How to Choose the Best Filter Coffee Maker

How do you choose the best filter coffee machine in 2024? What features and characteristics should the best filter coffee maker have? Read our guide an make an informed choice.

The best filter coffee makerCoffee is one of the most appreciated and also the most consumed beverages in the world. There is no better way to revive the morning than a good cup of coffee.

This can be prepared in a variety of ways, starting from the classic kettle coffee preparation method to espresso coffee or coffee machine.

If you prefer long coffee or “Americano” as it is called, then the ideal appliance for making it is a filter coffee maker, also known as a coffee machine.

The filter coffee maker is the best choice for both hardcore coffee drinkers and occasional drinkers. Can prepare an important amount of good coffee quickly enough, and it is also ideal when you have visiting guests. What can be more enjoyable than just hang out with friends for a good cup of coffee?

Top 3 Recommended Best Filter Coffee Makers

How Do You Choose the Best Filter Coffee Maker?

Although it may seem like a banal decision at first glance, buying a filter coffee maker is one things you should take seriously paying close attention to if you care about the quality of your coffee.

You need to take into account a number of factors to make sure you are making the right purchase.

Type of Filter Coffee Maker

Filter coffee makers come in various forms: automatic-drip machines, manual-drip systems, grind and brew coffee makers, thermal coffee makers, and single serve machines. Each of these types has its own pros and cons.

Automatic-Drip Coffee Makers

Automatic drip filter coffee machineThese are perhaps the most common and widely-used type of filter coffee makers. With a push of a button, they heat the water and evenly distribute it over the coffee grounds.

They can brew several cups of coffee in one go, making them ideal for families or small offices. Many models offer programmable features, so you can wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

The simplicity and convenience are what make these machines the go-to choice for many households.

Manual-Drip Systems

For those who prefer having control over their brewing process, manual-drip systems are a good choice.

These coffee makers require a more hands-on approach, as you need to heat the water yourself and pour it over the coffee grounds. The process can be a little time-consuming, but it allows you to adjust various parameters like water temperature and brewing time.

This can be appealing for coffee connoisseurs who want to experiment and perfect their brew.

Grind and Brew Coffee Makers

These machines incorporate a coffee grinder and a coffee maker in one unit. The coffee beans are ground just before brewing, which leads to a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee.

You have control over the coarseness of the grind, which affects the strength and flavour of the coffee.

They’re a fantastic choice for those who value freshness above all, but they can be a bit noisy and more expensive than other types.

Thermal Coffee Makers

These are similar to automatic-drip machines but come with a thermal carafe instead of a glass one. The thermal carafe is well-insulated and can keep the coffee hot for several hours without the use of a hot plate.

This avoids the risk of over-extraction and a burnt taste that can occur with glass carafes kept on a hot plate. They’re ideal for people who like to sip their coffee throughout the day.

Single-Serve Machines

Single-serve machines are designed to brew one cup of coffee at a time using pods or capsules. They’re incredibly convenient and easy to use – you simply insert the pod, press a button, and you have a cup of coffee in no time.

You can choose from a variety of flavours and coffee types, which is great for those who like to switch things up. However, the cost of pods can add up over time, and they can create more waste compared to other coffee makers.

Pour Over Coffee Makers

Though technically a type of manual-drip system, pour over coffee makers have gained enough popularity to warrant their own mention. In this method, you pour hot water over coffee grounds in a paper or metal filter.

The water then drips down into a carafe or directly into your cup. The key to this method is patience and consistency in your pour, which can take some practice. This method is beloved by coffee enthusiasts for the clean, full-flavoured coffee it produces.

Each type of coffee maker comes with its own set of advantages and potential downsides, so it’s important to consider what factors are most important to you.

Whether it’s the convenience of an automatic-drip machine, the control of a manual-drip system, the freshness of a grind and brew machine, the long-lasting heat of a thermal coffee maker, or the variety and ease of a single-serve machine, there’s a coffee maker out there to suit your needs.


