How to Choose The Best Built-In Dishwasher

How to Choose the Best Built-In Dishwasher in 2024? What features and specifications should the ideal built-in dishwasher have to meet your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

How to Choose The Best Built-In DishwasherWe all know how crucial a dishwasher is in a modern household. It saves time and energy, not to mention your hands will be much happier! However, deciding on the best built-in model can be a real challenge. The variety of models available on the market and the abundance of features can seem daunting. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

This guide will walk you through all the steps you need to choose the best built-in dishwasher. From understanding what a built-in machine entails, to examining the different types of dishwashers available on the market, to evaluating the features and options you should consider. Our guidance aims to facilitate your decision-making process and equip you with all the necessary information to feel confident in your choice.

So, let’s start our journey to discover how to select the best built-in dishwasher. Together, we’ll make this seemingly complex process logical and easy to understand. We hope that by the end of this guide, you’ll be able to make a well-informed and perfect choice for your home!

Recommended Top Built-In Dishwashers 2024

Considering the guidance provided, coupled with buyer feedback and the options on the market, we suggest these models of Built-In Dishwashers as top choices for cost-effectiveness.

Recommended Product No. 1
COMFEE' KWH-BD1215P-W Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 12 Place Settings, Cloud Wash, Extra Drying,...
  • This integrated dishwasher does not include the door panel and handle, which need to be prepared according to the style of your cupboard. This full-size dishwasher has adjustable feet, and its maximum adjustment height is 50mm.
  • 【12 Place Settings Dishwasher】Dimesnions are H815 mm, W598 mm D550 mm (H*W*D), providing a spacious and flexible interior for maximum dishware loading; It's also has been considerately designed to accommodate larger plates, pots & pans up to 300mm in diameter.
  • 【IOT Function】With the handy MSmartHome app control you can plan, start & pause a wash cycle from your phone, it also notifies you when the salt & rinse aid are low & provides water & electricity usage reports.
Recommended Product No. 2
AEG FSB42607Z Built-In Dishwasher Full Size with AirDry Technology, Integrated Dishwasher, 13 Place...
13 Reviews
AEG FSB42607Z Built-In Dishwasher Full Size with AirDry Technology, Integrated Dishwasher, 13 Place...
  • EFFECTIVE DRYING TECHNOLOGY - This 3000 AirDry Dishwasher maximises drying using natural airflow. The door automatically opens 10 cm in the final stage of the cycle, drying dishes naturally and effectively every time. Dishes dry 3x better than closed-door systems
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT TAILORED CYCLES - The AutoSense programme detects how much cleaning your dishes need through special sensors. The wash programme is then adjusted to give the best possible performance whilst keeping water, electricity and detergent to a minimum tailoring each cycle, all your dishes are cleaned in the most eco-friendly way possible
  • 30 MINUTE CYCLE - This dishwasher gives you fast and efficient performance thanks to its special half hour programme, perfect for getting a load of dishes done when you’re in a hurry
Recommended Product No. 3
Haden HDI6014 Integrated Built-In Dishwasher – 60cm Multifunction Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings, E...
33 Reviews
Haden HDI6014 Integrated Built-In Dishwasher – 60cm Multifunction Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings, E...
  • Haden HDI6014 Integrated Built In Dishwasher 60cm Multifunction Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings, E Energy Rating
  • product type: DISHWASHER
  • Brand: HADEN
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
Hisense HV643D90UK 16 Places Fully Integrated Dishwasher Silver with Foldable bottom plate baskets...
409 Reviews
Hisense HV643D90UK 16 Places Fully Integrated Dishwasher Silver with Foldable bottom plate baskets...
  • Door fixing not included
  • 16 Place Settings- Wash all the dishes in one load, every time.
  • 【Environmental Friendly】Eco programme helps to saves energy, water and money
Recommended Product No. 5
Beko DIN15X20 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher | Black Control Panel 60 cm Full size with 13 Place...
34 Reviews
Beko DIN15X20 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher | Black Control Panel 60 cm Full size with 13 Place...
  • Quick Programmes - Ideal for when you’re in a hurry, our Mini 30 programme can wash a full load of lightly soiled dishes in just 30 minutes, for dirtier items, our Quick and Shine programme will only take 58 minutes to wash a full load – saving you time and money
  • Half Load Function - Ideal for days when you have fewer dishes and glasses to wash, use the half load function to save time and energy
  • 13 Place Setting Capacity - Ideal for a larger families everyday needs, the large 13 place setting capacity means you can wash all your dishes, even bigger items, in one go
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
Hotpoint H7IHP42LUK Built-in ActiveDry Dishwasher
2 Reviews
Hotpoint H7IHP42LUK Built-in ActiveDry Dishwasher
  • Fully Integrated
  • H:820mm x W:598mm x D:555mm
  • 15 Place Settings
Recommended Product No. 7
AEG FSX52927Z Dishwasher 5000, Built-In Dishwasher with AirDry Technology, Fully Integrated...
  • EXCELLENT DRYING PERFORMANCE WITH AIRDRY - Open the door to dry dishes. AirDry delivers up to 3x better drying performance when compared to closed-door systems. The door automatically opens at the end of the drying phase and air is circulated inside the machine. Dishes emerge perfectly dry. Every time.
  • EFFICIENT AND ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING WITH AUTOSENSE - Efficiently clean. In every cycle - The special sensor in our AutoSense program detects how much cleaning your dishes need. Using just the right amount of water, energy and time needed to do the job properly. Meaning dishes are cleaned in the most eco-friendly way possible.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION - PerfectFit Sliding Hinge system makes for seamless dishwasher installation. It accomodates all niche machine heights and removes the need to cut the plinth. Fit for any modern kitchen.
Recommended Product No. 8
H2I HD526 UK Built-In 14 Place Settings Dishwasher
5 Reviews
H2I HD526 UK Built-In 14 Place Settings Dishwasher
  • UK Mainland Delivery Only **
  • Acoustic Class: C
  • Baskets: Y
Recommended Product No. 9
Table Top Dishwasher, Mini Countertop Dishwasher Portable, 6 Programs, Built-in 5L Water Tank, 4...
481 Reviews
Table Top Dishwasher, Mini Countertop Dishwasher Portable, 6 Programs, Built-in 5L Water Tank, 4...
  • 【No Plumbing Required】Countertop dishwasher supports two water supply modes, tap water mode and built-in tank mode. The countertop dishwasher's thoughtful no-installation design eliminates the need to modify kitchen water lines and cabinets.
  • 【PTC Hot Air Circulation Drying】Drying mode is a thoughtful design for tabletop dishwashers, with low consumption residual air and fan air double effect drying to effectively remove water vapour, keeping dishes dry for 73h and removing residual moisture more quickly and effectively, carefully taking care of your family's health.
  • 【360° Seamless Rinsing】The upper and lower arms balance the convection, while the spray alternately rotates, forming an interwoven water network group to wrap the washing in all directions, sweeping away heavy grease and dirt.
Recommended Product No. 10
Bosch SMV2HTX02G Series 2, Built-in fully-integrated dishwasher 60 cm
60 Reviews
Bosch SMV2HTX02G Series 2, Built-in fully-integrated dishwasher 60 cm
  • Sleek design
  • Versatile functionality
  • Reliable performance

