on Amazon
  • Safety ladder included with easily removable steps (Max load 136KG). When the pool is not in use they can quickly be detached and removed from the pool area. Ground cloth and pool cover included
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
INTEX | 28272 Metal Frame Rectangular Outdoor Swimming Pool, Filter Pump Not Included, Capacity 3834...
  • Ready For Water In 30 Minutes
  • Instruction DVD Included
  • Pump Not Included
Recommended Product No. 5
24Ft X 12Ft X 52In Ultra Xtr Rectangular Pool Set
  • 24ft x 12ft x 52inch (7.32m x 3.66m x 1.32m) rectangular pool using the latest in swimming pool design technology
  • Supplied with Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump with Hydro Aeration Technology. Note no sand is included. Intex Glass Filtration Media available on Amazon
  • Safety ladder included with easily removable steps (Max load 136KG). When the pool is not in use they can quickly be detached and removed from the pool area. Ground cloth and pool cover included
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
Thickened Swimming Pool Self-Inflatables 300 x 182 x 51CM Family Rectangle Deep Inflatables Large...
  • 【Family-size Lounge Pool for Gardens 10 FT】Beat the heat and spend some quality time with the family this summer with this 3-tier well-constructed paddling pool. This rectangular, inflatable pool measures 300 cm long, 182 cm wide & 51cm depth with 2300L water capacity fits a family with 2 adults and 3-5 kids comfortably to enjoy a splashing pool party in summer. It is an ideal choice for families to enjoy indoors and outdoors.
  • 【Easy to Set Up and Store】Thanks to innovative ONE-BUTTON Inflation Tech, the swimming pools can be inflated automatically and quickly by a build-in powerful air pump. It takes only about 7 Minutes to set this pool up, as opposed to several hours. No cumbersome wiring, more convenient and safer. With no pool filter, no filter pump, and no electric pump necessary, this blow up pool is ready to go when you are. Requires 8 × 1.5V AA batteries (not included).
  • 【Thicken and Stable Compartment Design】Durably made with 0.4mm thickening PVC tarpaulin, 50% thicker than most in the market, reducing the risk of punctures. Featuring 3 airtight air compartments, each of which has double air inlets and free-flow exhaust valves to prevent the infiltration of air or water while bearing the weight. What's more, 3 repair patch is included, extend your happy hours, allow for multiple uses for a long time.
SaleRecommended Product No. 7
Bestway Family Paddling Pool Inflatable Swimming Pool with Built-in Seats, Family Fun Lounge Pool,...
1,909 Reviews
Bestway Family Paddling Pool Inflatable Swimming Pool with Built-in Seats, Family Fun Lounge Pool,...
  • FAMILY PADDLING POOL: Provides endless entertainment and the ultimate relaxation on a hot summer's day! It's the perfect escape from the heat to enjoy quality family time
  • BUILT-IN SEATS: and 2 cup holders for the ultimate comfort. An ideal-sized pool to cool off on a hot summer's day! The built-in seats provide better stability while splashing around with your kids
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made from strong, sturdy, pre-tested vinyl to withstand active family play! The sturdy inflatable walls ensure stability and provide extra resilience, creating the best memories for your family
Recommended Product No. 8
Dellonda 13ft Deluxe Steel Frame Swimming Pool Rectangular with Accessories - DL139
  • Easy, Tool-Free Assembly – Using a clever locking system this pool is assembled in 30 minutes without any tools. The triple-layered PVC walls are puncture resistant and the Galvanised steel ensures you’ll enjoy the pool for many years to come.
  • Massive Capacity – This pool holds more than 7,000 litres when full, plenty of space for playing with the kids. Whether you’re enjoying a day with the family in the garden or taking a cool dip after a long day, there’s loads of room for everyone.
  • Fully Equipped – Includes our 6-step ladder, without a top platform. We also include a puncture repair kit as standard so you never have to worry. The deluxe upgrade includes additional filters, a starter chemical kit, a non-rigid cover as well as a ground sheet.

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