It is ideal to choose a coffee machine with a capacity proportional to your daily coffee consumption. Capacity means the volume of the water tank and the container. Their capacity is generally between 1 litre and 2 litres.

You can find in the technical specifications of the coffee maker a capacity measurement according to the number of cups it produces in a cycle (from 8 to 12 or even 15 cups of coffee), but it is a rather vague criterion. Each producer considers a different size of the coffee cup.

A large, coffee-loving family will need a coffee machine with a maximum capacity of over 1.5 liters. For a couple or a single person even one with a minimum capacity of 1 liter may be enough.

Brewing Temperature

The Specialty Coffee Association recommends a water temperature between 195-205°F (90-96°C) for optimal extraction. While most coffee makers claim to reach these temperatures, not all of them actually do.

If precise temperature control is important to you, look for a model with a high-quality heating element that can reliably reach and maintain these temperatures.

Carafe Type

Carafe type – glass or thermal – is another crucial factor.

Filter coffee machine featuresGlass carafes are common, but they require a hot plate to keep the coffee warm, which can lead to over-extraction and a burnt taste. T

hermal carafes, on the other hand, use insulation to keep coffee hot, resulting in a longer-lasting, fresher taste. If you tend to brew your coffee and drink it over several hours, a thermal carafe may be the better choice.


The functions of a coffee maker can be divided into two categories: basic functions and convenience functions.

First of all, it is good that the purchased coffee filter be equipped with a water filter. Apparatus with such equipment prepares a more aromatic coffee and limescale deposits are prevented.

Another important aspect is choosing a coffee machine either with a hot plate or with insulated jug. So the coffee will stay warm and fresh longer.

When it comes to life easing functions, these can be of a variety of ways: built-in timer, delayed programming function, water quantity control, sound alerts and various sensors.

A built-in coffee grinder allows you to use coffee beans. So the coffee will always be freshly grind. In addition to a much better flavour, you save some money, as coffee beans are generally cheaper.

Delayed programming is perhaps the most useful feature that can exist in a coffee machine. This allows the machine to be programmed after a pre-set schedule to prepare the coffee with a delay of up to 24 hours. Devices with such a function usually have sound alerts that warn you when the coffee is ready.

Filter coffee makers that allows you to adjust the amount of water, helps you prepare a coffee as close as possible to your taste. Depending on how you like it, short, long or intense, you can program the machine to prepare it exactly.

Anti-drip System

This anti-drip system is extremely useful and has a great plus for the coffee makers that have it. This allows the coffee pot to be removed even during its preparation without splashing with water. The coffee is automatically shut off by a valve preventing the coffee machine from getting dirty as little as possible.

The system is especially useful when you have a large capacity appliance and do not have the patience that the machine will finish preparing its maximum coffee capacity.


By far the most important accessory of a coffee maker is the pot or carafe as it is generically called.

As I said in the above lines, it would be important for it to be thermally insulated. It is generally made of glass and has a heat-insulating handle, but it can also be made of stainless steel, which is much better because of its thermal insulation properties.

Good quality filter coffee machineIf the carafe has a lid, it keeps the coffee flavor and keeps it warm for a longer period of time.

The validity of the coffee machine’s warranty certificate begins from 1 year and may even reach up to 5 years. Choose a coffee maker produced by a renowned brand. So you have a minimum guarantee of quality and good service in case of trouble.

Consumables and Spare Parts

Consumables and spare parts are another important issue that you need to pay attention to.

Be sure the spare parts are available on the market in the event of a breakdown and at the consumables make sure you can use “universal” supplies and do not require the purchase of supplies sold by the coffee maker alone.

Other things to consider are the design and length of the power cord. The latter generally has a length of between 1 and 2 meters. Ideal would be an acquisition that suits your needs.

Keep in mind the space where you will put the coffee maker, the kitchen dimensions and the distance from the electrical outlet.

In terms of design, you can choose between a simplistic classic design and an attractive modern design.

There are coffee machines with the shape and colors pleasing to the eye, but a top design will take more money out of your pocket. It remains at your latitude whether this is an important aspect or not.

