How to Choose the Best Food Dehydrator

How do you choose the best food dehydrator in 2024? What features and functions should the best food dehydrator have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

What is a Food Dehydrator?

The best food dehydratorA food dehydrator is an appliance designed to remove water from food without destroying its enzymes and vitamins.

Most of these dehydrated foods are used in raw vegan diets because they are not heated at temperatures that will destroy their enzymes and vitamins, and under these conditions can not be considered as cooking.

The best food dehydrator is generally used for drying fruits and vegetables, and the models of these dehydrators are multiple.

We can recall professional and semi-professional dehydrators, with very easy to use models in any kitchen, with two, four or more trays.

Every person will be able to purchase a food dehydrator according to their requirements and according to their available budget.

Top 3 Recommended Best Food Dehydrators

How Does a Food Dehydrator Work?

If we understand how a food dehydrator works then we will be able to understand the changes that take place at the level of nutritional content for food.

These dehydrators are equipped with a number of trays to be placed inside where you put the vegetables and the fruits that need to be dehydrated. When the appliance is switched on, the hot air circulates to disperse the heat evenly.

A food dehydrator also contains a thermostat which will control the temperature according to the preset settings. This is especially important if we think that different types of food can be dewatered at temperatures. Before using a food dehydrator it is advisable to inform us of the temperatures indicated to obtain the desired result.

Most times, the temperatures required for dehydration are related to the water content of dehydrated foods. Thus, more water means a longer dehydration time.

Certainly a food dehydrator can be much more efficient than an oven to dry certain foods, whether we are talking about fruits or vegetables. Differences are immediately noticed in terms of optimal dehydration and energy consumed.

The Process of Food Dehydration

In this process of dehydration, we can take into account almost any type of product to be dehydrated. We can remember the vegetables, spices or even pastrami, which are to be placed separately on the dehydration device.

A food dehydrator can be used for a wide range of foods including fruits, vegetables, herbs and greens, teas, meat, yogurt or cheese.

The process of using a food dehydrator is as simple as possible. So, in the first place, we have to wash and clean the food, then cut it off. Then we season the food to our taste if desired, then we placed in on the tray and set the desired program depending on the foods to be dehydrated to fully conserve the important nutritional content.

Dehydration it is the ideal drying process for food because it affects very little the taste and nutritional content of the food. Under these conditions, dried foods using this appliance can be stored for a longer period if stored properly.

You can store the dehydrated foods in sealed containers or in paper bags. At the same time, you have to consider the possibility of storing these foods in cooler and dry places.

Why are Dehydrated Foods Recommended?

Excellend home use food dehydratorYou may wonder why these dehydrated foods are recommended and under these conditions we can say that they are the ones that offer us the opportunity to enjoy a healthier diet because we will no longer have to buy canned food with additives or harmful sugars.

These equipment is used mostly for dehydration of fruits or vegetables, and the quality of these foods will be preserved in terms of taste and nutritional values.

Dried fruits and vegetables can have a high sugar content, which means it is advisable to choose such equipment to dehydrate these foods. If you have a food dehydrator at home then you will be sure that you will always have delicious and 100% natural snacks.

In conclusion, we can add that it is advisable to purchase a food dehydrator if you want to make sure that the foods you eat can offer you a healthy diet. This is also the main reason why many people consider the possibility of choosing an electrical appliance of this type. The purchase price is a great deal compared to the benefits offered by this device.

How to Choose the Best Food Dehydrator

We all want to make the right choices when we want to buy some devices and household appliances, and this is also true when choosing a food dehydrator.

Most people who opt for this type of appliance are those passionate about raw vegan cuisine or those who will always want to keep food for a long time. When choosing a food dehydrator it is advisable to keep in mind the type of appliance you want. There are 2 in 1 models, which means that you will be able to use them for dehydrating food and preparing different types of food.

Buying a food dehydrator is a very good investment because you will always be able to consume healthy foods prepared by you. At the same time, there are appliances of this type that have only the drying function, which means you can consider buying a device of this type if you just dry the food.

The most important features that you need to keep in mind to make the right choice are power, power levels, number of compartments and warranty.

Number of Compartments

It is advisable to keep in mind the number of compartments when you want to buy a food desiccator. Under these conditions, you need to think about the amount of food you want to dehydrate, then choose an appliance depending on it. There are machines with 4-9 drying trays, talking about household appliances.

It is also advisable to inform you that the purchased appliance also has a height adjustment system. This system will allow you to adjust the appliance as necessary depending on the thickness of the fruit and vegetables. At the same time, it is advisable to choose an appliance that can have a maximum distance of 40 mm between the drawers and a minimum of 27 mm.


Another important aspect of purchasing a food dehydrator is related to the warranty you will get on the product. Under these circumstances, a good manufacturer will need to offer you a minimum guarantee of two years for the purchased product.

