How To Choose The Best Electric Wall Convector

How do you choose the best electric wall convector heater in 2024? What functions and features should the electric wall convector have according to your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice. 

How To Choose The Best Electric Wall ConvectorDespite the controversial price, electricity remains the best source of heating for many people who live in more isolated areas without gas installation or who do not need to heat a very large space. 

Against this background, an electric wall convector is a very good option that saves space while preserving the classic look of a radiator, without unsightly pipes of course. 

Chosen correctly, it can provide heat throughout the winter. So here’s how to choose the best electric wall convector. 

Why Choose The Best Electric Wall Convector? 

The electric convector is a preferred option for many who want an extra source of fast heating or those who do not have access to fuels such as gas, wood, pellets, etc. 

All you have to do is connect the appliance to the electricity source and turn it on. Inside it will heat elements that will then heat the surrounding air, heating very quickly and strongly a room of the right size. 

Recommended Top Electric Wall Convectors 2024

Considering the guidance provided, coupled with buyer feedback and the options on the market, we suggest these models of Electric Wall Convectors as top choices for cost-effectiveness.

Recommended Product No. 1
848 Reviews
DONYER POWER Convector Radiator Heater with 24-HR Timer/Electrical/Room Heating/Oil-Free Radiator
  • ※ Parameters: 220~240V/50Hz, Size: 20.5” X 7.9” X 14.8”,24-hour timing
  • ※ 3 settings in heating output: 750W/1250W/2000W (Setting 1: 750W, Setting 2: 1250W, Setting 3: 2000W. Note: Setting 3 means both switches are turned on)
  • ※ Have two supporters: Two wall-mounted holes on the back, free-standing and wall mounted(Fixings Not Supplied)
Recommended Product No. 2
101 Reviews
Oypla 2000W White Glass Free Standing/Wall Mounted Electric Panel Convector Heater
  • Intelligent Touch-Control Programming
  • Adjustable Temperature - 24 Hour Timer - Climate Control
Recommended Product No. 3
251 Reviews
Stiebel Eltron Convector CNS 200 Trend UK Wall mounted electric panel heater, 2000 W for about 20...
  • Wall mounted convector – ideal as a booster heater or interim heater for spring/autumn
  • 2000 W heating output to heat a room of approx. 20 sqm
  • Even, quiet room air heating
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
54 Reviews
Dimplex ML2TSTIE7 2kW Convector Heater, Electric Freestanding & Wall Mountable Plug In Electric...
  • DIMPLEX ML2TSTIE7 2KW CONVECTOR HEATER - A versatile home heating unit with near silent operation, 7 day timer, thermostat, large rotary dial, fast heat up and highly accurate electric climate control
  • FREE STANDING OR WALL MOUNTED - Dimplex convector heaters are ideal for heating larger rooms, such as living rooms or conservatories, by circulating warm air throughout the space for a rapid warm up
  • ML SERIES CONVECTOR – Ideal for many house or office sizes, this stylish convector offers top-of-the-line, easy to use control options for maximum accuracy and energy efficient operation
Recommended Product No. 5
70 Reviews
Oypla 2000W Black Glass Free Standing/Wall Mounted Electric Panel Convector Heater
  • Intelligent Touch-Control Programming
  • Adjustable Temperature - 24 Hour Timer - Climate Control
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
1 Reviews
Suprills Electric Heater Glass Panel Radiator,1kw Thermo Convector, Wall Mounted & Free Standing...
  • Versatile Heating Solution: The Suprills Electric Heater is a reliable portable heater, perfect as a space heater for any room in your home, including as a bedoom heater. Its sleek black design makes it a stylish addition to any decor.
  • Wall Mounted and Free Standing: This electric heater can be used as bedroom heaters wall mounted electric or free standing . Thanks to electric radiators free standing it can moved from room to room.
