How to Choose the Best Paint Sprayer

How do you choose the best paint sprayer? What functions and features should the best paint sprayer have to suit all your painting needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The best paint sprayerWhether you are working in constructions or interior design, or you’re a simple domestic user, when you have to paint larger surfaces in your own home or have a large project at work, you’ll need the best paint sprayer gun, or more accurately said the one that provides the best price/quality ratio.

The advantages of using a paint sprayer against the classic brush or other devices is obvious, the thin layer of paint is sprayed evenly and additionally requires no special abilities. In addition, we get rid of the mess made with classic painting tools and small and narrow places become more accessible.

But to know with certainty which type of paint sprayer is best suited to your needs, you need to know a few essential things about it.

What Type of Paint Sprayer Should You Buy?

Depending on the technology used, the paint sprayer are divided into two categories, those based on compressed air and airless ones. In order to professionally paint the objects in the house, the furniture or the bodywork of the car, it is recommended to use paint sprayer guns based on pressurized air.

The effect obtained is known as atomization and consists of evacuating a strong jet of paint particles sprayed onto the surfaces to be painted. The layer obtained is very thin and uniform.

A special type of guns are those found in stores under the name of HVLP Guns. They use compressed air but, unlike the first category described above, they do not use the pressure but the amount of air coming out of the device to spray. This type of paint sprayer does not provide a very high accuracy, but is very useful when used in closed rooms.

By offering a lower pulverization rate, they enable the user to perform the painting more accurately, precisely controlling the amount of paint used for a particular surface.

If you want to use the paint sprayer for exterior surfaces, such as walls or fences, it is recommended to use a device without compressed air. They don’t use the air to propel the paint, but directly the pressure in the paint tank. In this way, large projects are more accessible, with productivity being much better when using such devices.

Airless paint sprayers use electric motors to create pressure in the paint tank and ensure uniform painting. The disadvantage of these devices is that, although they provide a high painting speed, they do not provide the required precision for small objects or narrow spaces.

Main Performances of a Paint Sprayer

Excellent performance paint sprayerNormally, the first thing to look at when purchasing a paint sprayer is the dyeing rate. This aspect imminently leads to the second important aspect, the painted surface. Both the flow and the surface to be painted depend directly on the capacity of the tank and sprayer power – in the case of electric ones.

For domestic users, it is recommended to use compressed air spray painters or 200 W electric appliances. If you want to address large-scale work frequently, the power of these devices can reach up to 650 W.

Because we have remembered the two parameters that must be taken into account when purchasing a painting or wall painting device – the paint flow and the size of the coated surface – we need to know that the performance increases with higher values.

A good enough paint dispersion value is around 50-100 ml per minute. Smaller values ​​are not recommended, and those that far exceed these figures are expensive and are for professionals.

It is equally obvious that the size of the tank determines the amount of paint we use in the unit of time, however, it can not be any size as it is necessary to correlate the dimensions with ease in handling. An ideal value of tank capacity varies between 500 and 800 ml of paint.

Types of Paint You Can Use

Depending on the painted surface, there are different types of paints, and if we want to have a better device, it should accept as many as possible. If you thought about painting your car, you should ask in the store if the spray painter allows it to be used for such painting and the use varnish.

Keep in mind that they are paint sprayers that allow the use of pesticides, too, so the range of activities that it can be used for is much wider. Do not forget to clean the paint sprayer after every use, increasing the usage period and ensuring quality painting for many years after its purchase.

Indispensable Accessories for a Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayer for wood and furnitureDepending on the device purchased, you may need a motor unit and a fan. When you buy, do not just look at the price, check if they are included in the set you buy.

Accessories for use and maintenance are just as important and can not be missed from your inventory.

Ensure that the accessories are present in the store offer, or if they are not, see if you can buy them separately if they are from the same manufacturer as the purchased spray painter.

In this category, we want to check whether in your purchased package you have interchangeable nozzles for spray patterns and the kit that allows you to carry out the cleaning of the spray painter.

Certain spray painters are not equipped with spray patterns controllers, in which case they have to also offer in the price of the device two accessories that regulate differently the paint flow.

Additional Features of the Paint Sprayer

When purchasing a good paint sprayer, you need to be careful what features it offers. Because each surface requires different painting speeds and variable amounts of paint used, the purchased sprayer should provide a step-adjustable or progressive paint flow.

In addition, it should be able to indicate the flow rate and amount of paint available in the tank.

An additional function offered by modern paint sprayers is an angle painting, which is very useful when we want to use the device in the home or premises where access is difficult.

Recommended Paint Sprayers

Taking into account the above criteria and recommendations, studying the current market offer and user reviews, we present you below some models of paint sprayers that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

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