There are also models that have up to 3 years warranty, depending on the supplier and you can also benefit from an extension of the warranty for an extra fee.

Shape and Dimensions

Dried fruits and vegetables applianceWhen you buy the best food dehydrator the most important aspect, which you have to keep in mind, is represented by your needs.

Under these circumstances, you can consider purchasing a roll-shaped or box-shaped food dehydrator, each device having certain advantages and disadvantages.

The cylinder-shaped food dehydrators are much more aesthetic and more extensible and if you want to dry more or less food then you can add or remove some trays.

Regarding a box-like food dehydrator, we can say that the size is a fixed one, which means that if you want to dehydrate fewer foods then they are less effective.

The advantage of box-shaped devices is the larger space for each tray and the location of the heat and ventilation devices. There is no big hole in the middle, which means you will have more space for food.

In the case of a box-like food dehydrator, we can add that the airflow comes from the back to the front which means it will pass horizontally through all the trays.

On the other hand, in the case of a circular desiccator, the warm air comes from the top and passes through all the trays. Under these conditions, food smells can be mixed if dehydration of a larger number of fruits or vegetables is desired.

The capacity of dehydrators is different, and if you want to choose a square dehydrator, then you will not have to worry about rotating the trays. Each tray will receive the warm air portion equally and synchronously.

Other Criteria

When you want to make sure you buy a better food dehydrator model, it is advisable to consider more features and not to look at this as a simple heating device or as a fan.

For some recipes, we can talk about a higher start temperature and a low temperature towards the end of dehydration. If we talk about more complicated recipes, then it is advisable to purchase a dehydrator equipped with a timer and a thermostat.

Most of these food dehydrators are made of plastic, but there are situations where they are made of steel. The latter are often found in stores selling food or in restaurants, but by purchasing them you will have the opportunity to enjoy them in your own kitchen.

The most important aspect that you need to keep in mind is your budget, but there are multiple possibilities from this point of view, ideal for all types of budgets.

Recommended Food Dehydrators

Taking into account the above criteria and analysing the offer on the market we can recommend below some models of food dehydrators that offer excellent quality/price ratio.