  • Energy Efficient: As an electric heater energy efficient model, this convector heater reduce energy costs. It's one of the most efficient and cheap to run electric heaters for home low energy,
Recommended Product No. 7
3 Reviews
AMOS 2000W Wifi Enabled Electric Convector Panel Heater Radiator Alexa Enabled, Energy Efficient 3...
  • Diverse Heating Selections: Revel in bespoke comfort with three heating modes: Comfort, Economic, and Anti-Freeze, each designed to provide customised warmth tailored to your environment's specific needs, ensuring optimal temperature regulation for any situation.
  • Precise Temperature Management: Effortlessly maintain your desired level of comfort with an electronic adjustable thermostat, offering pinpoint accuracy in temperature settings to cater to your personal preferences, ensuring a consistently comfortable atmosphere.
  • Unwavering Safety Commitment: Benefit from added tranquillity with our heater's overheat safety protection feature, designed to offer a secure and worry-free heating experience, prioritising your safety above all for uninterrupted comfort and reassurance.
Recommended Product No. 8
96 Reviews
ADAX Neo Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heater With Timer, Thermostat. Modern, With Temperature...
  • Buy online from Richmond Radiators: The Adax Neo is a top-quality wall mounted Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator from Norwegian manufacturer Adax. Style / Type: flat panel, slim / slimline, modern / stylish / designer. Colours: white, black, silver. Economic, efficient, long-lasting.
  • Features: convection heating, lcd temperature display, digital thermostat, 24 hour / 7 day timer, open window recognition, adaptive start, child lock (tamper proof), anti-asthma/allergy, on/off switch, overheat protection, IP20 (not suitable for bathrooms). LOT 20 / ErP Compliant.
  • Height (all models) 370mm. Wall Projection = 84mm. Available power outputs / room size heated / width: 400W - 6m2 - 474mm. 600W - 7.5m2 - 589mm. 800W - 10m2 - 704mm. 1000W - 12.5m2 - 762mm. 1200W - 15m2 - 934mm. 1400W - 1042mm. 2000W - 25m2 - 1394mm.
SaleRecommended Product No. 9
451 Reviews
Purus 600W White Electric Radiator Heaters for Home, Bathroom Safe Electric Heater Setback Timer Lot...
  • Simple Installation: The Purus white electric heater can be installed on any standard home building wall, it can also be floor standing due to the feet supplied. Power Cable size 1.75m (cable located on the right side of the heater). Product Dimensions: L 45cm x D 8.5cm x H 40cm Approx, H 45cm when floor standing, Lightweight at only 2.9kgs and comes with a standard UK 3 pin 13 amp power plug.
  • Energy Saving: The Purus electric heaters for home enables you to set your desired temperature between 5°C to 35°C and with our eco auto open window detection - This is an automatic built in function which if the room heater detects a sudden drop of 5 degrees or more in room temperature it switches itself off.
  • Room Coverage: The integral precision thermostat which is accurate to within half a degree, the convector heater will switch on or off automatically to maintain your set temperature. Coverage up to 7.5 square metre room. (for example L2.75m x W2.75m Approx). (Please take note when setting the temperature, if the room where the heating is being used has poor insulation or is situated in larger room than the electric heater is designed for, you may not see the heater reach your desired temperature).
Recommended Product No. 10
50 Reviews
1000W Small Convector Heater, Ultra-thin Wall-mounted or Freestanding, Black Glass Panel
  • ※ Product size: 51*7.7*38.5CM, Net Weight: 3.8KG
  • ※ HEAT SETTINGS: 1000 watts for maximum energy efficiency.
  • ※ Elegant design: Lightweight, slim and compact. The heater's legs are removable and can be used either freestanding or wall-mounted.

How To Choose The Best Electric Wall Convector 

Although its effectiveness depends largely on the accuracy with which you choose the right power for the size of the room, as well as the level of insulation of the room, there are many other factors that can influence this aspect. 

That’s why it’s important to be very knowledgeable when you want to buy the best electric wall convector for you. 

