How to Choose the Best Yoghurt Maker

How do you choose the best yoghurt maker in 2024? What properties and features should the best yoghurt maker have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

How to Choose the Best Yoghurt MakerWith the rise in popularity of homemade, all-natural and healthy foods, more and more UK consumers are turning to the convenience and satisfaction of making their own yoghurt at home.

From a nutritional standpoint, homemade yoghurt is brimming with beneficial probiotics and gives you the control over the ingredients, sugar content, and the type of milk used.

Yoghurt-making at home is not only cost effective but also brings an unparalleled freshness that store-bought varieties often lack.

However, how do you choose a yoghurt maker that suits you best? With numerous models, brands, and feature sets available in the market, the answer is not always straightforward.

This article aims to guide you through the complex world of yoghurt makers, touching upon the key aspects you must keep in mind when making this important decision.

We will delve into the features, functions, budget considerations, and all the essential details you need to know to choose your ideal yoghurt maker.

Ready to dive in and become a yoghurt-making maestro? Let’s get started.

The Benefits of Making Your Own Yogurt

Home-Crafted Delights

Have you ever considered the numerous advantages that come with crafting your own yogurt? When you begin to explore this, the perks become immediately apparent. Creating your own yogurt ensures you know exactly what goes into your food, bringing both a sense of satisfaction and a host of health benefits. Let’s delve deeper into this bucket of cultured benefits.

Control Over Ingredients

No more disconcerting look at lengthy, unpronounceable ingredient lists on the back of a store-purchased yogurt tub. By making your own yogurt, you retain complete control over what ingredients are used, and how much. Be it organic milk, non-dairy milk, or your preferred strain of probiotics, the choice is all yours. Similarly, this DIY route allows you to control and reduce unnecessary sugars or additives, aligning your culinary exploits with a healthier lifestyle.

Boosting Your Health Profile

The process of making yogurt involves fermentation, which leads to the production of beneficial bacteria. Active cultures, or probiotics, play a central role in improving gut health, promoting digestive efficiency and boosting the immune system. You can boost your yogurt’s probiotic content even further by using high-quality starter cultures. This makes homemade yogurt a nutritious addition to your daily diet.

Economic and Ecological Sense

Opting to buy a yogurt maker could be cost-effective in the long term. Purchasing commercially produced yogurt can add up over time, particularly if you consume it regularly. On the contrary, buying milk and cultures to produce homemade yogurt can be a far more economical choice. Furthermore, this practice supports a reduction in packaging waste, aligning your choices with a greener lifestyle.

Fun and Versatile

Last but certainly not least, the act of making your own yogurt is not just a process, it’s a fun, creative experience. You are free to experiment with different flavours and textures, tailoring your concoctions to your personal likes and dietary needs.

In conclusion, owning a yogurt maker opens up a world of delicious benefits that go beyond the realms of health, economics, and eco-friendliness. It certainly makes for a worthy addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Recommended Top Yoghurt Makers 2024

Considering the guidance provided, coupled with buyer feedback and the options on the market, we suggest these models of Yoghurt Makers as top choices for cost-effectiveness.