Size and Aesthetics

While this may not impact the functionality of the coffee maker, the size and design of the machine will affect its placement in your kitchen. If you have limited counter space, you may need a compact model.

Also, choose a design that complements your kitchen decor. After all, a coffee maker can also be a stylish addition to your countertop.

Ease of Cleaning

Over time, coffee residue can build up in various parts of the machine, affecting the taste and aroma of your brew. Hence, regular cleaning is essential.

Look for a coffee maker with removable, dishwasher-safe parts, or one that has an easy-to-use self-cleaning function. If the machine is hard to clean, you may find yourself using it less often than you’d like.


Filter coffee makers range in price from budget to luxury. Keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always equate to better coffee. It’s often associated with more features, higher build quality, or a reputable brand.

Determine your budget, but don’t compromise on crucial factors like brewing temperature and capacity.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Lastly, consider the brand’s reputation and read customer reviews. They can provide useful insights into the product’s reliability, performance, and overall quality.

Renowned brands tend to offer reliable customer service and good warranties, which can provide peace of mind.


More and more people are seeking environmentally friendly options in their daily life, and coffee making should be no exception. Some coffee makers are more energy-efficient than others, so look for models with energy-saving features.

Moreover, consider the type of coffee filter used. Some machines require paper filters, which can create waste, while others have reusable metal filters.


Selecting the best filter coffee maker is no mean feat, but armed with the knowledge of what to look for, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect machine.

Remember, the best coffee maker for you is the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle, whether that’s a simple drip machine, a grind and brew model, or a sophisticated machine with all the bells and whistles.

So take a deep breath, think about what you want in a coffee maker, and plunge into the quest for your ideal coffee companion.

Soon, you’ll be savouring the delightful aroma and tantalising taste of your own home-brewed coffee.

Weight well all the information provided and make the correct purchase!

Best Filter Coffee Machines

In the following section, we have chosen for you, using the criteria described above, some products that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

