How to choose the best built-in electric oven

How can you choose the best built-in electric oven for your home? Get the best advice and shopping tips for choosing the right electric built-in oven for your needs.

Below you will find a shopping guide helping you get the most of your electric built-in oven.

The best electric built-in ovenThe classic gas-fired ovens of the old stoves have long since started to lose ground in front of electric furnaces, and will probably continue to do so more and more.

It’s hard to imagine yourself in the ultramodern and technological world where we live without an electric furnace. An electric furnace, whether it be incorporated or not, integrates perfectly in a modern kitchen as we all want.

Electric ovens reduce cooking times and offer far more functions than traditional gas ovens. When choosing between an electric oven and a classic gas oven, the decision is not hard.

What do we do when it comes to the type or model of the electric built-in oven to buy?

How do we choose the best built-in electric oven?

When buying an electric oven we have to take into account several criteria such as whether it is built-in or independent, the design, the dimensions, the material from which the furnace is made, the energy efficiency category and the most important criterion, the endowment and the functions. We take them systematically.

Type of oven

Electric ovens can be built-in or not. Independent in general are much smaller, resembling microwave ovens. Even if they are much smaller, there are quite good independent electric ovens. If the oven is only used a few times a year, and then the cooked food is small, then an independent electric oven may prove to be ideal.

The independent oven allows more freedom and is easier to install. Instead, for those who cook much and often, a built-in oven can prove more appropriate and efficient.


Pay great attention to the dimensions of the oven when choosing it. If for independent ovens the dimensions do not vary significantly, for the built-in ones vary quite a lot and are much more important. If the furniture where the furnace is to be incorporated already exists, carefully measure the opening and the space allocated to it, you will need to keep in mind when you buy it, so that the furniture does not require any major alterations.

You can search the internet to see what ovens fit into the dimensions of the furniture you own. If the furniture is made to order, it is good that the oven model is already chosen so that the dimensions will be precise and the right design.


Built-in double electric ovensJust like the size, design is another important aspect. There are two options: buy furniture according to the design of the oven or the oven depending on the design and colors of the furniture. Also keep in mind that a more visually appealing design raises the cost of the product.

For example, a stainless steel finish costs extra, even though fingerprints are easier to pick up and should be cleaned more often. Most ovens are mostly made to fit and be visually integrated into any kitchen. For those extremely demanding, there may be problems that should be avoided in the light of what has been written above.


Besides the importance in design, the furnaces are also very important in the life of the appliance. Stainless steel and glass are the best materials. You can also choose anti-slip stainless steel, so cleaning will be easier.

The best material for the oven door is ceramic glass that is good to be double. The inside of the oven is often made of glossy enamel, which would be ideal to be heat treated.

Energy efficiency

Energy class A is the most common class of energy consumption among ovens, but rarely you can also find ovens that are not part of this class. For those who want a lower operating cost, it is recommended that they accurately check the kilowatt hour consumption of an oven before purchasing and take into account when choosing. Even if they are part of the same consumption class, not all ovens have identical consumption.


Finally, to the functionality criterion, it is advisable to analyze as many models as possible. This will give you an idea of ​​the functions on the market models and the functions that satisfy your needs. Lately, the market segment of electric ovens has been invaded by many brands (not necessarily with tradition in home appliances). Many of these brands can even offer dozens of functions.

Top heating electric ovenA very useful but controversial function at the same time is self-cleaning. Self-cleaning function is found on most of the built-in electric ovens. I’ve heard cases where customers complain about burning their oven when they tried to use self-cleaning. However, there are isolated cases with problems that can be avoided by carefully reading the warranty terms and conditions of the product prior to purchase.

The catalytic self-cleaning function is the most common because it is present in furnaces for normal and non-industrial use. Self-cleaning consists essentially of a ceramic layer inside the oven that absorbs grease and dirt to burn it at very high temperatures during the operation of the appliance.

Another important function to look for in an electric oven is that of double heating: upper and lower. The double heating function helps to bake faster and relieves you of the effort to turn the tray, cooking the baked foods evenly. You can also cook more dishes at the same time without problems.

Other functions required from my point of view that should not be missing from an electric oven (and not too lacking) are the grill and rotisserie functions. The grill can be tiltable or adjustable.

The defrost function is mandatory and the option for various doughs such as pizza is also very useful and it is recommended to be in the menu of the chosen oven.

The ventilation function makes the indoor temperature uniform, so the products will come out perfectly, looking to buy an oven that has such a function.

Depending on the allocated budget, the information presented here through your own filter passes the correct decision that matches your needs and your family.

Recommended built-in electric ovens

Here are some models of electric furnaces that offer a good price/quality ratio. The recommended models are on the bestsellers lists of online stores adn make a great choice regarding durability and functionality.

Cookology CDO900BK 60cm Black Glass Built-in Electric Double Oven & timer
20 Reviews
Cookology CDO900BK 60cm Black Glass Built-in Electric Double Oven & timer
  • Developed by Cookology to fit a standard cut-out for a double oven at eye-level
  • Combines sleek looks, efficient performance and exceptional value
  • Features a Fan forced Main oven with a large 72 litre capacity as well as a conventional top oven and grill with a 34 litre capacity
Bosch Serie 2 HHF113BR0B Stainless Steel Single Electric Oven with A Energy Efficiency, 66 Litre...
16 Reviews
Bosch Serie 2 HHF113BR0B Stainless Steel Single Electric Oven with A Energy Efficiency, 66 Litre...
  • Automatic start, integrated cooling fan
  • Drop down door, electronic clock timer
  • 3D hotair, straight bar handle
Cookology COF600BK 60cm Black Built-in Single Electric Fan Forced Oven & timer
10 Reviews
Cookology COF600BK 60cm Black Built-in Single Electric Fan Forced Oven & timer
  • Cookology ovens boast premium performance and fantastic features all at an amazing price and this Black Cookology Fan Oven is no exception with its black glass fascia, control panel & glass window contrasting with the Stainless Steel handle & silver knobs. The COF600BK is super easy to install as you can fit a standard UK three pin plug and plug it in as well as hardwire it. It gets installed into a single oven cavity either at eye-level in a cabinet or under your kitchen counter.
  • Being a Fan Oven gives you loads of advantages over conventional cooking. For instance it means you can cook on several shelves at once, the oven gets hot very quickly so you do not need ages to pre-heat and the heat is distributed evenly through-out the cavity.
  • The COF600BK comes with a simple, yet indispensable oven timer in the form of a 120 minute minder that automatically switches the oven off when the time is reached so you can pop out without worrying about leaving the oven on for longer than planned.
BEKO BIF22100X 66L Capacity Electric Built-in Fan Single Oven Stainless Steel
7 Reviews
BEKO BIF22100X 66L Capacity Electric Built-in Fan Single Oven Stainless Steel
  • Energy Efficiency: A
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Main Oven Capacity: 66
Candy FCP403X Oven Single Fan Stainless Steel A Energy Rating 4 Functions 65 Litre Capacity Minute...
55 Reviews
Candy FCP403X Oven Single Fan Stainless Steel A Energy Rating 4 Functions 65 Litre Capacity Minute...
  • A energy rating, 4 Functions, 65 Litres Capacity
  • Minute minder with auto-shut off
  • Cooling fan, Variable grill, Double glazed door

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