Recommended Product No. 1
1,426 Reviews
Lakeland Multi Yoghurt and Soft Cheese Maker Recipes Included
  • Does anything taste better than homemade? Make your own delicious yogurt in just 8 hours
  • Lakeland's Multi Yoghurt and Soft Cheese Maker will make plain or Greek-style yogurt and soft cheese
  • Easy to use - just follow the included instructions and suggested recipes. Compact for easy storage.
Recommended Product No. 2
328 Reviews
VonShef Digital Yoghurt Maker with 7 Jars – Electric, Compact, Stainless Steel Machine with LED...
  • NUTRIENT-RICH YOGHURT: Make after-dinner-treats that bit healthier with the VonShef yoghurt maker, boasting gut-loving probiotic goodness. Because nothing tastes better than homemade!
  • MORE FOR LESS: Why pay for overpriced flavoured yoghurt pots, full of secret sugars and additives? Create your own and get more bang for your buck with this Greek yoghurt maker – all you need is yoghurt and your milk of choice.
  • 7 JARS & LIDS: Always have a pot of yoghurt on hand thanks to the individual 180ml jars, with an 8–14-hour timer for the tastiest results. Once done, wash the jars by hand and get going on the next batch!
Recommended Product No. 3
78 Reviews
EasiYo Red Yogurt Maker 1KG with Jar & Instructions | Yoghurt Maker
  • SIMPLE TO MAKE YOGURT - The EasiYo Yoghurt Maker is sleek and contemporary, yet simple. With no moving parts or electronics, it is easy to clean and will fit compactly on any kitchen shelf.
  • CONTAINS - This yogurt maker pack includes 1 x 1kg red yogurt maker, 1 x 1kg yogurt jar and information leaflet.
  • 3 EASY STEPS - Add the contents of your chosen sachet to the jar and mix with cool water. .Fill the Yogurt Maker to its water line with boiling water and put the jar inside. Leave for 8-12 hours.
Recommended Product No. 4
245 Reviews
EasiYo Black Yogurt Maker 1KG with Jar & Instructions | Yoghurt Maker
  • EasiYo Black Yogurt Maker 1KG with Jar and Instructions Yoghurt Maker
  • Brand : EasiYo
  • Product type: FOOD
Recommended Product No. 5
368 Reviews
EasiYo Red Yoghurt Maker (1kg) Starter Pack | Includes 4 Sachets of Yogurt Natural, Strawberry,...
  • EasiYo Red Yoghurt Maker 1kg Starter Pack Includes 4 Sachets of Yogurt Natural, Strawberry, Vanilla and Greek Style with Coconut Bits
  • product type: DAIRY BASED DRINK
  • Brand: EasiYo
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
731 Reviews
Duronic Digital Yoghurt Maker YM2 Electric Yoghurt Making Machine with Eight 125ml Ceramic Pots Make...
  • MAKE YOGHURT AT HOME WITH YM2 YOGHURT MAKERS: Enjoy the convenience of making delicious homemade yoghurt with the Duronic YM2 digital yoghurt maker. Simply mix fresh yoghurt with milk, add your desired ingredients, and pour the mixture into the 8 ceramic pots provided. Set the timer for up to 8 hours and let the yoghurt slowly cook to perfection.
  • YOGHURT MAKING MACHINE WITH EIGHT 125ml INDIVIDUAL CERAMIC POTS: The YM2 yoghurt making machine includes 8 individual ceramic pots, allowing you to create small individualised batches of yoghurt. Prepare smaller portions or personalise each pot to your desired flavours with this electric yoghurt maker. The smaller pots allow for easy storage.
  • ELECTRIC YOGHURT MAKERS WITH INTERCHANGEABLE POT FOR VERSATILITY: This digital yoghurt maker offers compatibility with the large 1.5L ceramic pot as part of the YM1 electric yoghurt maker. This versatility allows you to create larger batches of yoghurt for big gatherings or when wanting a large batch of your favourite yoghurt.
Recommended Product No. 7
57 Reviews
EasiYo 1kg Yoghurt Maker Black and 1 Sachet Starter Kit
  • Make delicious, nutritious yoghurt
  • Cheaper than buying ready-made
  • Includes yoghurt maker and 1kg jar
Recommended Product No. 8
32 Reviews
Probio7 Life Yogurt Maker Machine | 8 x 125ml Ceramic Containers | 2 x 500ml Ceramic Containers | 1...
  • YOGURT MAKER MACHINE Includes: 2 x 500ml Ceramic Containers, 8 x 125ml Ceramic Containers and 1 x Greek Yogurt Strainer
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Probio7 Life Yogurt Maker will make creamy yogurt, delicious greek yogurt, cheese, rice wine, kimchi and more
  • EASY TO USE: Digital operation panel with programs and time control. Yogurt maker comes with a step-by-step manual

Understanding Different Types of Yoghurt Makers

As you’re now likely excited about delving into the world of homemade yoghurt, it’s crucial to understand your options.

