How to Choose the Best Car Speakers

How do you choose the best car speakers? What do you need to know before choosing the best car speakers for you? Read our article to find out.

Why Choose the Best Car Speakers?

The best car speakersUnless you bought a new car with a premium audio system, it has cheap car speakers system installed in the factory – usually with a single speaker that reproduces all the frequencies of the audio signal.

Car makers use low-quality car speakers to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible. However, factory-installed car speakers can quickly lose their fidelity, especially if you always use the audio system.

After a while, your favourite songs will start to sound tired and distorted, forcing you to listen at low volume or to stop the audio system.

Fortunately, replacing car speakers equipped from the factory with some better products is pretty easy, the only tool you’ll need is a screwdriver.

Replacing the simple car speakers from the factory with some quality speakers equipped with multiple audio channels will provide a significant improvement in the sound quality in your car.

Two or three-way car speakers are the most popular choices when it comes to replacing those in the factory because separate speakers faithfully play different audio frequency ranges. Instead of a single loudspeaker to handle all frequencies, mixing bass, mediums and highs without any success, they will be heard clearly and bright.

The best car speakers will allow you to discover sounds you did not hear using the speakers that came with the car. You will even understand the lyrics that before seemed unintelligible and the fine guitar accords that were buried in the noise. You will hear the drums as if you are at a concert.

By replacing the car speakers from the factory, the daily journey to work will become a joy that you can hardly expect. You will be anxious to start your journey long enough to enjoy the quality of music for a long time and you will not find it so much a chore to travel a road that crosses the city.

The best car speakers will help you rediscover your passion for music!

How to Choose the Best Car Speakers

The speakers create the sound by moving the air in their neighbourhood on different frequencies.

Coaxial 2 way car speakersThis basic property makes cars one of the toughest acoustic spaces because there are a multitude of factors that can influence air movement: sound of engine vibrations, sound and vibration of the tires while running on the road, the capabilities of the inside materials to reflect or absorb the sound waves, the shape of the interior, etc.

Every car presents its own acoustic challenges. A car speaker can sound perfectly in a car model and very stupid in another.

The first step in choosing the right car speakers is finding the right size for your car. It does not matter how well a speaker sounds if it does not fit in the grip.

The usual places where speakers are mounted are the doors of the car and the rear axle, above the luggage compartment.

Below are some basic criteria for guiding you when choosing the best car speakers.

Rear Speakers

For the rear-mounted speakers you need to be careful not only to their ability to reproduce a bass but also to the faithful reproduction of the other frequencies as well as to the stereo space effect that must leave the impression that the whole band is with you in the car .

One of the most important specifications of a car speaker is the sensitivity that is measured by the volume you hear standing one meter away from the loudspeaker when the loudspeaker uses 1 Watt of power.

A higher sensitivity score means you can produce more volume with less power. In addition, consider the frequency response, maximum power, impedance and mounting depth.

Door speakers

Door speakers differ quite a bit in size. For example, a small car will use 8-10 centimetres speakers due to limited space. Most mid-sized cars use 13-centimeters in diameter for door-mounted speakers. However, the most common dimension is 16.5 centimetres.

Consider the same sound reproduction criteria as the rear speakers, comparing sensitivity, frequency response, maximum power, impedance and mounting depth.

The best door car speakers have high sensitivity and power, low impedance and low installation depth.

Design of Car Speakers

Powerful 3 way car speakersWe find a wide range of models in the car speaker series. If you want the best audio experience you will have to choose specialized speakers. However, these speakers are not for the novice of car audio systems.

Using a subwoofer and tweeters as separate speakers requires a personalized installation, and you will definitely need to dismantle the entire interior of the car to find the ideal mounting position for them.

If you are an audiophile that can not live without the best audio experience, it’s definitely worth the trouble.

The most common models of car speakers are those with two or three ways. These speakers incorporate a bass speaker and additional speakers for medium and high frequencies. Some manufacturers even offer four or five-way loudspeakers that further lead the separation of frequencies.

The best car speakers include a tweeter with adjustable position that allows you to position the sound in the best position for your car.

Support and warranty

First of all, you should consider the manufacturer’s warranty. For most models this is one year. In case you have problems with the purchased product, choose a manufacturer that offers phone or email support and has an authorized service centre in your area. You can also find solutions and answers to questions on forums for users passionate about car audio.

If the car speakers you hear sound broken and tired, you have no reason not to replace them with much better car speakers. In most cases, installation takes just a few minutes. A screwdriver and a desire to experience high-quality sound are all you need.

Best Car Speakers: Recommendations

Taking into account the above criteria and user recommendations, you will find below some models of car speakers that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

JVC CS J420X 10 cm 2-Way Coaxial Speaker – Black
3,841 Reviews
JVC CS J420X 10 cm 2-Way Coaxial Speaker – Black
  • 10 cm 2-way coaxial speaker, power handling 210 Watts Max/21 W RMS, Frequency Range: 45 – 22,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90dB/W.M; Cone Woofer with shiny composite fiber cone
  • Balanced polyurethane foam Imid dome tweeter – Ferrite Magnet (woofer)
Pioneer TS-R1750S 17cm 3-way Coaxial Speakers (250W)
595 Reviews
In Phase Car Audio SXT1 Speaker - 1/2 Inch 200W PEI Silk Dome Tweeter (2 x Speakers),Black
88 Reviews
In Phase Car Audio SXT1 Speaker - 1/2 Inch 200W PEI Silk Dome Tweeter (2 x Speakers),Black
  • PEI SILK DOME AND BUTYL RUBBER SURROUND - Allows for crystal clear highs to be played and listened to without any sharpness or colouration from the speaker
  • 200 WATT PEAK POWER HANDLING - These speakers allow up to 200W peak to each speaker and 75W RMS power
  • 1/2" HIGH TEMPERATURE VOICE COIL - Ferro fluid voice coil cooling helps dissipate heat when the tweeter is being driven hard thereby reducing distortion
Pioneer TS-A6970F 6' x 9' 5-Way Coaxial System (600W)
847 Reviews
Pioneer TS-A6970F 6" x 9" 5-Way Coaxial System (600W)
  • Improved sound: The new car speakers of the Pioneer A series are specially designed for first-class and powerful sound and offer excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Compatible with many vehicle models: The speaker boxes are sturdy, lightweight and offer many mounting options allowing installation into a large number of vehicle models.
  • Perfect sound in the car: Thanks to their high load capacity, sensitivity and the IMPP membrane, the bass boxes ensure rich, deep bass and natural, clear highs – even at high volumes.
Alpine Electronics 13cm 2-Way Coaxial Speakers SXE-1325S
464 Reviews
Alpine Electronics 13cm 2-Way Coaxial Speakers SXE-1325S
  • Custom fit: Yes
  • Active/passive: Passive
  • Built In/External: Built-in Passive
Sub-Zero Ice SS3328 Speakers, 6 x 9-inch Triaxial 450W
497 Reviews
Sub-Zero Ice SS3328 Speakers, 6 x 9-inch Triaxial 450W
  • 6x9" Triaxial Speakers
  • 1.5" ASV Voice Coil
  • Lightweight Polypropylene Cone

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