How to choose the best range gas cooker

How do you choose the best gas range cooker for your home? What features should the perfect gas range cooker have and what functions to get the best value for money? Find out more by reading the guide below.

the best gas range cookerWhen it comes to cooking and baking many consumers choose electric stoves and ovens. These are appliances that you can rely on and usually cost less than gas. However, when you need fast heating, heat retention and when you want to cook fast and easy, gas cookers are irreplaceable.

The appearance of a classic gas range cooker is different from that of an electric one with its thin and smooth top. Classic gas range cookers use cut grids to use open flame to cook and heat food.

Although gas cookers have come to be more associated with professional cooking in restaurants, they offer innumerable advantages to those who cook at home. You can adjust the temperature easily with the flame size and color only, which will help you cook the way you need it without risking burning food.

The main advantage of a gas range cooker is the rapid setting from a high temperature to a small temperature, unlike the electric stoves that are stubborn to deliver too much heat.

The best gas range cooker: what to look for

The advantage of a stove compared to the modern hob and separate oven model is that of easy installation (you only need a free space where you can insert the appliance). In addition, if it is not incorporated into the furniture, it is much easier to maintain and clean, thus saving more in the long run.


Double oven gas range cookerMost gas range cookers have a width of 50 cm, and more expensive models offer a width of 60, 70 or even 90 centimeters. The typical gas range cooker includes 4 burners, while the wider models can offer 5 or 6 different power burners. Electric cookers are popular because of the smooth and narrow top and digital displays, while gas cookers offer large buttons and iron bars made of iron or cast iron.


Instead of choosing the preferred gas range cooker based on the heating power declared by the manufacturer, move your attention to the types of burners that the cooker is equipped with. The best cooker will include 4 or 5 burners of different sizes that match the different sizes of pots and pans you can use. Standard, just about any model of gas range cooker includes a powerful burner for fast heating and fast cooking of food.


When choosing the best gas range cooker, be careful with the functions of the oven. If you bake frequently, the oven has an important role in choosing the right cooker. Some models even offer a double oven to bake multiple dishes at the same time. The best cookers will include in the oven a grill and a rotisserie, as well as the convection function for evenly cooked foods.

Surely you saw professional cookers used by famous chefs. However gas range cookers are not only for professionals and give you the same results when cooking. If you want absolute control over the cooking temperature, the best type of cooker is the one powered by natural gas. The best gas range cooker will offer you powerful burners and an excellent oven that will serve you for many years to come for cooking delicious meals for the whole family.

The best gas range cooker: recommended products

Taking into account the above recommendations, we can recommend some gas range cooker models that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

Hotpoint CH60GCIW Carrick 60cm Gas Cooker with Double Oven - White
23 Reviews
iQ 60cm Double Oven Dual Fuel Cooker - Stainless Steel
1 Reviews
iQ 60cm Double Oven Dual Fuel Cooker - Stainless Steel
  • To give you more control over how your food cooks, the 58 litre main full-fan oven comes with 6 cooking functions. Which include top and bottom heating, Fan and circular heating, top and bottom heating with fan and the option to grill with the fan .
  • The top oven has a 36 litre capacity and can both cook and grill food. This makes the top oven an ideal space if you want to cook different flavoured foods separately to prevent tastes from mingling during cooking such as sweet and savoury dishes, keeping
  • This gas hob comes with 4 world-renowned SABAF burners, the leading manufacturer of quality burners. SABAF burners are acknowledged as one of the best burners from both safety and efficiency perspectives, using innovative technologies to create product ex
The HAG51G freestanding single Gas Cooker is 50 cm wide in a stylish and sleek black finish .The 41...
19 Reviews
Beko KDG611K 60cm Double Oven 4 Burners Gas Cooker with LPG Option in Black
3 Reviews
Beko bdvg592s Freestanding Gas Hob Silver – Kitchen (Independent, Silver, Rotary, Front,...
2 Reviews
Beko bdvg592s Freestanding Gas Hob Silver – Kitchen (Independent, Silver, Rotary, Front,...
  • Number of Ovens:  2
  • Number of Hotplate Burners:  4
  • Cooker Fuel Type:  Gas

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