How to Choose the Best Laptop Cooling Pad

How do you choose the best laptop cooling pad? What functions and features should the best laptop cooling pad have to fit your needs? Read our article to find out.

Why Buy a Laptop Cooling Pad?

Most laptops are used for hours, either for games, work, homework or social networks. We all have a lot of time we do not recognize we spend on Facebook or Twitter. In this way, our laptops become demanded day by day and it is hard not to overheat them.

Typically, built-in cooling systems are hard to cope with, as proof of the hot part at the base of the notebook. The problem with overheating is that it can produce irreparable damage to your laptop over the medium and long term.

Fortunately, there is a simple and easy way to prevent your favourite laptop from overheating: the laptop cooling pad, a special support with extra cooling systems that will keep your favourite gadget cool.

Laptop cooling pads are similar to a mobile table but are smaller, lighter and more portable. Most have a thickness of up to 5 centimetres and have a slight slope to provide comfort in use. They can be used easily in the lap or directly on the table or desk.

The best laptop cooling pads use one or two fans to speed up hot air circulation and keep your laptop cool and functional.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad: What to Look for

The main purpose of a laptop cooling pad is to prevent the heating and keep your portable computer running in optimal conditions. There are some important aspects of a laptop cooling pad that you need to keep in mind when looking for the best one for you.


Cooling pads with two fans are more efficient than the ones equipped with just one fan. Two fans create better air circulation and keep the air and heat in a continuous motion. Some laptop cooling pads have adjustable fan speeds, but this feature is more a bonus than a necessity. Make sure the fan is not too noisy to avoid distracting you. A good cooling pad for your laptop does not have to make noise, and if it is still present, it must be very low, no more than 25 decibels.

Laptop cooling pads are powered by the USB port and must be compatible with any laptop, whether it’s a PC or a Mac. The laptop cooling stand should have a USB cable and the best one will also have cable storage space and extra USB ports.

You will have to choose the size of the cooling pad depending on the size of your laptop. Most models claim to be suitable for a 17-inch laptop, but generally the smaller 12-15 inches fit best.

Adjustable height is a useful function that contributes to the convenience of use but is not required for a perfect cooling pad. Once it’s seated on the cooler, your laptop needs to stay safe, so a docking method is essential, whether it’s a rubber coating, locking system or special material.


The best design is that that suits your personal needs. If you are the kind of person who uses the notebook more in the lap, you need a rigid cooler that still offers a high level of comfort. This will not be as important if you use the cooler on the table or desk.

The best laptop coolers are light and yet solid to be easy to carry and to work properly. Although high-grade plastics can make a good cooling pad, the most durable and reliable units are made of steel or aluminium.

Good design ensures efficient air circulation. A tilting or height-adjustable cooler allows the warm air to dissipate as far away from the laptop as possible. Additional space and breathable materials such as neoprene or a mesh or grill surface will help create a good air stream that will cool your laptop properly.

Service and warranty

Laptop coolers do not require advanced user consciousness. Insert the cable into the USB socket and it must start. If you still need help, most models are shipped with a minimum warranty of one year. As usual when making a purchase, make sure the manufacturer or retailer offers a service network that serves the area where you live.

If you’re going to use your laptop for many hours every day, a good cooling pad will keep it cool and functional for a long time now. Excessive heat can permanently damage the components of your favourite laptop. The best laptop cooling pad will not allow it to overheat and it will provide you with the peace of mind necessary to work or play without worry.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad: Recommendations

Taking into account the above recommendations and buyers’ opinions we recommend below some laptop cooling pads that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