SaleRecommended Product No. 1
Morphy Richards 162501 Equip Filter Coffee Machine, Glass, 1000 W, 1.2 liters, Brushed Steel
  • Pour over technology shower head to create a fuller flavour
  • The permanent filter is easy to clean and no need to buy filter papers
  • The Heat resistant glass carafe and hotplate allows you to keep your coffee warm
Recommended Product No. 2
Taylor Swoden Filter Coffee Machine, Drip Coffee Maker with Programmable 24hr Timer, Keep Warm &...
  • 【Better Coffee Taste】 The coffee machine with advanced shower head technology delivers controlled flow and even distribution of water for a fuller flavour and smoother taste. The water is sprayed out over the ground coffee so the whole batch gets the water, not just a spot in the middle, giving you perfect filter coffee every time. And the “strong” button enables you to lengthen the brewing time and thus alter the strength of the coffee. Customize strong or mild coffee as you like.
  • 【Wake Up To Fresh Filtered Coffee】 With the 24 hour digital programmable timer of the filter coffee maker, you can drink fresh coffee every morning or whenever you want. All you need to do is fill the water tank, put the ground coffee into the filter and program the desired time for the coffee.
  • 【Keep Warm & Anti-drip Function】 After the drip coffee machine brews a fresh carafe of coffee, it will keep the coffee warm for up to 40 minutes, letting you take your time over your coffee. If you just want to grab a quick cup of mid brew, the 30 seconds pause and serve setting lets you briefly remove the carafe to pour a cup whilst pausing the flow of the rest of the coffee, keeping your kitchen worktop mess-free.
SaleRecommended Product No. 3
GEEPAS 1.5L Filter Coffee Machine | 800W Coffee Maker for Instant Coffee, Espresso, Macchiato & More...
  • ✅ 1.5L LARGE CAPACITY - Glass carafe with 1.5 L capacity, this allows you to brew a large amount of coffee up to full 12 cups, or choose two or four at a time. It has an easy-grip handle for comfortable, dripless pouring. The cup is made of high-quality glass, which allows you to keep the temperature of coffee for a long time.
  • ✅ AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF, BOIL-DRY PROTECTION - The coffee maker has two safety turn-off functions. The automatic turn-off function comes into action when the maker has been left for more than 40 minutes. The maker will also turn off when the water level is extremely low, and all water has completely dried up. It saves your appliance and kettle from getting damaged. Easy-View Water Window shows the amount of water in the reservoir for accurate filling.
  • ✅ 30 SECOND ANTI-DRIP FUNCTION - The 30 Second Anti-drip function will enable you to pause in between and brew the coffee. The anti-drip feature allows carefree pouring of liquids without spills keeping your kitchen and the work surfaces mess-free. The advance technology ensures flavour is fully extracted from your coffee grains, dissolving the maximum amount of coffee and giving you great taste every time.
Recommended Product No. 4
Melitta 6738044 Filter Coffee Machine with Insulated Jug, Timer Feature, Aroma Selector, Look Therm...
  • A mild or strong cup of coffee from the best automatic coffee machine, Indicator on water tank for 10 large cups (125ml) or 15 small cups (85 ml)
  • Exceptional taste: Optimal temperature preparation, Adjustable coffee intensity thanks to Aroma Selector, Keeps coffee hot for 2 hours thanks to robust insulated jug with reinforced double wall interior
  • Coffee ready at the right time thanks to the Timer Feature, Easily handle jug with one hand, Lid and detachable anti-drip filter, Compatible with 1 x 4 filters, Time display, Cable storage compartment, Stainless steel panels, VDE-tested for safety
Recommended Product No. 5
Cuisinart Filter Coffee Machine| Instant Coffee | 2L Capacity | Slate Grey | DCC780U
  • Coffee brewed to the perfect temperature of 85˚C
  • Programmable timer for freshly brewed coffee when you want it
  • Large 1.8L glass carafe keeps up to 12 cups of coffee warm and fresh after brewingshower head, for water to be evenly distributed in the brewing cone
Recommended Product No. 6
HOUSNAT Filter Coffee Machine, Programmable Drip Coffee Maker, Advanced Showerhead Technology, Fast...
660 Reviews
HOUSNAT Filter Coffee Machine, Programmable Drip Coffee Maker, Advanced Showerhead Technology, Fast...
  • Advanced shower head technology: the advanced shower distributes the water faster and more evenly through the ground coffee to achieve the maximum aroma and great coffee taste, coffee preparation is 50% faster.
  • Extraction with constant temperature. The optimal extraction temperature of 92°C can get the best extraction results, balance the acidity and bitterness of the coffee, unfold its full aroma, best coffee taste and a full aroma.
  • Programmable 24-hour timer. With the timer function, you can program 24 hours in advance that you can drink hot and fresh coffee every morning or whenever you want to avoid aroma loss by repeated heating.
Recommended Product No. 7
Russell Hobbs Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25L Carafe/10 cups, 1-4 Cup brewing option, Fast...
  • The advanced showerhead technology ensures flavour is fully extracted from your coffee grains, dissolving the maximum amount of coffee and giving you great taste every time
  • Eliminate the need to buy costly paper filters as this coffee machine has a permanent filter that can be removed and washed, however filter paper can still be used if you prefer
  • Make up to ten cups of coffee at once with a 1.25 Litre capacity glass carafe or choose to set your coffee maker to brew only one, two or three cups. Comes with Water level indicator, Pause and Pour and Auto clean features
Recommended Product No. 8
Melitta Filter Coffee Maker with Glass Pourer, Hot Hold and Timer Function, Optima Timer, Black,...
  • Wake up with a cup of sweet, aroma-rich coffee from this easy to clean coffee maker, Graduated removable water tank for 8 large cups (125 ml) or 10 small cups (85 ml)
  • Exceptional taste: optimal preparation temperature, Programmable hot coffee (30, 60, 90 or 120 min), Borosilicate glass jug
  • Start your coffee at the desired time with the Timer function, Drip system, Filter compatible 102, Removable water tank, Double graduation, Time display on LED illuminated display

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