Just as there are various types of yoghurts, so too are there different kinds of yoghurt makers available. Each model has its unique advantages and features. The choice depends on your preferences, your budget, and the level of control you’d like to have over the yoghurt-making process. Let’s explore these types in more detail.

Single Jar Yoghurt Makers

One common type of yoghurt maker comes with a single, large jar. This variety is ideal if you prefer to concoct a significant batch of the same flavoured yoghurt. It’s immensely straightforward and doesn’t require the hassle of numerous jars. However, it offers less versatility for creating various flavours in one go.

Multiple Jar Yoghurt Makers

For those who relish variety, yoghurt makers with multiple jars provide the choice for crafting different yoghurt flavours simultaneously. It allows for individual servings, perfect if your household has diverse flavour preferences. Nevertheless, the process might be slightly more complex than their single jar counterparts.

Oven-Like Yoghurt Makers

For a more advanced choice, consider yoghurt makers that mimic the function of an oven. These units usually utilise high temperatures to ferment milk, allowing for thicker and creamier results. Temperature control is key here, and these devices offer a high level of control on that front.

Automatic Yoghurt Makers

If convenience is your top priority, look out for automatic yoghurt makers. Such machines handle all steps of the process for you, from heating the milk to fermenting and cooling it. This convenience, of course, comes at a higher price point.

As you can see, there’s a yoghurt maker there to suit every model out taste, budget, and lifestyle. When making your choice, consider not only the features of each type but also your personal needs and preferences. Will you enjoy the process of manually creating your yoghurt, or is ease the main appeal? Do you anticipate creating large batches or prefer crafting individual servings? The best yoghurt maker for you is the one that caters to your unique needs in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Yogurt Maker

Choosing the best yogurt maker is not simply a matter of picking the most stylish model or buying the brand advertised as the ‘best selling’. It’s about finding a machine that aligns with your preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Here’s a guide to the key factors you should think about in your quest to find the ideal yoghurt maker.


How much quantity of yoghurt do you plan to make in one go? This is a fundamental question to ask yourself when considering the capacity of a yoghurt maker. A larger capacity yoghurt maker might be more appropriate for large families or those who consume yoghurt regularly, while smaller models are ideal for individuals or couples. The capacity of yoghurt makers can vary greatly, often ranging from one to two litres.

Upfront consideration of your needs can ensure that you get a model with the right capacity, avoiding the need to run your appliance multiple times or end up with excess yoghurt, which unfortunately, may go to waste. Remember that fresh, homemade yoghurt often doesn’t have the same shelf-life as the commercial one, so only make what you’ll consume within a week or so.

Consider this:

  • Most single-jar models allow you to make a large batch of yoghurt in one go, averaging around 1 to 2 litres.
  • Multiple-jar models usually come with six to eight jars, each with a capacity of about 150 to 200ml, giving you a chance to make smaller, individual servings.

Deciding on which size is the best for you entirely depends on your lifestyle and individual preferences. Going back to our first question: How much yoghurt do you plan on consuming in a week? Consider your answer carefully before making a decision on capacity.

Preparation Time

Another important factor when selecting the most suitable yogurt maker for your needs is the preparation time. This is essentially the length of time it requires for the machine to transform the ingredients into delicious yogurt. This period can fluctuate significantly from one model to another, which is why it’s a key consideration.

Different models of yogurt makers offer varied time frames, which range from as short as four hours to as long as 24 hours. The best choice in this case will clearly hinge on your personal lifestyle and preferences. If you lead a busy lifestyle and you’re seeking convenience, then you might prefer a model with a quicker preparation time.

However, do bear in mind that the introduction of heat to your yogurt mix initiates the process of fermentation. And fermentation can’t be rushed if you are to enjoy optimum texture and flavour. Hence, if superior taste and consistency rate highly on your agenda, you might consider a model which advocates a slower fermentation process.

