How to choose the best electric kettle for tea or water

How can you choose the best electric kettle for tea or water? Get the best shopping tips for choosing the right electric kettle for your needs. Below you will find a shopping guide helping you get the most of your electric kettle.

the best electric kettle for tea or water

Sometimes it is annoying to wait for 10 or even 15 minutes until you start boiling water in a pot. This is why the electric kettles were invented. In just seconds the water in the container reaches 100 degrees Celsius.

How to choose a good quality electric kettle

Before you get to buy the cheapest product, it’s good to know how you choose a quality water kettle so you can not be disappointed with the investment. There are various features that make a  quality kettle and I will show you below.

The power of a quality electric water kettle

Like any household appliance, its power makes the difference between models.

There are electric kettles with a power of 500 W and there are electric kettles with a power of 2500 W. Because we know the power influences boiling time it is advisable to buy a quality water boiler that has a power of at least 1500 W. This guarantees that the water boils in a few seconds. The higher the power, the shorter the waiting time until the water is boiling. The goal is to have less time than boiling water in a pot.

Even though 1500 watts seem to be a great power in terms of energy consumption, the electricity bill will not scare you. This is because you will keep your kettle plugged in once or twice a day for a few minutes. So the time that a quality electric kettle will work will be quite small and the energy consumption will be small in turn.

There is the illusion that lower power will generate lower energy consumption. This is false because a smaller electric kettle will take longer to bring water to the boiling point and therefore the running time will be longer and the energy consumption will be higher.

The volume of a quality electric kettle for water or tea

Volume indicator electric water kettleAs you probably expect, there are various types of electric kettles with containers where they fit different volumes. There is a electric kettle where you can put only 0, 5 L, others where it is 1 L or 1.5 L or 2 L.

If you need a larger volume of boiled water then you can opt for a quality electric kettle with a volume of over 2 liters. The choice depends on the purpose of purchasing the electric kettle.

How can you use a quality electric water kettle?

Although you can basically use a quality electric kettle to absolutely anything that goes through your mind, I will give you some frequent uses. There are many people who buy a quality water kettle just to use it for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Few think that they can also heat milk using an electric kettle.

It is true that then it needs a very effective cleaning because the milk on the kettle walls is an excellent medium for bacteria multiplication. Also for mothers, a quality electric kettle will prove to be a real friend.

You need boiled water for the fprmula powder, so in the middle of the night when the time has come to feed your baby, you do not want to push yourself to boil the water on the hob. An electric kettle can save you precious time. Large volumes of boiled water can also be used when cooking.

Other features of a quality electric water kettle

There are many features you need and need to look for if you want to know how to choose a quality electric kettle. Among them is the volume indicator. Even if it does not seem crucial now, it’s important to know how much water you have boiled. The more water you get, the more boiling it gets, and then you do not want to put more water out of the way.

Sometimes it would be useful if there was a volume indicator on both sides of the kettle. So you can see from any angle how much water you have to pour into the container. There are more sophisticated models that even have a display that displays your volume or have a bright light for easier reading.

The self-stop function when the water has reached boiling temperature is a must for a quality water kettle. So you do not have to keep an eye on the product and you can see the rest of your affairs. You can buy a quality water kettle that sounds good when it’s done.

Even if there is no special function for this when the foot that you pressed to start the kettle stops a little noise when it rises. That’s how you realize the water is boiled.

Moreover, a quality water boiler also has a self-stop function when the product has overheated. This is an important function for you and your family’s safety. And the anti-slip function is also part of the protection functions. There are anti-slip feet at the base of the kettle.

Limescale filter

Limescale filter electric kettleIf you do not use commercially available water or you do not have a filtering mug, then it is advisable to choose a quality water boiler that incorporates an anti-limescale filter. This filter helps you if you heat the water directly from the tap.

We know the tap water is not the cleanest, so an anti-limescale filter will ensure that the water kettle you’ve bought will have a long life. There are also washable filters that differ from model to model. Each boiler may have a variable feature model so it is necessary to check what type of filter it has among the product specifications.

To know how you choose a quality water boiler, it is necessary first of all to focus on the power of the product, its capacity and the existence of a volume indicator. All other additional features are important only if you need them because they will increase your purchase price.

Recommended electric water kettles

Taking into account the tips in the article, buyers’ opinion and product characteristics, we can recommend some water kettle models that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

SaleRecommended Product No. 1
Russell Hobbs Buckingham Quiet Boil 1.7 L 3000 W Kettle 20460 - Brushed Stainless Steel Silver
3,196 Reviews
SaleRecommended Product No. 2
Morphy Richards Jug Kettle Dimensions 108261 Electric Kettle
742 Reviews
Recommended Product No. 3
Breville VKJ957 Impressions Kettle
2,896 Reviews
Breville VKJ957 Impressions Kettle
  • Jarden Consumer Solutions
  • Kitchen & Home
SaleRecommended Product No. 4
Russell Hobbs Textures Plastic Kettle 21271, 1.7 L, 3000 W - Black
348 Reviews
Russell Hobbs Textures Plastic Kettle 21271, 1.7 L, 3000 W - Black
  • Rapid boil zone marker
  • Ideal pour spout
  • Illuminating On/off switch
SaleRecommended Product No. 5
Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle
549 Reviews

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