How to Choose the Best Bread Maker for Your Home

How do you choose the best bread maker in 2024? What properties and features should the best bread maker have to suit your needs? Read our guide and make an informed choice.

The home bread maker always guarantees freshness and quality. But how do you choose the right product for your needs? We explain in this article the criteria for choosing a bread maker to suit your individual needs.

the best bread maker for your homeI dare to say that home-made bread is not comparable to commercial bread. Home-made bread has a number of advantages.
Bread factories can legally use a whole range of food additives, and they do it, even if they do not do well for health.

Instead, when talking about a home-made bread, we can use what ingredients we desire. Sugar can be replaced with honey and butter or milk can be easily given up if it is desired to bake a less caloric bread. When talking about flour, almost any flour I use will be better quality than the one used by bakers.

Home-made bread is denser, healthier and is kept fresh for 3-4 days naturally. In addition, even the final product price may be lower.

Top 3 Recommended Best Bread Makers

What is a Bread Maker?

A bread maker is a specialised home appliance designed to simplify the process of making bread.

With its internal baking tin and built-in mixer, it automates the time-consuming aspects of bread making, such as kneading, proving, and baking.

As a result, you can enjoy fresh, home-baked bread with minimal effort. A variety of bread makers are available, from basic models to high-end versions with numerous programmable settings.

Why a Bread Maker?

If you’re wondering why you need a bread maker, consider the joy of waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Homemade bread in quality bread maker applianceA bread maker provides the convenience of setting up your ingredients the night before and waking up to a perfectly baked loaf.

Besides, it gives you complete control over what goes into your bread, an important consideration for those with dietary restrictions or a preference for organic, preservative-free food.

Bread Maker Evolution: A Glimpse into History

The concept of a bread maker isn’t new. The first model was released in Japan in the 1980s, with the aim of saving time for the busy homemaker.

Over the years, bread makers have evolved, incorporating advanced features like delay timers, gluten-free settings, and customisable programmes, thereby catering to the diverse needs of modern households.

How Do You Choose the Best Bread Maker?

To make home bread we can use the oven or a special bread maker. But how do we choose the best home-made bread maker? I will talk about this in plain language in the next lines.

When you want to buy a home bread maker, you need to keep in mind certain key technical factors and not only, such as: functionality, design, operating programs, baking ability, consumption and accessories.

Now let’s develop each subject separately.

When buying a bread maker, consider factors like its capacity, versatility (different bread types and crust settings), ease of use, and durability.

Consider features that suit your specific needs, such as gluten-free or dough-only settings. Look for models with a viewing window and a delay timer for added convenience.


It is important and useful that the bread maker chosen can perform as many functions as possible besides the main bread baking.

Bread maker designMany models are able to carry out tasks such as pizza dough preparation, sticks, pasta or even dough for pastries.

It is also useful for the device to be as easy to operate as possible. There are models with cumbersome settings, but also we can find very easy to operate variants that only require 2-3 button touches to start a program, models for which it would be advisable to choose.

In some cases, simplicity of programs can be an asset. If a bread enthusiast wants a bread maker with more advanced settings, a simple housewife who has just passed her first youth will want an easier bread maker to operate, not being familiar with the latest technology.


When we talk about the design of a bread maker, we do not necessarily refer to its aesthetic aspect as to the practical part of the shape, weight or size of the bread maker.

Bread makers have different weights and sizes, most of which are smaller than a microwave for example. Dimensions of course are directly proportional to the capacity of the appliance, which we will talk about later on.

Depending on the necessities and the space available in the kitchen for the bread maker you should choose a margin in terms of size.

An important aspect is the main construction material. Ideally, it is made of stainless steel, the stainless steel being the best material thanks to the quick baking and light cleaning that it offers. Many models are equipped with anti-adherent vats to keep the dough from sticking at all!

Another important detail to pay attention to is the transparent glass lid. It must be present and it should be as large as possible. Besides the more pleasant appearance it offers to the appliance, it also increases ease of use. The glass offers the possibility to visually control the mixing, leavening and baking process.

About the display of the baking machine should be said that there are three variants namely mechanical, LED or LCD. I can not say that there is an ideal option to choose, choose the display that looks more appealing to you or easier to use.