Another factor to consider is whether the yogurt maker has a timer. This can be particularly useful as it allows you to set the machine to start fermenting at a specific time, so you can essentially ‘set and forget’, waking up to freshly made yogurt in the morning or coming home to it after work. Models with integrated timers might be slightly more expensive, but they add an element of convenience that could be invaluable for many users.

In short, it’s critically important to align your choice of yogurt maker with your schedule and your priorities, balancing taste and convenience in line with your lifestyle and preferences.

Easy of Use

When it comes to using kitchen gadgets, you certainly don’t want a complicated process getting between you and your homemade yoghurt delight, do you?

Therefore, we should consider how easily a yoghurt maker can be operated. Can you set it up and start making yoghurt quickly after unboxing, or does it require a steep learning curve? These are critical questions to ask.

Undeniably, there are yoghurt makers out there on the UK market that embody simplicity. Want a fool-proof start-to-finish process? Keep an eye out for clear and concise instruction manuals and straightforward operational procedures. Simplicity is king when efficiency is desired.

Additional factors to consider include the assembly and disassembly process of the machine for cleaning. Find out if all parts are easily detachable and suitable for washing in your dishwasher or only by hand. The easier the cleaning process, the less daunting the task of making homemade yoghurt becomes.

Finally, consider the lid of your yoghurt maker. A transparent lid can offer the convenience of monitoring your yoghurt’s progress without the need to open the machine and potentially disrupt the incubation process. On the other hand, some models may offer an opaque lid with a small inspection window, both options have their merits.

In conclusion, prioritise a yoghurt maker that matches your comfort level to ensure a fuss-free yoghurt-making experience.

Temperature Control

Is temperature control fundamentally important when making yogurt? The answer is, unequivocally, yes.

The fermentation process that transforms milk into yogurt relies on maintaining a specific temperature range. Too cold, and the bacteria needed to ferment the milk won’t activate. Too hot, and you’ll kill the bacteria, again halting the fermentation process.

Standard temperature for fermentation lies generally between 43°C and 46°C. Thus, buying a yogurt maker with an integrated or adjustable temperature control can help ensure your yogurt is consistent in quality and texture. But, how does the temperature functionality vary?

  • Manual control: These machines allow you to manipulate the temperature physically. It might sound complicated to balance the temperature manually. However, you’re likely safe if you follow the included instructions closely. Manual yogurt makers monitor the warmth using an inbuilt thermometer.
  • Pre-set control: Some yogurt makers come with pre-set temperatures. Such units simplify the process, eliminating the need for your intervention once the device starts operating. With these models, you’re trusting the manufacturer’s settings to optimise the fermentation process. Be sure to verify that the pre-set temperature aligns with the recommended range for yogurt making.
  • Smart control: More sophisticated, and generally more costly, are yogurt makers with intelligent temperature regulation. These machines allow more precision and use sensors for heat monitoring and adjustment, making the yogurt-making process practically foolproof.

Remember, the right temperature is crucial for the beneficial bacteria to do their job and make your homemade yogurt delicious and healthy. So, consider your comfort level with technology, your budget, and your wish (or lack thereof) to control the process when choosing the temperature control system for your yogurt maker.

Design and Durability

Assessing the design and durability of your prospective yoghurt maker is an aspect that must not go unnoticed in your purchasing process. Remember that your ideal appliance should not only perform effectively but also stand the test of time. So, what factors should you look at?

  • Material: The first thing you want to consider is the material from which the yoghurt maker is made. Ideally, it should be sturdy, heat-resistant and easy to clean. Stainless steel or food-grade plastic are typically the preferred choice for durability and longevity.
  • Design: Consider if the design is user-friendly or not. Think about aspects such as does it fit well on your countertop? Is the lid easy to remove or secure? Are the jars of an adequate size, and do they slot in and out seamlessly? A poorly designed yoghurt maker can make your kitchen far from a happy place.
  • Build Quality: Another aspect to look at is the build quality. Do the parts feel securely attached? Do the electronic components appear reliable, particularly the thermostat, timer and controls? Are there any obvious weak spots or does anything look like it might break? High-quality manufacturers will ensure these elements are well constructed for a dependable and robust yoghurt maker.