Benefits of a Built-In Dishwasher

You might be wondering what truly sets a built-in dishwasher apart and why you should opt for this type over a standard model.

Well, there are many benefits to having a built-in dishwasher. Here are some of them:

Space Saving

The main attraction of built-in dishwashers is that they effortlessly integrate into your kitchen’s cabinetry, creating a symphony of design and function.

Built-In Dishwasher perfect under cabinet integrationTheir recessed installation provides a streamlined and contemporary look, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen’s interior. This sleek appeal doesn’t come at the expense of practicality. Even in kitchens where space is at a premium, built-in dishwashers provide an efficient use of space, fitting snugly within otherwise wasted areas.

The integration of a built-in dishwasher within the cabinet layout isn’t just about aesthetic continuity. It also offers significant practical benefits. Firstly, it helps to reduce clutter, freeing up countertop space for cooking and prep work. Secondly, because they’re built-in, these appliances are more stable, reducing the risk of them tipping over when heavily loaded, thus enhancing safety.

In essence, a built-in dishwasher is more than just a convenient appliance in a modern kitchen; it’s an integral part of the design, functionality, and experience. When shopping for your perfect built-in dishwasher, opt for those with advanced features, robust materials, and reputable brands to get the most out of your investment.

Energy Efficiency

Many modern built-in dishwashers come with superior energy efficiency ratings. This means that by using less energy and water, you’ll save money on utility bills over time. The Eco Mode, which is a common feature nowadays, ensures minimal usage of power and water, providing a sustainable approach to your dishwashing needs.

This doesn’t just reduce your ecological footprint, but this feature also lessens the strain on your pocket. After all, who wouldn’t want to contribute positively to the environment whilst saving a few quid on their energy bills?