The last aspect on the design side is the thermal isolation of the bread maker. The better the heat-insulated machine, the faster the baking will be. Ask for details on this topic when making a purchase.

Operating Programs

The more running programs in the bread maker’s menu, the better. It is a good idea to choose the operating programs according to what needs and desires you have.
The programs that should not be lacking on any model are the fast bread, pastry and bread sticks or bread rolls program. Everything will prove to be extremely useful in time, making your life easier in the kitchen.

Baking Capacity

Bread maker accesoriesAs I said in the design chapter, the bigger the size of the bread and the bread maker, the greater will be its baking ability.

The capacity of a bread maker varies somewhere between 500 grams and over one kilogram.

Capacity should be chosen according to the needs of each family. If you have a large family, a high capacity bread maker would be ideal, so you do not have to repeat the process several times to get the desired bread quantity.

Energy Efficiency of Bread Makers

Contrary to what you might think, bread makers are quite energy-efficient.

Their compact design means less energy is required to heat the baking chamber compared to a conventional oven.

Over time, regular use of a bread maker can contribute to a reduction in your household’s overall energy consumption.

Bread Maker Accessories

All packages of bread makers will necessarily contain a guide for use and at least one baking pan.

Besides these you can also receive other useful accessories such as trays for sticks, knives, brushes, flat trays, metallic supports etc.

Many times it happens that together with the bread machine the producer offers a small recipe booklet containing recipes for different types of bread and other kinds of products the device can bake.

Embracing the Bread Maker Revolution

Investing in a bread maker is not merely about having an additional kitchen gadget. It’s about embracing a lifestyle change towards healthier eating, waste reduction, and convenience.

Embracing the bread maker revolutionWhether you’re a seasoned home baker or a novice, a bread maker is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

The Future of Home Baking

As consumers become more health-conscious and environmentally aware, the future of home baking looks promising.

With continual advancements in technology, bread makers will become even more user-friendly, versatile, and energy-efficient, encouraging more people to embrace home baking.

Final Words

To sum up, a bread maker provides convenience, control over ingredients, consistency in results, and potential cost savings in the long run.

More importantly, it can contribute towards a more sustainable lifestyle. So, why not join the bread maker revolution today?

Keep in mind all of the above, pass information through your own filter, adapt to your needs and make the right purchase!

Recommended Bread Makers

Taking into account the above criteria, we studied the offer on the market and we recommend below some bread machines that offer a higher quality / price ratio.

