How to Choose the Best Smart Plug Power Outlet

How do you choose the best smart plug outlet for your home? What functions and features should the best smart plug have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

Smart or “intelligent” devices seem to be increasingly present, if not more necessary in the lives of each of us. This is why humanity is headed in a sure direction: the smart home or the intelligent home.

Like today we have a smartphone and we could not imagine life without it, in the not too distant future we will not imagine a home without most of the “smart” facilities.

One seemingly small step toward obtaining a smart home is to purchase and install a smart plug or a “smart outlet”. The many advantages that such a plug outlet offers will convince you of the need to purchase one.

So find out how to choose the best smart plug outlet in the article below.

What Are the Advantages of a Smart Plug Outlet?

You probably wonder what makes it worth the term “smart” outlet. Well, this socket does much more than allow you to connect to a power source. It gives you the possibility to control the devices connected to this outlet remotely through an internet connection and a special application. Besides, it also helps you to make significant savings in the power consumption.

You could find such an outlet very practical in situations where it is necessary to turn on or off the appliances from a distance. Let’s say you don’t remember whether or not you left your air conditioner open or your iron.

Or you may want to turn on some appliances in advance, such as the electric oven, to be already heated when you get home. You may have this level of control with the best smart plug.

You will also receive notifications on the phone about any electrical malfunction, and also you will be able to check the electrical consumption level of each device.

How Do You Choose the Best Smart Electrical Outlet?

Being a product that is gaining more and more popularity every day, it is normal for many models with more or less special functions to appear on the market.

Since the price of such a smart plug can sometimes reach even hundreds of pounds, you cannot afford to choose randomly. That is why it is very good to be informed about the smart plug, before you decide to buy a certain model.

To help you in your choice, we have prepared a shopping guide in which we present you what functions and features should the best smart outlet have to make it worth your money.

So, making your choice, consider the following important issues:


In order to be able to operate the smart outlet it must connect to the home Wi-Fi network through a Linux platform. This makes it possible for you to access it and control it remotely, as long as the home internet is functional and your control device is connected to the internet.

The thing to look out for is compatibility. You cannot use a smart plug at all if it is not compatible with your device. So, before you buy, check the operating systems (iOS, Android or Windows) that the smart plug is compatible with.

What Functions and Features Should the Best Smart Plug Have?

Control On Any Mobile Device

once the connection between the plug and the device is made you will have absolute control over its functionality, in the sense that you will be able to turn on or off access to the power source, thus managing to control the connected devices. Check beforehand that the smart socket you want can withstand the electrical load of the devices you want to connect.


the best smart plug outlet also gives you the opportunity to program the start-up and stop times. This feature can be useful if you know you will not be able to connect your phone to the internet to directly control the outlet.


High-performance devices have the ability to deliver a report after each start or stop so you can be sure that the action you ordered from your device was successfully executed.

Overload Alert

When you encounter such electricity issues, you will receive a notification on the phone.

Measurement of Power Consumption

A function that allows you to check the energy consumption of each appliance in your home. All the data will be saved in an archive, and in this way you will be able to figure out which device consumes the most in the house. Basically you will be able to find out where the household problems are and try to solve them now.

Child Safety

We know that little ones are very attracted to such objects. Especially if there is a new object in the house, if it is illuminated and if he is told that he is not allowed to touch it, the child will feel very attracted to this outlet.

The best smart outlet, however, will be safe enough not to endanger the safety of the child if he has access to it.


The warranty of such a product must be of at least 2 years. A good manufacturer will provide you with this warranty period as well as the possibility to extend this period.

However, given that the technology is constantly evolving, over 2 years you will most likely want to replace your smart socket with a more efficient one that gives you more control options.


It is normal to be interested in the company that produces the best smart plug outlet. Even if we can’t name the best, we can give you some indicative examples of companies that have built a good reputation among users who have been satisfied with the performance of their devices.

Depending on the number of functions offered by their outlet, but also on the quality / price ratio, the most recommended brands are: TP-Link, D-Link, Edimax, Panasonic, or Fibaro.

Before buying a product, especially if you buy it online, we recommend that you consult the opinions of other buyers in order to have a better perspective on the quality and durability of smart plug outlet you want to buy.

Recommended Smart Plug Power Outlets

Taking into account the above advice, analyzing the available offer and buyer feedback, we can recommend below a few models of smart plug power outlets that offer excellent value for money.

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