How to Choose the Best Electric Jigsaw

How do you choose the best electric jigsaw for your home? What functions and features should the best electric jigsaw have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The best electric jigsawThe best jigsaw is the right tool to cut wood, plastic or metal. Most jigsaw models offer two cutting modes and multiple or variable speeds. Using a high quality electric jigsaw you can make straight cuts or circular arcs using an orbital motion.

Jigsaws are lighter and easier to handle than circular saws, using a vertical uphill blade with speeds up to 3000 SPM (strokes per minute).

Best Electric Jigsaw: How to Choose

Because there are many models on the market that offer different power, cutting capabilities and many other features, choosing the right jigsaw according to your needs is not the easiest task. That’s why in this guide we’ll review the main features and functions of an electric jigsaw to make your choice as easy as possible.

Type of Power Supply

Corded jigsaws operate via direct power supply from the power grid. The downside of the wire is that it limits mobility and you can mess with it, endangering operational security. However, most of the corded jigsaws offer great operating power that helps you easily cut through even the toughest materials.

In addition, you do not have to worry about depleting batteries or that you will remain without power. Corded electric jigsaws are ideal for projects requiring high power and long service life.

Wireless jigsaws work with batteries and are usually less powerful than wired models. Their benefits are increased mobility and unrestricted action.

Though you do not have a twisted wire, the built-in battery increases the weight of the tool. The battery will be consumed faster if you use the jigsaw harder. Battery operated jigsaws are ideal for easy cuts and high mobility jobs.

Engine Power

The more powerful the chosen jigsaw is, the faster you will be able to work. To check the engine power, check the Watts number in the wired models or the voltage on the battery operated models. The higher the value, the more powerful the engine.

For occasional work around the house, an electric jigsaw with a power of 400-500 W or 14 V should be sufficient. For those who use the jigsaw for complex work requiring greater power and long service life, it is a good idea to choose a jigsaw with a power of at least 700 W or 18 volts.

Operating Speed

Unlike other power tools, the speed of the best jigsaw is defined by Strokes per minute (SPM) instead of Rotations per minute (RPM). Most models on the market have a maximum speed of 3000 strokes per minute, which is more than enough for almost all works.

The best jigsaw is equipped with multi-speed settings. A single speed is enough for simple tasks, but you should choose a variable speed model to use the saw as efficiently as possible. You can find models equipped with selectable 4 to 7 speeds that will give you more flexibility and precision.

Choosing speed gives you more control, especially if you work with different types of material. Strong cuts in hardwood require a high speed, while the cuts in metal are suited at a lower speed. Some models are equipped with a speed-lock mechanism for ease of work.

Pendulum and Orbital Movement

Circular cut electric jigsawThe pendulum action moves the saw blade from the back and forth of the material, removing the blade in the downhill movement and restoring it to the uphill movement, thereby increasing the cutting speed and preventing premature wearing of the blade. In addition, the chances of blocking the blade in the material are also reduced.

The orbital motion also moves the blade left and right, in addition to the forward-back pendulum action, increasing the cutting speed.

The resulting cuts are larger and it is not advisable to use it for fine work. The best jigsaw will give you multiple settings for the orbital movement.

Cutting Blades

Choosing the right blade is a key element in the proper operation of the best jigsaw. The shape and characteristics of the cutting blade determine the saw’s ability to cut various materials. A simple rule in choosing a blade is that a thick blade will better cut the thick materials, and a thin blade is suited for thinner materials.

Cutting teeth are measured by the TPI (teeth per inch) pointer. In addition to the thickness of the blade, the number of teeth determines the type of material that can be cut and the cutting speed.

6 to 20 TPI bands are suitable for soft materials, and 15 to 36 TPI canvas cuts harder materials. It is good to know these general rules, because using an unsuitable blade can damage both the blade and the material you want to cut.

Another important factor is the ease in changing blades. The best electric jigsaw is equipped with a rapid release system for cutting blades that does not require special tools for operation. All you have to do is press a button or a lever near the gripping mechanism to easily release and replace the blade.

Cutting Angle Adjustment

Another feature to consider in choosing the best electric jigsaw is its ability to cut at different angles. Although a jigsaw is usually used for straight cuts, it is highly appreciated by users for its ability to be easily used for circular cuts.

Cuts with an inclination of up to 45 degrees can be obtained with the help of pendulum blades that allow the inclination and the pivot angle to be adjusted.

This is achieved very easily by adjusting the saw and saw blade position with the guide base. Although many saws are equipped with a special key that allows adjustment of the cutting angles, the best jigsaw offers a built-in lever that allows the base to be weakened and tightened to allow for easy inclination.

Choose a circular saw that is also equipped with base protection. This is usually a soft plastic strip that is mounted beneath the guide base to prevent the base metal from scratching the work surface.

Other Features and Functions

The Handle

Wood cutting jigsawChoose a circular saw equipped with a stable and durable handle that prevents the tool from slipping. The best jigsaw is equipped with an ergonomic handle with soft rubber cover to provide comfort during use and prevent slippage.

Blasting of Dust and Sawdust

Removal of dust or sawdust off the work material surface allows you to precisely view and track the line for cutting. Choose a jigsaw that has dust blowing around the blade.

In addition, some models also have suction function and remove dust and sawdust through a rear nozzle that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner or a collection tank.

This way you will have a clean workspace regardless of the amount of processed material.

Light and Laser Guide

In some cases, the visibility of the cutting line may be problematic. Some jigsaws are equipped with a led lamp that illuminates the saw blade to be easy to distinguish. In addition, the more advanced models offer a laser guide module that allows you to precisely align the blade with the cutting path.


An electric jigsaw that vibrates too strongly will affect the accuracy of the cut and the precision of the guide. More advanced models are equipped with special vibration reduction mechanisms. Before choosing, read the opinions of other buyers and be careful if they complain of too high vibrations.


Personal safety is very important, especially when it comes to power tools that use sharp blades that move at high speeds. The best jigsaw has to be equipped with safety systems that protect the cutting area, the accidental start prevention system and beyond.

Be careful about the safety features that the device you choose to buy is equipped with. It is also advisable to use safety goggles to prevent eye injuries from sawdust or chips..

Transport Case

Some people may say that a transport case is not essential, but for a jigsaw this is very important for keeping the device safe.

Besides the fact that it allows you to store and transport the jigsaw in good condition, the transport case is also the most suitable place for keeping the cutting blades. Ensure that the chosen jigsaw is accompanied by a solid and durable carrying case that provides space for storing blades and other accessories.

Recommended Electric Jigsaws

Taking into account the above criteria and recommendations, studying the current market offer and user reviews, we present you below some models of electric jigsaws that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

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