Recommended Product No. 1
KEEPEEZ Bread Machine Dual-Heaters, 19-in-1 Horizontal Bread Maker, Gluten Free, Sourdough, Pizza...
  • 🍞[19-in-1 Multi-Function Bread maker & 2 LB Family Capacity]The most popular bread maker features 19 automatic menus including basic, gluten-free, sourdough,whole wheat bread, jam, yogurt, etc. Unique feature of stand mixer-20 Mins for fast dough. KEEPEEZ's exclusive new stir-fry rice cake and stir-fry features solve cooking problems with ease. With a choice of light/medium/dark crust baking colors and up to 2 pounds of bread, the bread machine is a must-have helper for family gatherings!
  • 🔥[550W Upgraded Silent Motor & 360°Quartz Inverter Dual Heating]The powerful 550W motor simulates the strength and technique of a master kneader, and efficiently completes the kneading and mixing of the dough through the inverter speed, even hard-to-blend ingredients are kneaded right. Which saves electricity, and the noise is less than 35dB. The advanced dual temperature control technology accurately controls baking and fermentation temperatures to promote even baking and browning of bread.
  • 🥪[Recipes for Novices and Professionals & 15 Hour Time Delay & 1 Hour Auto Keep Warm] Based on master baker's bread making experience to make recipes perfect, so that you can achieve zero mistakes when using the smart bread maker, homemade recipes are healthier and fresher. The 15 hour delay timer allows you to enjoy breakfast without waking up early, the 1 hour auto keeps warm and 20 minutes power-off recovery makes the organization more delicate, the bread more fluffy, the texture more mellow
Recommended Product No. 2
Princess Bread Maker, 15 Programmes, Gluten Free, 3 Browning Settings, 2 Loaf Sizes, Delayed Timer...
  • Prepare all kinds of fresh breads, doughs, brioches and sweat treats: There are 15 programmes to choose from, including a whole wheat, cake and gluten free programme. Prepare corn bread, banana bread, gluten free bread as well as yogurt, porridge and jam. Ideal for people special diets, intolerances and allergies
  • 3 browning settings and 2 loaf sizes: Choose between the 3 browning settings to bake a bread that the whole family will love. There are two loaf size options, with the maximum allowing up to 900 g and 14 slices of bread. With automatic ingredient dispenser you can add nuts, seeds, raisins or chocolate chips at the ideal time which ensures an even and smooth distribution of the ingredients
  • Delayed timer function: Thanks to the delayed timer function of up to 13 hours and keep warm function you can program your bread maker to make fresh bread at any time of the day or night. Using the digital timer you can set the bread maker to come on during the night while you sleep so you can enjoy fresh warm bread for breakfast
Recommended Product No. 3
Sage the Custom Loaf Bread Maker, BBM800BSS, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Manual & Automatic programs: automatic programs include; gluten free, yeast free, crusty loaf, dough/pasta & jam. 9 custom settings to create and store your personal recipes.
  • Collapsible kneading blade: a platform to mix your ingredients that then folds in before the bake function starts to allow your dough to expand.
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser: automatically dispenses fruit, nuts and other mix-ins at the correct time.
Recommended Product No. 5
Domo B3971 Bread Maker, Plastic, 500 W, Black, Silver (Matte)
  • 14 different baking programs
  • Automatic warming function (up to 60 minutes)
  • Tanning setting
SaleRecommended Product No. 6
Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact Fast Breadmaker, 660 W, Black
  • 12 functions including: French, Gluten Free, Jam, Whole Wheat
  • 55 minute fast bake
  • 13 hr delay bake timer
Recommended Product No. 7
West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Maker Programmable Horizontal Dual Blade with 12 Programs Including Gluten...
  • Dual knead blades provide thorough dough kneading for a lighter taste and higher rise
  • 12 digital settings include Basic, Wheat, French, Sweet, Dough, Gluten-Free, and Custom
  • Custom Setting is perfect for the baker who is already familiar with bread maker baking. Fully customize your settings for the perfect loaf of bread
Recommended Product No. 8
Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Bread Maker Machine Artisan and Gluten-Free, 2 lbs Capacity, 14...
  • 3 EASY STEPS: Making fresh, homemade bread couldn't be easier. Just add ingredients, select cycle and press start.
  • 14 SETTINGS: Includes Basic, French, Gluten-Free, Whole Grain, 1 lb. Express, 1.5 lb. Express, 2 lb. Express, Package (Quick) Bread, Sweet, Dough, Cake, Jam Bake and Artisan Dough.
  • CUSTOMIZE BREAD YOUR WAY: Includes 3 sizes for 1, 1.5 or 2 lb. loaves and 3 crust shades from light to dark to give you all the options you need for making bread just the way you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of bread can I make with a bread maker?

A bread maker is highly versatile. You can make a wide variety of bread, from basic white and wholemeal to gluten-free, sourdough, and even sweet bread like brioche. Additionally, you can experiment with different flours and add-ins like nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

Can I make dough for pastries or pizza with a bread maker?

Absolutely! Many bread makers have a 'dough' setting, which kneads and proves the dough without baking it. This feature is ideal for making pizza dough, pasta, and even dough for pastries or sweet treats like cinnamon rolls.

Do I need special ingredients for a bread maker?

Not necessarily. You can use regular bread-making ingredients like flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and water. However, bread flour is often recommended over all-purpose flour for better results. Additionally, using bread machine yeast or fast-acting yeast can improve the rise of your bread.

Can a bread maker help me save money?

Yes, using a bread maker can save money over time. The cost per loaf is usually lower than that of store-bought bread, especially if you choose premium or speciality bread. Additionally, by baking the exact amount of bread you need, you can reduce food waste.

How do I clean a bread maker?

Most bread makers have removable pans and kneading paddles that are either dishwasher safe or can be hand-washed. The interior of the machine can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Remember to unplug the machine before cleaning for safety.

Is homemade bread healthier?

Yes, homemade bread can be healthier as you control the ingredients. You can opt for organic, preservative-free ingredients and adjust the levels of salt and sugar to suit your dietary needs. Moreover, you can include nutritious add-ins like seeds and nuts to boost the health benefits.

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