In short, when looking for a built-in dishwasher, consider not only the design and size but also look for advanced features, energy efficiency, and the manufacturer’s reputation for quality.

Equipped with the right information, you’ll be able to select the best appliance that meets your needs while offering optimal performance, convenience, and efficiency.

Performance and Functionality

Built-in dishwashers generally offer the same standard functionalities as their free-standing counterparts, ensuring your dishes come out spotless. However, they also incorporate a plethora of advanced features, not available in traditional models. These features are designed to make your life easier by introducing automatic programmes, dirt detection systems and hot air drying features, providing a comprehensive and efficient dish cleaning solution.

Let’s take the automatic programmes, which are typically found in high-end models. These programmes efficiently manage water temperatures and cycle times to ensure optimal cleaning performance, while also conserving energy. They detect the level of dirt on your dishes and adjust the dishwasher settings accordingly, reducing the need for manual interventions.

Another noteworthy feature to look out for is the inclusion of a built-in water softener. This technology can be immensely beneficial if you live in an area with hard water. It helps to soften the water, preventing the formation of white spots or streaks on your dishes.

Many built-in dishwashers also feature a built-in garbage disposal or filtration system. This keeps large food particles from clogging the drain and can notably alleviate the pre-rinsing need— this is not just more efficient but also environmentally friendly.

If you desire an extra layer of versatility, consider a dishwasher with a third rack. This feature allows for the accommodation of uniquely shaped utensils and offers a removable basket for easier unloading of cutlery.

Among the manifold options available on the market, Bosch dishwashers receive high praise for quality materials and features. Undergoing a stringent 465 quality checks before sale, Bosch dishwashers are engineered for reliability. One standout feature of some Bosch models is Zeolite drying, which provides excellent drying results, even for plastic dishes.

Of course, you can also consider other top dishwasher brands like Miele. Renowned for their quality and durability, Miele dishwashers offer features like steam capability for a thorough clean.

As you can see, purchasing a built-in dishwasher involves evaluating a variety of factors. But rest assured, with careful consideration and a bit of insight into the available features, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the best built-in dishwasher for your needs.

Added Value to Your Kitchen

With a sleek and modern design, a built-in dishwasher can increase the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Whether you opt for a matching panel door or a fully integrated variant that is completely hidden, utility and style are harmoniously blended.

In conclusion, choosing a built-in dishwasher comes with numerous benefits, from space saving to energy efficiency, from performance to enhancing your kitchen’s appearance. The final decision depends on your unique preferences and needs.

Selecting the Best Built-In Dishwasher

When it comes to choosing the perfect built-in dishwasher for your needs, there are several factors you can consider before making a purchase. Here are a few of them:

Right Size and Capacity for Your Needs

Choosing the correct size of the built-in dishwasher is crucial. Standard dimensions for these appliances are 60 cm in width and 80 cm in height, but there are also smaller models, 45 cm in width, ideal for small kitchens or families with fewer members.

Dishes racks and organizers for the best Built-In DishwasherAdditionally, consider the necessary capacity. Initially, you might base this on the number of dishware sets a machine can wash in a single cycle. A standard dishware set includes a flat plate, a deep plate, a dessert plate, a cup or glass, and cutlery for one person.

Standard dishwashers can wash about 12-14 sets of dishware, suitable for a medium-sized family of 4 or 5 members. If you have a larger family or often host many guests, you might need a machine with greater capacity. Conversely, if you are single or a couple, a compact dishwasher for 6-9 sets of dishware should be considered.

Before purchasing, it’s important to measure the space where you intend to install the dishwasher. Don’t forget to consider the space needed for door opening as well.

Impact of Size and Capacity on Energy Efficiency

The size and capacity of the dishwasher can also impact energy efficiency. For example, a larger machine will use more energy, but if you have a large number of dishware sets to be washed, it might be more energy-efficient to use a larger machine rather than doing multiple washes with a smaller one.

On the other hand, if you rarely use the dishwasher or only have a few sets of dishware, a smaller machine might be a more energy-efficient choice.

Therefore, when choosing the size and capacity of the dishwasher, it’s very important to consider all your current and future needs.

Energy Efficiency and Water Consumption

Undoubtedly, energy efficiency and water consumption are two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a built-in dishwasher. Not only will these impact your budget, but they will also affect how you use the appliance in daily life.