Recommended Product No. 1
25,695 Reviews
havit Cooling Pad 12"-17" Laptop Cooler with 3 Ultra Quiet Fans, Ergonomic Comfort Notebook Cooler...
  • [Ultra-Portable]: Slim, portable, and light weight allowing you to protect your investment wherever you go
  • [Ergonomic Comfort]: Doubles as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings
  • [Optimized for Laptop Carrying]: The metal mesh provides your laptop with a stable laptop carrying surface.
SaleRecommended Product No. 2
4,491 Reviews
TECKNET 12"-17" Quiet Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Stand With 3 USB Powered Fans, 1200 RPM, Light...
  • Super Performance - TeckNet laptop cooling pad with Triple oversized silent fans at 1200 RPM pull in cool air from the bottom of this laptop cooling pad. Full range metal mesh optimizes the air flow to rapidly dissipate the huge amount of heat generated in the laptop housing
  • USB Powered Fan - 118mm fans and power switch design, ultra quiet and easy to use; No mains power connection needed.
  • Ergonomic Comfort - 2 levels adjustable design to lift and tilt your notebook display and keyboard for increased comfort; Rubber grips at the bottom keep your laptop from sliding.
Recommended Product No. 3
9,817 Reviews
KLIM Wind - Laptop Cooling Pad - The Most Powerful Rapid Action Cooling Fan - Laptop Stand with 4...
  • ✅ AN INVESTMENT. This laptop cooler is an investment => no component overheating => maximises the life expectancy of your PC and boosts its performances. ✔ BONUS : Receive a free copy of the eBook: 7 tips to keep your computer alive and maximise its performance by email after your purchase.
  • ✅ LARGE MODEL. Covers the following sizes: 11 11,3 12 13 14 15 15,6 16 inches. Compatible with the following sizes: 17,3 18 and 19 inches. With these sizes, the laptop will extend over the edges of the cooler pad but will remain perfectly stable. The KLIM Wind features 2 rear legs for an excellent inclination and frontal pegs to keep it in place. Both the laptop tray and the computer will stay completely still.
  • ✅ THE MOST POWERFUL ON THE MARKET. With 4 quiet fans spinning up to 1200 rotations per minute. It's a high capacity laptop stand with the ability to cool your PC to reasonable temperatures in under a minute. These 4 fans allow for cooling of all the areas of your laptop.
Recommended Product No. 4
8,793 Reviews
KLIM Cyclone - Laptop Cooling Stand - Maximal Cooling - XL Laptop Stand With 5 Cooling Fans -...
  • ✅ AN INVESTMENT. This laptop cooling pad is an investment => no component overheating => maximises the life expectancy of your PC and boosts its performances. ✔ BONUS : Receive a free copy of the eBook: 7 tips to keep your computer alive and maximise its performance by email after your purchase.
  • ✅ LARGE MODEL. This model is slightly wider than the KLIM Wind laptop tray. It covers the following sizes: 11 11,3 12 13 14 15 15,6 16 inches. Compatible with the following sizes: 17,3 18 and 19 inches. With these sizes, the laptop will extend over the edges of the cooler pad but will remain perfectly stable. KLIM Cyclone itself is extremely stable, it will stay completely still. It includes a frontal tab to hold the laptop in place.
  • ✅ THE MOST POWERFUL ON THE MARKET. The KLIM Cyclone dethrones his older brother the KLIM Wind. With 4 fans rotating at a speed of 2200 RPM + 1 fan at 1200 RPM you won't find anything more powerful. It's a high performance laptop desk stand with the ability to cool down your computer to a reasonable temperature within minutes. Unlike other models, with only 1 cooling fan, this one features a total of 5 fans, which allows the KLIM Cyclone to cool down every single area of your laptop.
Recommended Product No. 5
309 Reviews
TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler, Laptop Fan Stand Adjustable Height with 6...
  • 【High Speed Fan】 The laptop cooling pad is composed of four small fans and two large fans. Provide strong wind to reduce the temperature of your laptop effectively.
  • 【7 RGB Lighting Modes】 There are extended RGB light bars on both sides of the laptop fan. After the cooling pad is powered on, it can distribute cool RGB lighting effect. It contains 7 kinds of lighting special efficacy, you can choose color breathing light or monochrome breathing light mode by your preferences. Creat a cool atmosphere for you when playing games.
  • 【Quiet Fan】The 6 fans of the laptop cooling stand are all added with capacitor components to reduce working noise. At the same time, the fan speed will not reduced, and no annoying noise. Tips: Use 5V / 8V USB charging plug for power supply, the fan speed will be stronger!
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
102 Reviews
Laptop Cooling Pad, Gaming Laptop Cooler Stand with 4 Silent Big Fans for Notebook, Stable cooler...
  • 【4 Super Quiet & Cooling Big Fans】 Laptop cooling pad has 4 noise-free fans, 4pcs 5.51inch diameter big fan with blue LED. Very quiet rapid cooling effect prevents your laptop from overheating under different use situation.
  • 【Unique USB Port Design & Cable Management】Laptop cooling pad with built-in two USB ports, allows to connect other USB; Laptop cooler have hidden storage design in back for USB cable; Using nylon braided cable, more cool and durable.
  • 【Adjust Fan Speed & Cooling Pad Height】Our gaming laptop cooler 4 fans can work together, or top 2 fans and below 2 fans run separately, two separate switch control fan speed from 0 to max freely. Laptop cooling pad have 2 height for you select, free adjust suit different laptop.

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