Recommended Product No. 1
Electric Food Dehydrator Machine for Jerky 350w with 5 Removable Trays, 35-70° Temperature...
363 Reviews
Electric Food Dehydrator Machine for Jerky 350w with 5 Removable Trays, 35-70° Temperature...
  • Functionality - Dehydrate and preserve a range of foods quickly and easily for natural, nutritious and tasty snacks. Ideal for fruits, meats, fish, vegetables, greens, herbs, and bread - create beef jerky, banana chips, dried fruits, fruit roll ups and more.
  • Process - The fruit dehydrator has two different trays positions-low and high. Using "low" position when dehydrating smaller foods and "high" position when dehydrating larger foods. It has the hot air circulation and high drying efficiency. It will automatically shut off when timer is done.
  • Design – The Dehydrating Machine has 5 Large Transparent Trays which are adjustable and can carry ample amounts of food. It's transparent so that you can pay close attention to the drying degree of food inside without opening the lid while it's working.
Recommended Product No. 2
Laptronix 5 Tray Mini Electric Food Dehydrator Fruit Dryer Meat Vegetables Beef Preserver Machine...
543 Reviews
Laptronix 5 Tray Mini Electric Food Dehydrator Fruit Dryer Meat Vegetables Beef Preserver Machine...
  • The Laptronix Food Dehydrator uses a Flow-Drying system to slowly extract moisture & preserve foods by using low levels of heat (35-70°C). Removing the moisture inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps to preserve the food.
  • Laptronix dehydrator has 5 tiers for conveniently preserving multiple food types, with an adjustable temperature control allowing you to dry different types of food at the correct temperatures. Built in is the motor, fan and ventilating function, as well as a safety overheating protection device. The drying trays are easy to wash and measure 25.5cm x 23cm, and thicker cut foods can be used without hassle.
  • Dehydrating food is practiced around the world as a natural method of preservation, which dates back to ancient times. Drying food makes a healthy snack and helps incorporate healthier foods into your or your children's diet. Drying food both reduces the size (allowing for easier storage in jars/lunchboxes) and retains the healthiness (vitamins, nutrients and minerals) of fruit and vegetables. Dehydrating is also great for extending fruit seasons, so you can have great food year-round.
Recommended Product No. 3
VonShef Food Dehydrator 5 Tier – Fruit Dryer 250W with Adjustable Temperature Control from...
601 Reviews
VonShef Food Dehydrator 5 Tier – Fruit Dryer 250W with Adjustable Temperature Control from...
  • HEALTHY SNACKING: Struggle to get your 5 a day? Transform fruit and veg into tasty treats with the VonShef food dehydrator, retaining nutrients and flavour to make healthy eating a delight rather than a chore.
  • GREAT RESULTS EVERY TIME: Powered by a 250W motor, your food dryer features a top fan and ventilation system to ensure even distribution, so no one is left with a bitter taste in their mouth.
  • SWEET OR SAVOURY: Your multiuse dehydrator isn’t limited to just fruit; level up anything from lean meats to syrups, or even a little treat for your furry friend!
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
SousVideTools 6 Tray Food Dehydrator, Removable and Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Trays,...
797 Reviews
SousVideTools 6 Tray Food Dehydrator, Removable and Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Trays,...
  • NATURALLY PRESERVES FOOD - The Food Dehydrator makes creating healthy, nutrient-dense food easy for any home or commercial operation. The dehydrator’s lower heat levels preserves all the needed nutrients and enzymes to make delicious sweet or salty snacks
  • EVENLY DRIED, INSIDE AND OUT - Unlike other dehydrators that cannot thoroughly dry the inside of food, the SousVideTools Food Dehydrator forces hot air horizontally across each tray for even and optimal drying. There is no need to rotate the trays as the dehydrator inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold
  • SAVE MONEY AND STAY HEALTHY - Create your own dried food snacks like beef jerky, dried fruit slices, granola, or try new recipes like kale chips and fruit leathers. Save money as you extend the shelf life of your summer fruits and snacks into the winter. Plus, all the food you dehydrate yourself is free from the chemicals and toxins that are often added to store-bought dried food
Recommended Product No. 5
Nebula Food Dehydrator with 6 Stainless Steel Trays, LED Touch Control Design, Adjustable Digital...
316 Reviews
Nebula Food Dehydrator with 6 Stainless Steel Trays, LED Touch Control Design, Adjustable Digital...
  • 🧼6 STAINLESS STEEL TRAYS: High-quality stainless-steel trays, dishwasher safe. No bad tastes or BPA and easy to clean.
  • 🔧PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: The high-grade fan installed at the back will evenly heat through and dehydrate all of your favourite snacks effortlessly.
  • 🪟TRANSPARENT WINDOW: Use the transparent window, to easily see how far along the drying process is.
Recommended Product No. 6
SEASAND Food Dehydrator Machine | 6 Stainless Steel Trays, Independently Control Temperature And...
7 Reviews
SEASAND Food Dehydrator Machine | 6 Stainless Steel Trays, Independently Control Temperature And...
  • 【Stainless Steel & Glass Front Door】 Our food dehydrator is made of food grade stainless steel and glass front door, which is convenient for you to observe the process when drying food.
  • 【Large Capacity & Easy Cleaning】 Our food dehydrator comes with 6 stainless steel trays, the tray size is 28×20cm(11.02×7.87 inches), and the tray spacing is 2.5cm (0.98 inches). You can dry many fruits, meat and vegetables at the same time. The tray is made of stainless steel and can be removed, which is convenient for cleaning.
  • 【Use Safety & Simple Operation】 With automatic shutdown and overheating protection function. Put in the food, adjust the time and temperature, and wait for the food to dehydrate.
Recommended Product No. 7
HOMCOM 5 Tier Food Dehydrator, 245W Stainless Steel Food Dryer Machine with Adjustable Temperature,...
77 Reviews
HOMCOM 5 Tier Food Dehydrator, 245W Stainless Steel Food Dryer Machine with Adjustable Temperature,...
  • Home Food Dehydrator: Garnish and complete food and drinks you make. It helps to preserve nutrients, vitamins and flavours of ingredients. Best for fruits and vegetables, also suitable for some meats and flowers.
  • 40-70℃ Temperature Control with Timer: Adjust and set to a heat best - no over-drying ingredients. Timer is handy, you don't have to keep checking on this food dryer.
  • Five Stackable Trays: Separate different ingredients for ease. Helps to prevent cross contamination and spoiling foods. Use separately or all at once.
Recommended Product No. 8
HOMCOM 5 Tier Food Dehydrator, 245W Food Dryer Machine with Adjustable Temperature Control for...
101 Reviews
HOMCOM 5 Tier Food Dehydrator, 245W Food Dryer Machine with Adjustable Temperature Control for...
  • Home Food Dehydrator: Create garnishes for food and drink easily - dry out ingredients whilst preserve some flavours and nutrients. Best for fruits and vegetables.
  • 35-70℃ Adjusatble Temperature: Set to a heat which is best for your ingredients - getting them to the perfect finish. No timer - ensure you keep an eye on this food dryer when being used. 360° air circulation system.
  • Five Stackable Trays: Easy way to dehydrate different ingredients, without them touching each other for hygiene measure; helps to prevent cross contamination.

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