Energy efficiency refers to how much electric energy your built-in dishwasher uses to operate correctly. Most manufacturers provide information about the energy efficiency of their appliances, usually in the form of a label rated from A+++ (most efficient) to D (least efficient). Opting for a dishwasher with superior energy efficiency will reduce the amount of energy you consume and, consequently, the amount on your electricity bill.

Regarding water consumption, this can vary depending on the brand and model of the dishwasher. Some of the newest models on the market can use up to 50% less water than older models, which means you’ll save not just water but also money. It’s important to check how much water the appliance will use for a complete washing cycle and compare this number with other models before making a purchase.

Choose a built-in dishwasher that offers the perfect balance between energy efficiency and water consumption. At the same time, ensure that the chosen machine can meet your daily needs and fits your lifestyle.

Special Programs and Functions for Perfect Dish Cleaning

Choosing the best built-in dishwasher isn’t just about economy, energy efficiency, or dimensions. Special programs and functions can add significant value to any such appliance. They play a crucial role in providing perfect cleanliness and maintaining the integrity of your dishware.

Naturally, you’ll find standard dishwashers that come with a basic set of programs, capable of meeting basic requirements. But if you want to benefit from optimal cleaning and sanitization, you should consider more advanced options.

Customizable Programs

Some of the best models on the market offer the ability to customize washing programs according to specific requirements. Thus, you can choose the water temperature, the duration of the washing cycle, or the intensity level, depending on what type of dishware you’re washing. This can be extremely useful if you have a wide variety of dishes with different washing requirements.

Energy Saving Functions

Although we discuss them in a separate section of this article, energy-saving functions are extremely important. They allow the machine to optimize energy and water consumption without compromising washing efficiency. In addition, these functions are essential to ensure that the dishwasher meets the energy efficiency standards you expect.

Intensive Cleaning Functions

When it comes to very dirty or ornate dishes, standard cleaning may not be sufficient. Therefore, a quality dishwasher will include an intensive or deep cleaning function. This function uses higher temperatures and longer washing cycles to ensure complete cleaning.

When making the final choice, consider these aspects and ask for details about the programs and functionalities of the dishwasher you wish to purchase. This way, you can ensure that you’re investing in an appliance that will fully meet your needs and expectations.

Noise Level of the Built-In Dishwasher

Another feature to consider when choosing a built-in dishwasher is the noise level produced by the machine. Although it might not seem important at first glance, the noise level can become bothersome, especially if you live in a small space or if you work from home.

Modern built-in dishwashers are generally quite quiet. However, there are significant differences in noise levels between different models and brands.

Noise level is measured in decibels (dB). Generally, a standard dishwasher produces around 50dB, while a quieter model can produce around 40dB. In other words, a 10-decibel difference feels like the noise would be double. If you’re very sensitive to noise, I advise you to choose a built-in dishwasher with a lower noise level.

Keep in mind, though, that the noise level also varies depending on the washing program you select. Intensive or rapid washing programs tend to be noisier than longer and delicate programs. Therefore, it’s important to check the noise level for each program individually, not just the overall noise level of the built-in dishwasher.

Additionally, there are technologies such as the ‘inverter motor’, which significantly reduces noise while improving performance and appliance lifespan. This feature is worth mentioning in the discussion about the noise level of built-in dishwashers.

Design and Finishes Suitable for Any Kitchen

Built-in dishwashers are also a design element with an impact on the appearance of the kitchen.

Dishes racks and organizers for the best Built-In DishwasherSince they integrate seamlessly with the rest of the furniture, they can offer a cohesive and modern atmosphere to the space where they are installed. In this sense, you can think of the design and finishes of the built-in dishwasher as a style statement for your kitchen.

Whether you opt for a dishwasher with stainless steel doors, sliding doors, or black glass, you have a range of options to match the style and aesthetics of your kitchen. In addition, many built-in dishwasher models have hidden control panels, contributing to a clean and elegant design.

To choose a design that integrates perfectly with the rest of the kitchen, you need to consider a few aspects. First, the color and material of the dishwasher will need to match the rest of the furniture and appliances. Also, consider the dimensions of the dishwasher you intend to purchase, to ensure it will fit perfectly into the space.

Finally, don’t forget that the design of the dishwasher is not as important as efficiency and functionality. However, if your budget allows, choose a model that combines these qualities with a pleasing aesthetic appearance and suitability for your kitchen

Price and budget

Last but not least, you need to consider the price of the built-in dishwasher.

While it might be tempting to choose the cheapest model available, it won’t necessarily have the best features or the most efficient energy efficiency. On the other hand, the most expensive model is not necessarily the best in terms of performance or durability.