Seemingly unimportant details can greatly influence the price of a product, so you need to know how to choose one in absolute balance with your needs and budget. 

The offer on the market is quite rich, and the terms very specific, especially because it is not a popular choice among consumers. Plus, it’s an investment you only need to think about a few times in your life, so it’s no wonder if you’re confused studying the deals. 

To help you out, we’ve prepared this shopping guide. This article contains all the information you need to be able to make the best purchase the first time. In addition, to make your search shorter, at the end you will find our favorite offers, available now at the best quality/price ratio on the market. 

So here are the details that can make the difference and should not miss you: 

Why Choose A Wall-Mounted Option? 

Electric wall convectors are very easy to install. If they come with cable, you’ll need to install them near an outlet. 

In the delivery package, you will most likely find elements necessary for wall mounting. Also, such appliances are quite lightweight, so you will be able to mount them on almost any kind of wall. 

This way of mounting is also desirable visually, because the appearance obtained will be a clean one, without unsightly cables in sight. You can also choose a model that connects via cables directly to the electrical installation. In this case, you’ll need to hire an electrician to make the connection. 

Also, wall mounting is the best option for small rooms. However, if you are not determined that you want to use the convector always in the same place, it is desirable to choose a floor one that is much more mobile. 

Power of The Electric Wall Convector 

The power of the electric wall convector will be expressed in watts. What you will find displayed in the product description is the maximum power at which it can operate. 

You will need a more powerful device or you can settle for something weaker that costs less, depending on how you want to use these convectors. 

If you want to choose a wall convector that will be the main source of heating, You will have to choose an appliance that will cope with the space to be heated. In other words, the larger the room, the higher the number of watts should be. 

However, depending on the brand, one appliance may be better than the other, even if less or equal power. Efficiency also depends on other factors. Therefore, specialists recommend that you orient yourself by another criterion when deciding whether the intake is suitable for your space. 

Most manufacturers will also indicate the maximum surface area that the appliance is likely to be able to heat. This indicator is more accurate and relevant than the power of the apparatus. 

The duty of the user is to accurately measure the space and select an electric wall convector, ensuring that the area of the room is less than the maximum coverage of the appliance. 

Of course, the use of the electric wall convector as a primary source of heating is discouraged, being recommended only in temporarily used rooms, such as an office or a guest room. 

A better choice as the main heating source, also electrical, is the electric radiator that heats the objects in the room, not the air, and thus is much more efficient in terms of consumption. 

If you want to use the electric wall convector to support a main heating source, for example a backup variant, or a method to quickly raise the room temperature in case of emergency, you can choose small variants with medium or even low power, because they will successfully cope with the task of giving a little heat when needed. 

The Size of The Electric Wall Convector 

Since it is a wall model that heats the surrounding air, its size will also greatly influence the efficiency of the appliance. What you need to know is that the device must be chosen according to the space you have available. So it is mandatory to take a tape measure and make sure you have enough room for the desired model, taking into account that it should not sit close to furniture or any other flammable object. 

Also, check their thickness, especially if you install them in tight rooms or near a door. 

When it comes to efficiency, you should know that the larger they are, the better they will heat a room. For some who have a lot of space it is more cost-effective to buy a larger model but with less power, since many times, it will do as good a job as a smaller model with greater power but that is more expensive. 

Control Options of The Electric Wall Convector

You’ll want to have as much control over the operation of the electric wall convector as possible, as many of these control options help save energy.

Here are the control options that the best electric wall convector should have: 


A thermostat will monitor the temperature level in the room and turn the appliance on or off to keep the desired temperature constant. This ensures your comfort regardless of the outside temperature and ensures that you will not waste energy heating the room above the temperature level considered comfortable. 


This is the minimum level of programming a convector can offer. Basically, this control function allows you to set how long after switching on the device should stop working. Thus, you prevent unwanted energy consumption and avoid errors where you accidentally leave the device on when you do not need it. 