The longevity of your machine depends on how well it’s made and how well you maintain it. While investing in a robust and well-designed yoghurt maker can cost a little more upfront, it could save you much more in the long run, offering you years of hassle-free, homemade yoghurt.

In summary, a thoroughly thought-out design and well-crafted yoghurt maker is an investment in your kitchen appliance arsenal, facilitating a more enjoyable and frustration-free journey into homemade yoghurt production.

Additional Functions

As the range of yoghurt makers in the market widens, many of them nowadays come with extra features that can make the yoghurt-making process even more convenient for you. Take the moment to ask – could some additional functions prove useful for your particular needs?

  • Timing and alarm function: Many machines have built-in timers and alarms. This feature can be a tremendous benefit, alerting you precisely when the yoghurt’s incubation period is complete, saving you the need to keep a separate timer or constantly check the clock. Some of the more advanced models even have an automatic shut-off feature once the set time is reached. It’s a handy function if you’re time-poor or tend to forget.
  • Digital vs Analogue controls: This choice is predominantly a matter of preference. Digital controls often enable more precise setting and monitoring but might involve a learning curve for those used to more traditional, dial-based controls. Meanwhile, analogue models are usually more straightforward in use, but lack the precision offered by their digital counterparts.
  • Temperature adjustment: While not strictly necessary for making yoghurt, having the ability to control the heat level can give you some flexibility, potentially improving the taste or texture of your homemade yoghurt. Also, certain yoghurt cultures thrive better at specific temperatures, so this feature can become important if you plan to experiment with different cultures.
  • Extra jars: Definitely consider a yoghurt maker that comes with extra jars, especially if your family loves yoghurt. These extra containers allow you to have a new batch ready to go as soon as the previous one is done, or to prepare several flavours at once.
  • Multi-use capabilities: Some more sophisticated yoghurt makers also double as cheese makers, bread proofers, or slow cookers. Multi-use appliances can help reduce countertop clutter and provide good value for money, an especially useful feature if you’re a fan of homemade produce or have limited kitchen space.

Ultimately, remember to select a machine that matches your lifestyle. After all, the yoghurt maker’s accessibility and functionality can make the difference between it becoming a well-used kitchen appliance or merely gathering dust on a shelf.

Price, Warranty and Customer Support

The final factors to keep in mind when selecting the perfect yoghurt maker are the price, warranty, and customer support.

Price can be an influential aspect in any purchasing decision. It’s no different when it comes to yoghurt makers. Prices can range greatly based on the brand, type, additional features, and capacity of a yogurt maker. Therefore, have a clear idea of what you’re willing to spend, balancing it with the product’s quality and convenience. Always remember, more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Warranty is another crucial factor to consider. This is your security blanket for defects or malfunctions that may arise after purchasing the product. Check whether the manufacturer provides a warranty and for how long. Additionally, read into what the warranty covers. Some warranties only cover certain parts of the machine while others may cover all the components.

Finally, when investing in an appliance, especially something you may not be familiar with initially, good customer support can be highly beneficial. This should not only be about solving issues but also providing guidance on how to get the best out of your appliance. A company that offers excellent customer support either through a hotline, email, or social media can indicate their commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of their products.

To conclude, though price, warranty, and customer support may seem like mundane details compared to the exciting features a yoghurt maker may offer, they are, in fact, equally significant when it comes to making a wise and value-for-money purchase.


In conclusion, choosing the best yoghurt maker is influenced by several factors including the design, capacity, ease of use, and additional functions it offers. It is crucial to understand not just the benefits of making your own yoghurt, but also the functionalities of different types of yoghurt makers.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make an informed purchase that best caters to your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

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