To choose the best built-in dishwasher, it’s crucial to balance cost with features and performance. This involves a clear understanding of your specific needs and a commitment to find a machine that meets those requirements at an affordable price, thus obtaining the best value for money.

Brand and Manufacturer Reliability

Choosing the brand and the reliability of the manufacturer is another major factor to consider before buying a built-in dishwasher. Often, people tend to save money and buy an unknown or less reputable brand, only to discover that the dishwasher is not reliable or that customer service is poor.

To avoid this, it’s recommended to buy from a reputable manufacturer with a proven history of reliability and customer satisfaction. A renowned brand may often have a higher cost, but you will benefit from superior quality, better customer service, and possibly a longer warranty.

Each manufacturer offers different models, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things to think about when choosing a manufacturer:

  • Reliability: The longer a manufacturer has a history of producing quality dishwashers, the more likely they are to have reliable products. Check reviews and see which manufacturers are well-rated for reliability.
  • Warranty: A reputable manufacturer will often offer an extended warranty, providing more protection for your investment. Check the warranty terms before purchasing and make sure it covers manufacturer defects and not just accidental defects.
  • Customer Service: Good customer service is essential to ensure you will receive help if you have any problems. Read reviews about the company’s customer service and make sure they receive good ratings.

Read product reviews and see what people say about the reliability and performance of the dishwasher you intend to buy. Sometimes, a manufacturer may have an excellent model, but other models may not be as good. Look for a model that has consistently received positive reviews, not just a good brand.

Reviews and Opinions of Other Users

Considering the reviews and opinions of other users is a crucial step in choosing the best built-in dishwasher. Users often have long-term usage reports that can provide insight into the durability and efficiency of a dishwasher over time.

Performant and compact Built-in diswasherBefore making your decision, carefully go through online reviews, read other users’ experiences, and you will be able to get an overview of the product’s performance.

Don’t forget to treat reviews with caution. Individual variations in terms of performance perception or noise level can vary, and some users might have unrealistic expectations. Therefore, it’s essential to read as many reviews as possible to get a conclusive idea.


In conclusion, choosing the best built-in dishwasher for your needs involves careful examination of several variables. The benefits a such appliance brings include space saving and energy efficiency, besides superior performance and added value to your kitchen.

Reviewing key aspects, such as size and capacity, energy efficiency and water consumption, as well as special programs and functions, will ease the selection process.

Moreover, the noise level, design and finishes, cost, brand and manufacturer reliability are all elements that must be considered. In addition, reviews and opinions from other users can provide valuable clues about the day-to-day performance and durability of the chosen built-in dishwasher.

Remember, the final decision must meet your needs and expectations, taking into account your budget and aesthetic preferences. Ultimately, a quality built-in dishwasher will be a long-term investment, ensuring excellent functionality and contributing to your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Therefore, the time and effort you put into understanding and comparing the features of different models will be well rewarded. By adopting this careful and methodical approach, you will undoubtedly succeed in choosing the perfect built-in dishwasher for you.

Built-in Dishwashers Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good built-in dishwasher?

A good built-in dishwasher should offer impressively clean and dry dishes, efficient energy and water usage, and operate quietly. Models with unique design features such as a 3rd rack for uniquely shaped utensils or a removable basket for cutlery are often considered superior. Brands such as Bosch, known for their quality materials and exclusive features like Zeolite drying, are highly recommended.

How important is having a built-in water softener in a dishwasher?

Having a built-in water softener in your dishwasher can enhance its performance. It helps minimise the potential damage caused by hard water build-up, maintaining the efficacy and longevity of your appliance. Moreover, it results in cleaner and spotless dishes.

What are some dishwasher features to consider in order to facilitate ease of use?

Consider models with adjustable or extra racks and removable silverware baskets to accommodate your particular dishware. Advanced models may also offer a 3rd rack for uniquely shaped utensils which can optimise your space. Some dishwashers like the GE 24 come equipped with specialised jets for thorough cleaning of utensils.

Are there built-in dishwashers with a garbage disposal feature?

Yes, some models of built-in dishwashers feature built-in garbage disposals. This feature grinds food particles, preventing clogging and promoting cleaner dishes. Choosing a dishwasher with this feature can add convenience to your dishwashing process.

How can I identify dishwasher brands to avoid?

Researching online and reading customer reviews can be beneficial in identifying less reliable dishwasher brands or models to avoid. It's also recommended to check after-sales service and warranty details of the brands. Remember to always opt for brands that offer transparency and good consumer support.

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