It is a particularly useful feature for those who want a certain temperature level in the bedroom before falling asleep, or those who want to use a room for only a few hours. 


The most advanced models of electric wall convectors give you complete control over your heating. So you can create custom heating schedules with different temperatures for each hour of each different day of the week. 

This function is useful in various situations. For example, when you want to heat a space only during the day, when you want to heat a place only from Monday to Friday or when you want the temperature level in one room to be different from that in another room. 

Thus, a digitized programming option, possibly also smart through an app on your phone, gives you many more options for saving energy. 

Remote control 

A remote control will greatly facilitate the control of the thermostat or have programs of use. You will be able to do any help remotely, without having to actually go to the machine. This possibility will be particularly practical for those who have locomotor dysfunctions, and going to the device would be an effort to be avoided. 

Mounting The Electric Wall Convector 

Mounting will be simpler or more complicated depending on the model chosen. 

The most complicated will be in the case  of models without cable with socket, which will have to be connected to the electricity installation of the house, directly by an electrician. They will have a permanent position, so you need to choose their place more carefully. 

Less complicated will be the mounting of the wall electric convector with a socket. It will need to be mounted on a wall mount, but the operation can be done by anyone with minimal experience, provided they follow the instructions in the mounting manual. 

A more flexible variant is that of the wall/floor convector. It will also come with support legs that can be on wheels. Thus, if space allows, you may prefer not to mount it on the wall. 

As for the area where to mount it, it is suitable for all rooms, except for the bathroom. A much better option for the bathroom is the heated towel rack, which can be electric. 

Appearance of The Electric Wall Convector 

If you choose an electric wall convector for your home, then appearance will be one of the details that can influence your decision. If you want the convector for a temporary location, like an office, then appearance is not important. 

You should know, however, that the way it looks will greatly influence the price of the device, those with cleaner and pleasant aesthetics, costing more. 

The most beautiful and expensive ones will not have very noticeable ventilation grills. Also, the slimmer they will be, the better they will look, but also the price will be higher. 

As for colors, most of them are classic white, but for those who want a little contrast or have a more modern interior décor, there are also black models. 

Safety Features

The best electric wall convector must also be able to provide sufficient safety options. 

  • Self-shutting – all such appliances should be equipped with some form of thermal shutdown. Basically, the appliance should automatically turn off if the temperature passes the safe threshold. This prevents overheating and the malfunctions that come with this. 
  • Safety certificates – all electric wall convectors must have safety certificates, which you can recognize by the CE label. This is how the manufacturer proves that the appliance is approved by the European Council. It is desirable to choose an appliance that also has the BEAB label. This indicates that the manufacturing process has been carried out in accordance with the rules in force, under inspection and has been tested by a third-party authority. 
  • Allergies – a disadvantage of electric convectors is the circulation of warm air in the room, which can scatter dust into the air. It can aggravate or even activate dust allergies in humans. So, if you have allergies or are prone to them, such a device is not a safe choice for you. 

Energy Efficiency: How Green is Your Electric Wall Convector?

In your quest to pick the perfect electric wall convector, considering safety and practicality is paramount. Nevertheless, it’s important not to overlook another equally crucial factor: the energy efficiency of your unit.

An energy-efficient electric wall convector not only helps to cut down on your monthly energy bills but also reduces your carbon footprint, playing a significant role in preserving the environment.

But how do you know if the product you’re eyeing up is truly energy efficient? Here are several pointers to guide you in your decision-making process.

Look for Energy Star Certification

One of the surest ways to ascertain energy efficiency is by checking for an Energy Star certification. This label, awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indicates that the product meets stringent energy efficiency standards. If the electric wall convector you’re considering has this badge, you’re on the right track.

Check the Wattage

Also pay attention to the unit’s wattage, as this can give you an indication of how much power it uses. Generally, the lower the wattage, the less energy the unit consumes. However, this should be balanced against the size of the room it needs to heat; a low-wattage device may struggle to heat a larger space efficiently.

