How to Choose the Best Hydraulic Car Jack

How do you choose the best hydraulic car jack? What features and functions does the best hydraulic jack must have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The best hydraulic car jackA hydraulic car jack allows you to easily, quickly and safely lift any vehicle to change wheels or perform fast repair and maintenance work on hard-to-reach components.

Hydraulic jacks allow you to effortlessly raise your car and provide a more safe operation method than a classic manual jack.

How to Choose the Best Hydraulic Car Jack

Choosing the right hydraulic car jack is not as simple as it looks, they come on different sizes, lifting capacities and design types.

Choosing an inappropriate hydraulic jack does not only complicate the task to be subjected to, but it is also very dangerous. Attempting to raise a heavy vehicle using an inappropriate jack will not only endanger the integrity of the vehicle but also personal safety.

Hydraulic auto jacks are more efficient than mechanical ones, and performance models can reach their maximum position after only 3-5 pumping. In addition, they require very little effort to operate.

Jack Type

Hydraulic hydraulic jacks are available in two forms: bottle jack and trolley jack. The trolley hydraulic jacks are low and long and can be easily handled in a position allowing for precise placement.

Hydraulic bottle jacks must be lifted and placed in position and offer less placing and lifting capacities than trolley car jacks.

Hydraulic bottle car jackTrolley car jacks are heavier due to the different levers required for operation. Bottle car jacks are lighter, but offer less lifting capacity and stability.

Trolley car jacks are great for car repair and maintenance. They are low and are equipped with wheels for easy placement under the car. The shape of the trolley allows for easy and precise placement in the area you need to lift.

A long lever helps you operate the hydraulic pump. Turning the lever clockwise closes the valve, and turning in the opposite direction allows the valve to open for lowering the jack.

Pressing the lever downwards pumps the hydraulic fluid through the piston into the cylinder to form the pressure required to raise the jack.

Trolley hydraulic jacks are not as portable as scissors jacks and are suitable for operating in work areas such as car repair shops and tyre shops. These are not a replacement for the manual jack with which the car comes and is not intended to be kept inside the car.

Bottle car jacks have the shape of a thicker bottle and have large lifting capacities. They can pick up very heavy vehicles, but they must be handled in accordance with the instructions to prevent accidents. Bottle jacks must be placed on a hard, level surface and be carefully positioned.

Due to the unique shape of the hydraulic bottle jacks, choosing the correct size is crucial. They must be small enough to fit under the vehicle and strong enough to lift it safely.

Check the lifting capacity carefully before choosing and make sure it is larger than the weight of the vehicle you want to lift.

Lifting Capacity

Hydraulic car jacks have various lift capacities ranging between 2 and 15 tonnes. The 2 ton capacity is suitable for small cars, and 3 tons for mediums such as wagons or crossovers.

If you need to lift larger vehicles such as pick-ups, 8-seater minibuses or SUV’s, it is advisable to choose a hydraulic jack with a 5-ton lifting capacity.

For buses and other large vehicles, choose a hydraulic jack with a capacity between 6 and 15 tons depending on the weight of the vehicle. Lifting capacity must be at least 20% higher than the weight of the vehicle to ensure safe operation.

Lifting Height

Hydraulic car jack lifting speed and heightThe lifting height of the hydraulic jacks is expressed by the interval between the minimum and maximum lift values. If you need to lift heavy-duty vehicles or heavy vehicles under which you want to work, it’s a good idea to choose a hydraulic jack with a generous lifting range.

However, if you use the jack for working under light or low vehicles, the lift range is not as important as the chosen jack type.

Lifting Speed

Most hydraulic car jacks reach maximum height in about 10 lifting pump drives.

However, fast lifting hydraulic jacks can reach maximum height by running the pump lever three to six times.

Manufacturing Material

If the chosen hydraulic jack model is to be used mainly in the garage at home or in car repair shop, it is good to choose one made of steel because it is more durable and stable than aluminium ones.

But if you need to carry the jack in various locations, an aluminium profile is more appropriate because it reduces its weight.

Recommended Hydraulic Car Jacks

Taking into account the above criteria and recommendations, studying the current market offer and user reviews, we present you below some models of hydraulic car jacks that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

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