Choosing the perfect dishwasher. An effective guide

Dishwasher buying guideChoosing the perfect dishwasher for your needs is not an easy task. What to look for when choosing the best dishwasher for your home? What functions and features to look for? Our easy to read shopping guide will help you to make an informed decision.

The dishwasher probably gets rid of the most unpleasant task in the kitchen, namely washing the dishes. Dishwashers can be of three types: built-in, semi-built-in or self-contained dishwashers. Types that are then divided into two categories: compact dishwashers and large dishwashers.

Large dishwashers can have a capacity of 120 to 150 dishes. They have a width of approximately 60 cm, being rather bulky.

Compact dishwashers can also wash up to 100 plates, noting that they have a smaller size, approximately 45 cm in width.

How to choose a perfect dishwasher

Let’s start by reviewing the three types of dishwashers available on the market.

Types of dishwashers

The built-in dishwasher integrates perfectly into your kitchen furniture and is completely hidden, making it visible only when the door is opened. Generally, on the door of the dishwasher a panel identical to the rest of the furniture is applied, thus providing a total masking.

The semi-built-in dishwasher is also easily integrated into the furniture but only partially, the front and the control panel remain visible.

The independent dishwasher, as the name says, is independent of the kitchen furniture, it is necessary to find a special place for it, which can be a great inconvenience unlike the other two types of dishwashers.


How to choose the best dishwasherThe interior material of the dishwasher varies depending on the model. The inside of the dishwasher can be made of stainless steel or plastic of different colors. Personally I recommend gray, it is more resistant to greasy stains and scratches.

If budget allows, however, it is better to choose a stainless steel dishwasher that has a very long lifespan and resist both scratches and greasy stains.


The capacity of the dishwasher is very important when you choose it. Keep in mind the number of family members when looking to buy a dishwasher.

Typically, the capacity varies from 4 to 15 sets of plates depending on the type of machine.

Drawers or baskets of the dishwasher can offer greater flexibility if they are mobile. Ideal is to be adjustable allowing for a more efficient organization of space and the introduction of larger objects in the dishwasher, such as pots or pans.

For tableware there must also be a special space in the dishwasher basket, with a separator that provides a fixed position for each cutlery, washing them more efficiently.

Functions and features

Let’s talk about the functionality and features of the dishwashers.

Some dishwashers have an incredible number of functions, while on some models we only have to thank the basic functions. The more functions, the better and faster the dishwasher will wash. It is best to relate to the needs you have when “weighing” the functions of a dishwasher for the purpose of purchase.

The touch screen or touch control panel are equiped on some models of dishwashers. Controls may be hidden, generally placed on the edge of the door.

The turbidity or dirt sensor as it is called, regulates the duration of the washing and the water consumption depending on how clean the waste water is. It is an important function, providing the dishwasher with greater efficacy. The consumption of water and electricity is thus much reduced while washing will be perfect. The function may take different names depending on the manufacturer.

Rinsing function enables a rinse prior to a complete washing cycle. So you can expect the volume of the pots to grow to run a full cycle without the grease or stains on the pots getting tough or the unpleasant smells to spread.

Dirty dishes ready for dishwasher

Timer is a function that allows the machine to program the wash in the desired time. Most dishwashers feature this timer function. The dishwashing can be programmed even 24 hours later. The timer can prove useful to those who do not spend much time at home but want to find freshly washed dishes when they come. Also, the timing function greatly reduces costs along with a convenient timing schedule.

The Half Load option is useful in situations where the dishwasher is not loaded at full capacity but you urgently need the dishes to be washed. This will run a full wash cycle.

The water recovery function is a system by which the last rinse water is stored and used at the next pre-heating. Such a function greatly reduces water consumption.

In addition to the functions explained above, dishwashers can also have many others such as: variable pressure washer technology, temperature setting, indoor lighting system, control panel lock function, detergent dosage systems, etc. How useful all these systems are at the discretion of each individual according to their needs.

Washing programs

Washing programs should be an important part of your purchase decision for a dishwasher.

Even the simplest dishwashers have a minimum of three programs, namely: light wash, medium wash and intense washing. Generally, the three washing programs should meet the family’s practical needs.

However, if you are pretentious you can opt for a washing machine with several functions such as: disinfection, steam washing, rapid washing or washing of crystal vessels.

A quality dishwasher can have more than 10 washing programs. Keep in mind that a dishwasher equipped with more programs will increase the price of the appliance.

Filters and cleaning

Cutlery in dishwashing machineThe dishwasher filter is an important part of the appliance to which you must pay attention. Filters are the ones that prevent food debris from resting on dishes or flooding the dishwasher. Filters can be self-cleaning or manual cleaning.

Filters with manual cleaning are basically a set of plastic or stainless steel sieves. This type of filters should be cleaned frequently. Cleaning is not difficult at all, it can be done in just a few minutes.

Self-cleaning filters are automatic filters that do not require your intervention, cleaning themselves. Automatic filters are generally built in the style of a razor-like device that reduces the food residue in the filter to be discharged along with dirty water at the end of the wash. The big disadvantage of this type of filters is that it increases the noise level of the dishwasher.

Noise level

The noise level of the dishwasher is a criterion to consider if you have a pretentious family. The noise produced by a dishwasher should be somewhere between 39 and 55 decibels, depending on the model.

If you can not find a model that will please you from the point of view of the noise level, be careful not to miss the timer function, so you can schedule the wash in the hours when there is no one at home.

These are the main criteria to consider when purchasing a dishwasher. Take into account your needs, the needs of your family or flat mates and make a good and informed choice.

Recommended dishwashers

Taking into account the advice in this article and also the opinions of other customers, we chose for you some dishwasher models that offer excellent quality / price ratio. You can find them below.

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