Analyze the Heating Technology

Another factor worth considering is the heating technology used. Some electric wall convectors, such as those using infrared heating, can be more efficient because they heat people and objects directly rather than heating the air. Conversely, convectors that use a fan to circulate warm air can be less energy efficient, particularly in larger spaces.

By bearing in mind these key considerations, you can make an informed decision when selecting your electric wall convector. An energy-efficient choice not only benefits you financially but also aids in the global fight against climate change. Remember, being green isn’t just trendy, it’s a responsibility we all share to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and our planet.

Noise of The Electric Wall Convector

You may already know this, but it’s worth emphasising: the noise level of your electric wall convector is a crucial factor to consider. Especially if the convector is going to be a permanent feature in your home, the frequent use or indefinite operation means the amount of noise it produces will directly impact your comfort and peace of mind. So, how does one go about this? Let’s walk through it together.

First, you should be aware that the noise level largely depends on the design of the convector and the quality of its components. More silent models employ smart features like noise reduction technology or precision-engineered fans for quiet operation. But watch out, because although they are more pleasant to live with, these quieter models tend to come with a higher price tag. It’s the small price you pay for ongoing comfort.

However, don’t despair at the thought of breaking the bank. While it’s true that some more expensive models are exquisitely quiet, there are also budget options that have taken considerable strides in reducing operating noise. A good rule of thumb is to look for units with a decibel rating of 50 or less, as these are generally considered “quiet” models. Remember, it’s all about balance – in this case, between cost and quality of life.

Lastly, consider the location of your convector. If it’s in a room where you spend a lot of time or one that demands silence (like a bedroom or study), it may be worth investing a little more for a quieter model. On the other hand, in spaces where a little background hum won’t bother you, a noisier – and cheaper – model may suffice.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge to make the best decision when choosing your electric wall convector. Weigh these factors, consider your specific requirements, and you’ll end up with the perfect model for your needs.

Unfolding User Experiences: Reviews and Ratings on the Best Electric Wall Convectors

Now that technical specifications and green considerations have been tidied away, let’s turn our attention to perhaps one of the most important aspects of choosing the right electric wall convector: the opinions of those who have already bought and tested various models. After all, what better way to really understand a product’s performance than by learning from those who have experienced it firsthand?

An in-depth exploration of user reviews and ratings will provide invaluable insights into a heater’s functionality, efficiency, longevity, and even its ease of installation.

While manufacturers may make bold claims and offer impressive guarantees, you’ll often find that user reviews offer a more realistic picture of a product’s ability to deliver as promised. This is where praise or complaints about the heat output, flexibility, durability and noise level come to the surface. Look for patterns in reviews: if multiple users have the same concerning issues or share the same compliments, these can be taken as reliable indicators of a product’s strengths or weaknesses.

A further look at the star-ratings can provide a quick understanding of the product’s overall quality. A high average rating, from a substantial quantity of reviews, is an excellent sign that you’re looking at a top-notch unit. Be wary, however, of products that have only a handful of extremely positive reviews, as these could potentially be less reliable.

Finally, when you read reviews, do look out for mentions of the company’s customer service. A company’s willingness and ability to solve issues is a testament to their commitment and can be a lifesaver if your unit runs into any problems.

In conclusion, customer reviews and ratings are an indispensable part of your shopping journey. They compliment your product understanding with real-world experiences, providing a more rounded and grounded view. So spend a little extra time on this crucial step, and you’re most likely to end up with the electric wall convector that best suits your needs.


You can find the best electric wall convector online. Here you will find various models from which you can choose the ideal one for your needs, but which will also satisfy your rigors in terms of appearance. Don’t forget to check the opinion of other users in the review section. 

Now that you’ve gone through all this information, you’re ready to buy the best electric wall convector. 

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